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retailing is an enormously profitable business right now. That is why we have a draw of clients asking “ How to add ecommerce to my web site ? ” normally, we offer 2 options – either adding ecommerce features to the existing web site or develop an individual on-line patronize with Magento, Shopware, etc .

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In this article, you will learn the five simpleton ways to add ecommerce to a web site for your company. however, all businesses are very alone, and you may realize that you might need some extra features available merely while using specialize ecommerce platforms. That is why we will besides promptly brief you about the early options. To save your prison term and attempt, we have besides added a follow-up on five modern ecommerce platforms that will help you receive orders and sell from your stream web site .

Top five ways to add eCommerce to any website

Nowadays, on-line retail is a big piece of the proto-indo european that most companies want to excel at. A recent report from the Department of Commerce said that, in comparison with the same period last year, there is presently an increase in eCommerce sales of 14.3 %. And composition from Statista says that ecommerce sales will grow to more than 32 million in 2021 .
currently an increase in eCommerce sales of 14.3%
Statista says that ecommerce sales will grow to more than 32 million in 2021
That sounds very attractive to businesses ; however, in most cases, eCommerce development could cost you a luck, particularly if you want custom features and design .
Retailers that prefer to use existing websites are, in most cases, looking for solutions that will help save money and time. Below, you will find comprehensive information on how to add eCommerce to your web site using modern technologies .
 Integrate eCommerce into your existing site using plug-ins

1. Integrate eCommerce into your existing site using plug-ins

If your business web site was developed using such CMS as WordPress or Joomla, you can set up the number of eCommerce platforms for your site. You can configure the platform you choose and sell using your independent web site .
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To use this tiptoe, your web site software should be up-to-date. besides, do not forget to add an eCommerce reference .

2. Tag on separate solutions to your business website for online sales

This is the best option if your business web site software does not provide users with desirable extensions for on-line retail. You can develop a discriminate on-line shop with an authentic invention like your initial web site. Use this magic trick for a seamless user experience .
Having the same design, users will think that they are silent on the same web site, flush though both sites are on different platforms. This is the best choice to consider when adding eCommerce to a web site, particularly if your web site can not be updated or does not have an eCommerce extension .
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Tag on separate solutions to your business website for online sales

3. Add eCommerce features to your existing website

If you are looking for the answer on how to add eCommerce to a web site, we are here to help. You can add eCommerce features such as payment gateways and denounce carts – keeping in mind that payment gateways such as Paypal, Sage and Google Checkout are the best. Using this basic eCommerce feature of speech, your customers can select products and make purchases on an external web site .
Add eCommerce features to your existing website

4. Use the Shopify Buy Now Button

With this elementary method acting, you can add basic eCommerce features to literally every web site. future on-line retailers can add this push button on a :

  • WordPress website
  • Tumblr
  • Squarespace
  • Self-hosted website
  • And more

It is not rocket science to add a Shopify Button to your web site. however, it gives you a huge amount of advantages, including dependability on the Shopify platform for just $ 9 per month .
How does it work?
Let ’ s see an model. To set up eCommerce on your site, WordPress blog owners should log into Shopify. then, add necessity products and generate a bribe button .
set up eCommerce on your site
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The future step is to paste the embed code into the web site sidebar on any foliate, or on a post .
here ’ s an example of the embed code .

var scriptURL = "";
if (window.ShopifyBuy && window.ShopifyBuy.UI) {
} else {
var script = document.createElement('script');
script.async = true;
script.src = scriptURL;
(document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(script);
script.onload = ShopifyBuyInit;

function ShopifyBuyInit() {
var client = ShopifyBuy.buildClient({
apiKey: 'your-api-key',
domain: '',
appId: '6'

ShopifyBuy.UI.onReady(client).then(function (ui) {
ui.createComponent('product', {
id: 12345,
options: {
product: {
buttonDestination: 'cart',
contents: {
description: true
text: {
button: 'Add to Cart'
styles: {
button: {
'background-color': 'blue'
cart: {
styles: {
button: {
'background-color': 'orange'

If you do everything correct, the buy clitoris will look like this :

volt-ampere scriptURL = “ hypertext transfer protocol : // ” ;
if ( window.ShopifyBuy & & window.ShopifyBuy.UI ) {
ShopifyBuyInit ( ) ;
} else {
volt-ampere script = document.createElement ( ‘script ‘ ) ;
script.async = true ;
script.src = scriptURL ;
( document.getElementsByTagName ( ‘head ‘ ) [ 0 ] || document.getElementsByTagName ( ‘body ‘ ) [ 0 ] ) .appendChild ( script ) ;
script.onload = ShopifyBuyInit ;

function ShopifyBuyInit ( ) {
volt-ampere customer = ShopifyBuy.buildClient ( {
apiKey : ‘your-api-key ‘ ,
sphere : ‘ ‘ ,
appId : ‘6 ‘
} ) ;

