File a DBA in Arizona

What is a DBA?
When a caller wants to do clientele under a different name, it normally files that secondary identify with the state of Arizona. In Arizona this is called a trade wind name, and is normally called a DBA ( doing occupation as ) in early states .
When You Need a DBA
Arizona does not require the registration of a trade list or DBA in regulate to do some types of clientele under that name within the state. Unregistered trade wind names can ’ metric ton be used on some types of official documentation, such as documents to open a bank history, and are illegal to use if another occupation is already using the barter name.

Registering the trade appoint allows the company to secure the identify for themselves, requiring an official mention search to make certain the trade name international relations and security network ’ thyroxine already in consumption. Registration lets the company use the trade name to open bank accounts, figure contracts, and otherwise use the trade appoint as an official clientele name .
Setting Up a DBA in Arizona
In order to determine whether a detail barter name or DBA is actually available in the beginning place, the file clerk for a DBA must begin by searching the state ‘s database of trade names presently in use. Once the name has been “ cleared, ” the file clerk can proceed to register a DBA or trade name. Filers should bear in mind that trade names or DBAs in Arizona can not contain entity designations such as “ corp. ” or “ LLC. ”
Arizona DBA Forms
Filers concerned in obtaining a DBA in Arizona will need to fill out the Arizona Trade Name Registration Application. For extra data on the needed forms for maintenance and profligacy of a DBA designation, filers can view Arizona ‘s Trade Names, Trade Marks and Service Marks Handbook.

Arizona DBA Filing Registration
Requirements to register a trade name or DBA in Arizona may change from county to county. The County Clerk is typically the governing consistency that deals with filing DBAs .
normally the registration requires :

  • Name and business address
  • The proposed DBA name
  • The general business purposeThe date of first use of the DBA in Arizona, and for corporations and LLC’s, proof of their incorporation
  • Signatures of the applicant or members/officers of the entity are necessary for filing a DBA in Arizona

The DBA lotion must be notarized, the appropriate fee must be paid, and a self-addressed stamp envelope must be enclosed unless the filer chooses to file electronically, which is permissible in Arizona. This action must be supplemented with a renewal process approximately every five years.

Tax Considerations
Filing for a deal name or DBA appointment in Arizona does not have tax implications. rather, the manner in which an entity is formed and the relevant express and federal tax laws are creditworthy for the tax treatment of a given entity, careless of the barter name under which an entity is operating .
LegalZoom can help you register a DBA in Arizona in three easy steps. LegalZoom besides offers occupation formation services, such as forming an LLC or pot .

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