How to Get Hit by a Car and Live

You step into a street you thought was empty—then you hear it. A car is careening toward you, tires squealing as the driver slam on the breaks. You have less than a irregular to react and save your life. here ’ s what you do.
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How to Survive a Plane Crash

Plane travel is fabulously safe—your odds of dying on a commercial fledge are about one in 11…Read more Before we get into it, know that your survivability when being hit by any vehicle greatly depends on the accelerate of that vehicle. If they ’ re going fast enough— 45 miles per hour or more —you won ’ t have clock time to react, and the blunt power will be excessively great for any human bone structure to overcome. That said, there ’ s no damage in trying to dodge a accelerate car headed your way.


The magic trick is to lift, leap, protect, and roll. The most important thing, according to professional stuntwoman Tammie Baird, is that you try to get up on the hood of the car. otherwise, you ’ ll bounce off the bumper or grill and back into the road—where you ’ ll land hard on the asphalt, and possibly be flattened onto it. so, lift the leg near to the cable car, thus there ’ s absolutely no weight on it. This position will ensure you get swooped up rather of knocked down, says Baird. G/O Media may get a deputationHomer Learn & Grow Program 30-Day Free Trial Homer Learn & Grow Program Stimulate your kids’ minds
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once you ’ re in a rise peg position, it ’ s time to leap. Propel yourself up with your weight-bearing leg so your butt or hip lands on the hood of the car first. As you come down on the vehicle ’ mho hood, bring your arms and hands up to protect your capitulum. If possible, spread yourself out as you hit the hood to reduce the wedge of shock. After that, it ’ s prison term to roll. Prepare for the momentum of the car to either roller you up onto the windshield and over the vehicle, or roll you back down the hood of the car because they ’ ve stopped. Whichever steering you go, don ’ thyroxine stop protecting your head. Remember : face lift, jump, protect, and roll. ad

When you ’ ve stopped moving, get up immediately if you ’ re able to. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to stay in the street and risk being hit again. Ask the driver to stay there ( note their plates and take photos of the car anyhow ), call the patrol to report the incident, then go directly to a hospital. just because you don ’ thymine feel any pain right then doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hateful you ’ re not hurt. Don ’ triiodothyronine let the epinephrine rush horse around you. Seek checkup attention and get yourself thoroughly checked out.

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