ShopifyBuy.UI.onReady ( customer ) .then ( routine ( ui ) {
ui.createComponent ( ‘product ‘, {
idaho : 12345 ,
options : {
intersection : {
buttonDestination : ‘cart ‘ ,
contents : {
description : true
} ,
text : {
button : ‘Add to Cart ‘
} ,
styles : {
button : {
‘background-color ‘ : ‘blue ‘

cart : {
styles : {
clitoris : {
‘background-color ‘ : ‘orange ‘
} ) ;
} ) ;

set up eCommerce on your site with Shopify
furthermore, you can customize the design of the clitoris to match your web site and stigmatize. The button is responsive and will gooks capital on all devices :

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers

If you plan to sell more than one token, adding an embedded shop cart is a big mind. This feature allows customers to buy respective products or revert to check .

5. Set up Facebook eCommerce

If your caller prefers to use social networks for business, you will find this article very utilitarian. Nowadays, social networks are extremely popular and effective channels for advertise. From this point of view, you can turn them into effective sale channels .
The foremost matter you should do is to create a Facebook Business foliate for your company. then, find an Add a Shop Section button on your timeline .
Set up Facebook eCommerce
You can see it under the cover photograph, to the right. then, you will see a popup. You should fill it in with your commercial enterprise details .
Do not ignore the box requesting your electronic mail for customs avail inquiries. This will help your ship’s company receive questions from your future or existing customers .
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When it comes to payment, you have two options. You can accept payment via your Facebook page or redirect shoppers to another web site for checkout .
We recommend using Facebook, since this is more commodious for customers .
Facebook will ask you to connect your Business page with your existing Stripe account
To checkout on Facebook, you should add some information about your clientele. Users from the US can use PayPal or Stripe. For other users, there are alternate payment methods, like cash upon delivery or bank transfers .
After filling in your business address, Facebook will ask you to connect your Business page with your existing Stripe account .
If you successfully complete all the stages, you can add products to the catalogue and sell via your Facebook Business Page .
For more details see the television : hypertext transfer protocol : // ? v=jahKOMsOka0 &

How to Add Ecommerce to Your Website with Magento

If you only have a few products and the on-line workshop is barely an extra option for your customers, then a bare adding ecommerce to the web site might be recommended. however, this option might lack flexibility and functionality. And above all : you need to only use ready-to-go solutions rather of customizing them according to your needs. That is the argue we would like you to consider Shopware and Magento platforms, as their features won ’ t limit your business .


precisely like Magento, Shopware is available as an open-source e-commerce system and in the commercial edition .
Let ‘s take a search at the system itself. If you install Shopware, adaptation 5.5.7 gives you a clear and easy-to-understand backend. You can easily fill the alleged shopping world with respective modules ( text, images, and so forth ). You can see directly what the respective page would look like .
With elements such as images, banners, or videos that can be easily added and positioned freely, you can design your denounce ampere individually as you like. If you want to “ captivate ” your customers tied more emotionally, the paid version gives you the opportunity to tell your own stories with storytelling and to make the products tangible for your customers .
As a certifiable Shopware development ship’s company, we advise choosing Shopware for all small- and medium-sized businesses looking for a flexible and robust ecommerce solution .


Magento is besides open-source software with a paid version available. Just like Shopware, subscribe is only offered by the latter. You can count on Dinarys Magento experts for installation processes, questions, and requests. After all, we have many years of have with the on-line patronize arrangement and have performed thousands of Magento installations .
In the area of templates and plugins, Magento besides offers many options to choose from. Just like Shopware, Magento 2 has its own API. Both shop systems frankincense offer the possibility of docking with any system .
Magento is characterized by a clean front and back end, but some points are well shroud that are not immediately apparent. For this rationality, a lot of train is required for Magento development. You can enter a fortune in this shop organization, for example, product, customer, or transaction data ampere well as capacity, but there are no denounce worlds like with Shopware. If you want more elaborate and/or building complex adjustments to your shop, be aware that you will need developers for this .

