TD Bank Zelle Limit, How To Setup, Use & Send Money With App

Do you dread banking days ? Who doesn ’ thymine particularly when the drive is made more inconvenient by traffic or the trouble of finding a parking space. then, the line up ; the process of filling out forms and lining up at the cashier. Of run, the cumbersome verification march .
If you ’ re a depositor at TD Bank, the best solution is to sign up with the bank ’ sulfur on-line bank system .

Going digital makes bank easier and more commodious. No more commute and lining up. Transactions are completed with a few taps and the confirmation procedure international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine boring .

Send Money Via Zelle With TD Bank Online

TD Bank is one of the banks that use Zelle. You might have heard of Zelle – the premier money transfer serve app that was developed by the 30 largest US banks to make banking a cinch for you .
With Zelle, you can send money to your friends and family within minutes. You only need to comply with the follow requirements to transact via Zelle :

  • Valid and active email address
  • Active U.S. personal checking or money market account
  • Valid U.S. mobile number
  • Mastercard or VISA debit card

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besides, the recipient of your funds must be registered with the Zelle net. If the recipient role international relations and security network ’ t, Zelle will send a telling via electronic mail including instructions on how to sign up. He/she will be given 14 days to register or the funds will be sent back to you .

TD Bank Zelle Limits

TD Bank have set limits for what you can send via the zelle service. These are as follows :
daily transfer specify within a minute : up to $ 1,000
3-day transfer limit : up to $ 2500

Why Should You Send Money Through Zelle ?

The primary rationality why you should use Zelle to send money is the speed of the transaction. In comparison, if you perform a fund transfer through your bank, the recipient might not receive the money for up to 3 working days .
Stacked up against other money transfer apps, Zelle still has an advantage in terms of performance. In most cases, it will take 1-2 days from the date of the transaction for your acquaintance to receive your funds .
again, by transferring money via Zelle, your funds will be received within minutes .
person using zelle bank app with TD
Another reason you should send money through Zelle is that it won ’ triiodothyronine cost a penny to use the service. Transferring funds via Zelle carries no fees or charges. however, you might be charged by your carrier for datum custom.

last, using Zelle to send money is safe. Why ? The transaction is between your depository financial institution and the deposit of the recipient. The money doesn ’ metric ton estate on a third-party locate where it can be stolen .

What Are The Main Features Of Zelle ?

Are you person who :
Manages different personal accounts ?
frequently sends money to a acquaintance or family extremity ?
regularly deals with suppliers or vendors ?
If you answered “ Yes ” to any of these questions, then take advantage of TD Bank ’ mho participation in the Zelle network .

Transfer Money to Your Various Personal Bank Accounts

If you ’ rhenium managing multiple bank accounts, Zelle will make it easier to organize your transactions .

  • Transfer funds from one TD Bank account to another TD Bank account;
  • Transfer funds from a TD Bank account to a non-TD Bank account;
  • Have 24/7 access to your TD bank account;
  • Review your money transfer history;
  • Keep track of where your money is going.

Transfer Money to a ally or class Member in Need

It happens to everyone. Sometimes the monthly income international relations and security network ’ t enough and you might be asked to help. With Zelle, you can send money right away to a friend or class friend who needs fiscal support .

  • Pay your bills or your friend’s bills anywhere in the United States;
  • Set up a bills payment system in no time and you’re given up to 9:59 pm (EST) to settle outstanding accounts;
  • Utility companies can send their statements of the account directly to your account;
  • Your account information will be held in strict confidence.

pay Suppliers or Vendors Without the Hassle

person paying supplier invoices
We briefly discussed earlier that you can open a bill requital system with Zelle so you can settle obligations on or before the schedule due date .
Zelle besides has another option available for paying suppliers or vendors – the TD Bank Digital Wallet .
Register your TD Bank VISA card to the digital wallet and pay the seller from the convenience of your smartphone. The Digital Wallet is recognized and accepted in many establishments and by respective companies.
You ’ ra protected against unauthorized fees or charges .

A few Disclaimers About Zelle

Zelle can alone be used to send money within the United States. You can ’ thymine use Zelle to send money to a deposit that ’ randomness located in a extraneous country. For that, you ’ ll have to use a money transmit app that can accommodate international transfers .
We mentioned the condom of using Zelle ’ second system to transfer money. While it ’ south secured by your trust ’ second security features, it doesn ’ t protect your funds from scams .
once you send money from Zelle, you can ’ thymine retrieve it. Be careful with whom you are transferring money. If you ’ ra bribe an detail from an on-line retailer that carries some suspicion, don ’ thymine advertise through with the transaction.


The days of rushing to the bank before closing hours or settling a pending report are long gone. Apps are created to make work and life easier and Zelle just made banking easier and more convenient for you .
As a depositor at TD Bank, you have the choice to use Zelle to carry out your money transfer transactions. If you want to send funds to a ally, pay great bills, transfer money from one account to another, or make a buy, you can have all of these done at the palm of your hand and wherever you may be .
Simply download the Zelle mobile app and deposit anywhere. You can besides help out a acquaintance or family extremity who needs their bills paid. They good have to make sure they have registered with Zelle and the app will take care of the lie. Using Zelle is exempt of charge and the chopine has incorporated security features to protect your money from cyber-criminals .

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