Going Mobile With Your Online Savings Account

access your report anywhere you take your device. Oh, and that ’ s just the begin. today, just about anything you can do from your base computer you can besides do with your fluid device, thanks to the great features you get with a Discover Online Savings Account. That includes using Discover ’ s mobile bank app to manage your sediment accounts when you ’ re on the rifle .
Want to verify that a deposition has been credited ? necessitate to check your report balance ? Discover ’ s fluid app lets you do either of these things when and wherever the moment is right for you. That sure beats waiting until you can sit down at your home computer, or even worse, having to hunt down a misplace newspaper statement .
Mobile banking means no more waiting in line at the bank

With Discover ’ s mobile app, you can besides use your device to make withdrawals or transfers1. Like the sound of that ? Click here to download it right now ! Keep in beware, however, that mobile users do have to comply with politics limits on the full number of withdrawals and payments they can make each calendar month from their savings account .
As a Discover Bank customer, you are eligible to use the Discover mobile app to manage your deposit accounts and, by extension, a great deal of your fiscal liveliness. The Discover mobile app is available for iPhone® and Android® phones. Just just go to Discover ’ randomness on-line bank site to obtain instructions for downloading and activating the app .
once you activate your Discover Mobile app and log in, you ’ ll find dim-witted, secure displays of keystone score information at your fingertips. For exemplar, you can confirm that recent deposits, withdrawals and transfers have been posted. You can see current balances, not only for your savings account, but besides for any credit tease accounts you might have with us. And you can transfer funds among all eligible deposit accounts you have with Discover vitamin a well as external accounts.

If you do use your mobile device for report access, you should be mindful of best practices in fluid device security. For exemplar, you may want to set up a password in order to lock the device when you ’ re not using it. Like locking your car or your home, password protecting your mobile device can help make it inaccessible to unauthorized use. Along the like lines, you should avoid storing sensible passwords and account information on the device itself, or on any memory chips that can be readily removed from the device .
Manage your bank accounts quickly and easily
Following simple practices like these can make managing your savings easier than always.


In addition to the benefits of our Online Savings Accounts, our broad stove of Discover CDs can help you save for the future, while our Money market Accounts offer high yields and easy access to your money1. With Discover ’ s wide array of divers and competitive accounts, you ’ ll find every savings solution you need right here. Open an account on-line in minutes or call our 24-hour U.S.-based Customer Service at 1-800-347-7000 .
The article and information provided herein are for informational purposes only and are not intended as a stand-in for professional advice
1 Federal police limits certain types of withdrawals and transfers from savings and money grocery store accounts to a aggregate sum of 6 per calendar calendar month per account. There are no limits on ATM withdrawals or official checks mailed to you. To get an report with an outright number of transactions, consider opening a Discover Cashback Debit report. If you go over these limitations on more than an casual basis, your report may be closed. See Section 11 of the Deposit Account Agreement for more details.

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