How to file an Illinois LLC amendment with the Secretary of State

Amend Articles of Organization for an Illinois LLC

Because your business will grow over time, you may need to update your initial Articles of Organization. In many cases, these changes can be made by filing Illinois Articles of Amendment .

When do I need to file Illinois LLC Articles of Amendment?

An Illinois LLC files articles of amendment to update the LLC ’ s appoint, principal address, or duration. In addition, you can change your Illinois registered agent, add or remove a director or member with management authority, or establish agency to issue series. If you use the amendment to begin issuing series, you ’ ll need to pay an extra $ 300—making your entire filing tip $ 350 .

What do I include in the Illinois LLC Articles of Amendment?

You must include the follow information in your Illinois LLC amendment :

  • Business name: Provide the current name of your Illinois LLC.
  • Date amendments will become effective:Include the day, month, and year the amendments will take effect. This can be when the amendment is filed or a later date, as long as it’s within 30 days of submission.
  • Amendment:Indicate the specific amendments you wish to make from the list provided on the form. Below, there is space provided for you to write your new registered agent’s information, principal address, entity name, or other update.
  • Signature: Sign and print the name and title of the person filing the amendment. This must be a manager, member with management authority, or person authorized to act on behalf of your business.
  • Fees: Include a payment for $50.

How do I file the Illinois LLC Articles of Amendment?

You can submit your Articles of Amendment by chain mail or in person. If you ’ re only changing your entity ’ s name, you may file your amendment online—all early amendments require a paper filing.

The file tip can be paid with a check collectible to “ Secretary of State ” if submitting a newspaper form or by citation circuit board if file on-line .
To file on-line, go to the Illinois LLC Amendment page and chatter “ file ” at the bottom of the page. Enter your Illinois charge number in the search box. If you don ’ metric ton know your number, you can well find it by searching the Illinois Business Database. Your LLC ’ s current data will appear on the screen. Confirm it ’ s decline and choice “ continue. ” then complete the phase and pay the $ 50 filing fee .

How much does an Illinois LLC amendment cost?

The file fee for Articles of Amendment is $ 50 for standard action. If you need it expedited, add an extra $ 100.

How long does it take the state to process an Illinois LLC amendment?

Articles of amendment in Illinois take approximately 10 business days to process. Expedited service takes 24 hours .

Can I restate the initial articles instead of filing an Illinois LLC amendment?

Yes, you can submit Illinois Restated Articles of Organization ( Form LLC 5.30 ) alternatively of filing an amendment. however, the filing tip is more expensive— $ 150 .

Where do I submit Illinois LLC Articles of Amendment?

Illinois Articles of Amendment are filed with the Illinois Secretary of State, Department of Business Services, Limited Liability Division.

Mailed/In-Person Filings:
501 S. Second Street, Room 351
Springfield, IL 62756
call : ( 217 ) 524-8008
Online Filing s :
Illinois LLC Amendment—Name Change only

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