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How to File a DBA

Just Select Your State to Begin!

Step 1) Select Your State

DBA guidelines and laws vary by country. In some states, you will be required to register your DBA with the state of matter government and in others, the county or city government .
The best rate to begin your DBA filing procedure is on our simple bit-by-bit state of matter DBA guides :
NOTE: You can not file for a DBA in Kansas, New Mexico, or South Carolina.

Need Help Choosing a DBA Name?
If you need help coming up with a catchy name, try our business name generator. You can use this instrument to generate both business names and domain names .

Step 2) Do a DBA Name Search

The first thing you will want to do is make sure your name is n’t taken by — or besides similar to — another register business in your country. You will besides want to make sure your identify complies with any state naming requirements. Choose your express from the drop-down menu for more aid with completing this step .
following, a promptly search on the U.S. Trademark Electronic Search System will tell you whether person else has already trademarked your name .
If you need extra guidance with choosing a brand appoint for your occupation, read our naming template .
last, you will want to make sure there ’ south a web domain available for your DBA. even if you do n’t plan to have a web site right away, it ‘s a adept theme to reserve the domain name to prevent others from acquiring it.

Find a Domain Now

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After registering a domain name for your DBA, consider using a business phone avail to improve customer satisfaction and far establish credibility. Our top pick is Nextiva because of its low-cost pricing and useful features. Start calling with Nextiva .

Step 3) Register Your DBA with the State

Depending on your location and occupation structure, you will need to file your DBA with the state or with the county clerk ‘s office .
several states require you to register a DBA with more than one grade of government. For example, a lone proprietorship may have to file at the submit and county level in one state, while another state may require that like sole proprietorship to file with just the county .
We show you precisely how to get a DBA in on our state-specific How to File a DBA guides. You can besides read our review of the best assumed name file services.

What is a DBA?

A DBA is any name a business operates under that is n’t their legal identify. In most states, you can operate under a different diagnose a long as you officially register it with the proper city, county, or state agency .
In most states, you are required to register any appoint your party is using besides the name that was listed when the business was formed.

If your clientele is a sole proprietorship or partnership, then you would need to file a DBA if you wanted to use any name other than your personal list ( or your occupation partners ). You can besides convert your sole proprietorship into an LLC and use the LLCs legal appoint as your sword name .
To learn more about how to use a DBA for your detail business entity type, read our DBA for Small Business article .

Business Bank Accounts for DBAs

You can and should get a bank report for your DBA. Brand awareness is a big distribute ; it ’ sulfur constantly good to accept payment with the business name that customers expect to see. A separate bank account will besides help with bookkeeping and accounting .
Your bank will most likely need your DBA paperwork and EIN documentation from the independent clientele entity when you open your account. Some banks might besides require your clientele formation documents as well. To save prison term, call ahead and ask your bank what you should bring .
For more data on the best business bank accounts, read our reviews.

DBA Misconceptions

A doing business as appoint is n’t a legal occupation entity. It is only a name that your business can use alternatively of it ‘s legal name .
DBAs do n’t offer limited liability protection. Limited liability protection means that if your occupation is sued, your personal assets are protected. To learn more about forming an LLC in your country, visit our Form an LLC page and choose your state from the drop-down menu .
When you form a business entity such as an LLC, pot ( s-corp or c-corp ), limited partnership, or limited indebtedness partnership, your business has limited liability protective covering .
Sole proprietorships and cosmopolitan partnerships legally operate under the owner ‘s last name and they do not have limited indebtedness protection. You can operate under a DBA as a exclusive owner or general partnership but the business will placid not have limited liability protection .
To learn more, read our Choosing a business Structure guidebook.


One normally asked wonder is what is the remainder between an LLC and a DBA. A DBA is basically a nickname for a business whereas an LLC is a true business entity type. Read our DBA volt LLC scout for all the details.

DBA Taxes

Since a DBA international relations and security network ’ t a occupation entity, you do not have to file a tax fall specifically for the DBA. The income or loss from a DBA is factored into your sum tax indebtedness for the commercial enterprise.

For example, if your DBA doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do well and has a loss, those numbers will be calculated within the tax liability for your LLC.


A DBA doesn ’ thymine need an EIN because a DBA international relations and security network ’ t a occupation entity. Needing an EIN is pendent on the type of business entity you are operating .
To learn more, read our What is an EIN guide.

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