Top five solutions to add eCommerce to any website

now, let ’ s lecture about the most democratic platforms that will help you integrate eCommerce into your existing web site. Most of them have great eCommerce features. You can compare and choose the right solution based on your business needs .
 Snipcart charges only 2% on every sale


If your company plans to sell to other countries, Snipcart is a big option. This platform covers every finish when it comes to ordering and shipping. This modern platform allows users to customize it in any way they like. Snipcart keeps up with modern technologies, providing users with a responsive design. now, your customers can order your goods from mobile devices .
The chopine uses the most popular payment gateways, like Stripe and Paypal, to make the checkout process convenient for you and your customers. There is no monthly subscription ; Snipcart charges only 2 % on every sale .
Selz has some of the most effective tools for online retail without bells and whistles

Selz [outdated]

This platform is a arrant option for people who love ease. Selz has some of the most effective tools for on-line retail without bells and whistles .
The independent finish of this platform is to help beginners in eCommerce to become on-line retailers. Selz provide users with pretty perks, like customizable Facebook shops for free. This allows you to reach even more of your target audience. The chopine supports consolidation with such mail services as Campaign Monitor, AWeber, and MailChimp, so you can get started on your electronic mail market campaigns .
Selz processes payment in 190 currencies, so users can sell to unlike countries. In addition, like in the former form, Selz charges only 2 % per transaction. Learn more about this platform here .


Launched in 2013, Shoprocket recently unveiled version 2.0 of their platform, which offers a sincerely “ no code ” approach to selling on-line, particularly via your existing web site, landing pages or blog .
Their intuitive dashboard allows you to customise every expression of your store, then simply copy & paste the embed snip into your page, making it the easiest solution presently available .
With support for every area & 173 currencies, utilising Stripe & PayPal for payments, their roadmap boasts 120+ gateways coming soon, making Shoprocket a sincerely global ecommerce enabler to watch in 2021 .
Prices range from $ 9/month – $ 99/month ; with 0 % transaction fees, outright products, orders and users on their $ 9 plan, making it an ideal solution for SMEs and hobbyists alike .
Their powerful sell tools include forcible & digital products, with options, variations and product specific taxes & ship, adenine well as real prison term currentness conversion and translations .
Their roadmap besides promises extra sales channels in the near future, including hosted stores with themes to choose from, plus selling on Facebook, Instagram, eBay & Amazon .
To see the many ways to use Shoprocket, checkout their show here .
Ecwid is a great tool for future online retailers who want to sell overseas


Ecwid is a great tool for future on-line retailers who want to sell overseas. The chopine supports around 40 payment methods and several linguistic process options. Another benefit is the “ Unfinished Sales ” page that gives your customers an option to make a purchase of products they abandoned in their shopping cart during a former session .
This feature is located in the control panel, where you can see all uncompleted orders. furthermore, the platform besides collects such data as :

  • Cart content
  • Total cost
  • Date
  • Payment method
  • Customer e-mail

What can it provide for your occupation ?
You can remind customers about their unfinished orders using this data .
The best thing about the Ecwid platform is that, with the wide scope of selling plans, you can sell up to 10 products for free .
RomanCart gives users advanced stock control and inventory management features


RomanCart gives users advanced livestock restraint and inventory management features. Another benefit is the huge total of market features that will help you save your time and increase on-line shop income. It has great customization features, so you can create your own invention to stand out from competitors. According to your commercial enterprise size and goals, you can choose a suitable plan from $ 0 to $ 739.99 per month .
Foxycart supports over 70 payment gateways, including such unique methods as Dwolla, Amazon Payments and Bitcoin.


This platform supports over 70 payment gateways, including such unique methods as Dwolla, Amazon Payments and Bitcoin .
Foxycart besides supports :

  • PayPal Payflow Pro
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • PayPal Express Checkout

however, the platform is not restricted alone to online transactions. Foxycart gives users a Super-Password, so retailers can well checkout as the customer. This is very commodious for :

  • orders taken at events
  • phone orders
  • fax orders
  • and more

For more information, visit the Foxycart web site .

How to add eCommerce to your website: conclusion

You can master on-line retail without spending a huge come of money. If your occupation has a web page and wholly satisfies you, you can use one of the hash out methods to turn it to an eCommerce web site. This will give you more opportunities to increase sales and conversions. We hope that this article has helped answer the question of how to add eCommerce to a web site .
If none of these variants we ’ ve discussed is suitable for your clientele, don ’ t choke ! You can always contact Dinarys for a consultation. We are eCommerce experts and can help you find the best solutions to meet your business goals. Fill in our on-line form to get in touch now !

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