How to Use Multiple Savings Accounts to Grow Your Money and Reach Your Goals

Think savings accounts are one-and-done ? here ’ s the case for using multiple savings bank accounts to reach your fiscal goals. More than 20 % of working Americans aren ’ triiodothyronine saving any money for retirement, emergencies or early fiscal goals, according to a survey by Bankrate .
It seems that many people would like to start saving money, but when it comes to how, they ’ re stick .
conventional wisdom of solomon says to open a savings bill and divert a certain percentage of money there on paydays or on a certain day of the calendar month. Opening one save account is a smart first step, but you can go even further as you optimize your savings scheme.

here, experts break down why opening multiple savings accounts may be the confidential to kicking your savings into senior high school gear as you reach your savings goals. With their guidance, you ’ ll be able to answer : How can multiple savings accounts help you save more ?

Why you should consider opening multiple savings accounts

Most people save for many different goals, and it takes supernumerary work to track your progress toward each of your fiscal goals if all of your savings are accumulating in one identify.

With one savings account, you may wonder whether the money in it will help you afford a new car, your next vacation or both. When you have multiple savings accounts tied to the fiscal goals that matter most in your life, all the guess is removed.

here ’ s how open multiple savings accounts can make saving money simple :

You’re able to clearly define and achieve your financial goals

Before you can make any savings progress, you need to identify your goals. Opening a savings account for each finish empowers you to save for what you actually want in life, whether it ’ s a down payment for a house, external change of location or a college education fund for your children .

You can gain momentum as you see your savings grow

One big reason multiple savings accounts work so well is they help you stay motivated to reach each of your savings goals, says Taylor Schulte, CFP®, a fiscal blogger and podcaster. Your savings become more tangible when you know you have $ 2,000 in your hand brake fund, $ 1,000 ready for that new set of wheels and $ 500 for your tropical getaway ( versus $ 3,500 full ). Watching each account develop every month can help you stay excited about saving .

How many savings accounts should I have?

The issue of accounts that ’ s right for you depends on the number of savings goals you have. If you ’ re new to saving money, start belittled so you ’ re not overwhelmed .
When deciding which of your fiscal goals deserve their own savings account, put an emergency store at the top of your number, Schulte says.

“ Start with one goal—like an hand brake savings account—and save the minimum total needed, ” Schulte says. Schulte and other experts suggest keeping at least three to six months of live expenses in your hand brake store. This way, you ’ ll have money in the bank if you lose your job, take a cut in income or face unexpected medical bills. And by keeping your hand brake fund separate from your other save accounts, you ’ ll be less tempted to “ adopt from it, ” Schulte says .
“ then, move on to the next, ” Schulte says. “ Trying to save for excessively many things simultaneously could prevent you from making any of them a reality. ”

Frugal living adept Lauren Greutman agrees that you should prioritize your hand brake fund beginning. Once it ’ mho in a good place, she recommends opening multiple savings accounts for your top four or five fiscal goals.

“ I have savings accounts set up for an emergency fund, vacation investment company, car fund and Christmas fund, ” she says. “ Each of these accounts has an end finish, and when I contribute to each account, I like to see how far away I am from that savings goal. ”

How to organize your savings accounts to grow your savings in 3 steps

Before you open multiple savings accounts, make sure you have a scheme. Follow these steps to keep on top of your multiple savings accounts and manage your savings goals like a pro :

Step 1: Prioritize your financial goals

As the experts noted above, you ’ ll want to start with your emergency fund. Schulte recommends making certain that your retirement fund is on track a well before opening multiple deposit accounts for shorter-term goals.

once those critical savings goals are on lead, it ’ mho clock time to get out a pen and composition. Write down your other save goals, such as buying a new car, funding your child ’ randomness college tutelage or making base repairs. Pare your list down to your top four or five priorities, and move on to the following step .

Step 2: Set up a savings account for each goal

According to Greutman, on-line savings accounts are the best savings accounts for multiple goals. “ Online write accounts are a bang-up way to continue saving money without the fuss of driving to a physical bank, ” Greutman says .
For example, the Discover Online Savings Account offers a high gear matter to rate and no account fees.1 Plus, at Discover, there is no limit on how many on-line savings accounts you can open, and with a higher interest rate, you can watch those savings grow .

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