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In this article, you will learn how to : • Activate from your device
• Activate on-line
• Activate over the earphone

Activate from your device

1. Before activating your AT & T PREPAID report from your device, make certain it has been charged and that the AT & T PREPAID SIM circuit board has been inserted ( some devices may have the SIM card pre-installed ). once charged, turn the phone on.

note : If you do not have an AT & T PREPAID SIM card or already own a compatible call and would like to Bring Your own Device ( BYOD ) to AT & T PREPAID service, barely purchase an AT & T PREPAID SIM Kit.

2. You will receive a free AT & T text message. Select the unique URL sent in the message.

Image 1

3. The SIM/ICCID act and IMEI number will auto-populate. Enter your 5-digit service zip code and the passphrase code, then choose Continue.

Image 2

4. Select whether you would like to Activate 1 device or more than 1 device. eminence : “ Activate 1 device ” was selected for this case. If “ Activate 2 or more devices ” is selected, you will complete activation of the inaugural device before being prompted to activate extra devices. You ’ ll want to manually enter the SIM/ICCID and IMEI numbers for each extra device. The SIM/ICCID is located on the SIM card itself. To locate your IMEI, visit the Find IMEI, Phone & Serial Number tutorial.

Image 3

5. Select the craved rate plan, then scroll down to select the desire option for AutoPay. Select the check box to accept the Service Agreement, then choice Continue.

note : rate plan options may change.
Image 4

6. Enter your email address, then choose Continue.

Image 5

7. Select the Payment Method from the drop-down number.

Image 6

8. Enter the requested payment information, then choice Continue.

Image 7

9. View your new phone number and restart your device.

Image 8

10. A free “ Welcome ” text message will be sent. Select the link in the text message to set up your score password

Image 9

11. enroll and confirm your new password and 4-digit PIN, then choice Submit. Select OK.

Image 10

12. Update your personal information, then choice Submit.

Image 11

13. An e-mail with a verification code will be sent to the electronic mail address entered previously. Enter the verification code, then choose Validate. Select OK.

Image 12

14. Your AT & T PREPAID account has been successfully created and you are now logged into your account. Review the Account Summary page for details.

Image 13

Activate online

Go to att.com/activateprepaid ( att.com/activarprepaid for spanish ) and follow the prompts.

Activate over the phone

Call us at 877.426.0525 for automated instructions. You will need to know your SIM card & IMEI number for activation.

eminence : energizing will take around 10 minutes to complete. The SIM/ICCID is located on the SIM card itself. To locate your IMEI, travel to Find IMEI, Phone & Serial Number.

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