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Drivers in about every state are required to have some shape of car indemnity before they can legally drive. If you purchase another vehicle, you ’ ll need to add the car to your indemnity policy. fortunately, adding a vehicle to an existing insurance policy is reasonably childlike. This article will help you learn how to add a car to your policy policy, and determine whether or not adding a irregular vehicle will affect your pace .

How to add another car to your insurance policy

car insurance protects your vehicle and your liabilities as a driver. It prevents you from paying out-of-pocket if you cause an accident or price person else ’ south property. Every vehicle that you own must be covered under a cable car insurance policy that meets the submit ’ second minimal coverage requirements, regardless of how much it ’ s drive. If you need to insure a second cable car, you can add the fomite to your existing insurance policy. There ’ south no necessitate to open a second policy. In fact, most car insurance companies allow drivers to add up to four or five vehicles on one car policy policy. Follow these steps to add a fomite to your insurance policy :

Gather information about the vehicle

The beginning step is to gather information about the vehicle you want to add. The insurance party will ask for some specific information to determine the vehicle ’ randomness rate, recommend an allow sum of coverage and calculate your rate. here is the information you should have available :

  • Make, model and year
  • License plate number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • State of registration
  • Mileage
  • Name and age of new insured drivers (if applicable)

If you don ’ triiodothyronine know the vehicle ’ second VIN, check the driver ’ mho side of the dashboard. The VIN is normally etched into the recess of the windshield. You might need to look for the numeral from the outside of the vehicle, rather than inside. The VIN can besides be found in the vehicle ’ second registration documents .

Contact your car insurance company

once you ’ ve gathered the vehicle information, contact your car indemnity company and let them know that you want to add another vehicle to your policy. Most of the national policy providers allow customers to add a vehicle to their policy on-line. If your supplier doesn ’ t offer an on-line option, call an agentive role and give them the necessary information. They can besides let you know if adding a second vehicle will impact your premium .

Choose your coverage

The death step is to choose the coverage you want for the second vehicle. Keep in mind that most policy companies require every vehicle on the policy to have the lapp coverage. thus for example, you couldn ’ t have one fomite with minimum coverage indemnity and a second vehicle with broad coverage indemnity.

If your indemnity company does allow varied coverage, you ’ ll need to decide what coverage you want for the second base car. Consider the measure of the vehicle, how frequently it ’ randomness force and what it ’ s used for. You can besides ask an policy agent to help you figure out which coverages are beneficial. For example, if you recently purchased a brand newfangled car, you may want to consider broad coverage policy. But if your son or daughter recently got their license and purchased a 15-year-old car, minimum coverage policy might make more smell financially .

Does adding another vehicle to my policy increase my rate?

Adding a second vehicle to your car indemnity policy can increase your premium, but it depends. If you add a high-value vehicle, or a vehicle that lacks condom features, you could see a rate increase. Compare the cost to add a vehicle to an existing policy versus how much it costs to have two disjoined policies to see which provides a lower rate.

On the other hand, if you add a low-value fomite to your policy or a car that has advanced base hit features, your agio sum could actually be lower. Most insurance companies offer a deduction for insuring multiple vehicles on the lapp policy. An insurance agent can help you determine if your rate will change, and if therefore, by how much. here are a few early advantages and drawbacks to consider :

Pros Cons
Could lower your premium Could increase your premium
Might qualify for a multi-vehicle discount Can’t add a vehicle not registered at your address
Process of adding a vehicle is simple Can’t always customize coverage for a second vehicle
Easier to manage policies with a single provider

The takeaway

  • Drivers can have multiple vehicles on their car insurance policy.
  • Many insurance companies allow drivers to add a vehicle through their online account.
  • Adding a second vehicle to an insurance policy could increase or decrease the premium.

Adding another car to your insurance policy has both pros and cons. But typically, it ’ south cheaper to insure two cars on the like policy than to pay for two divide policies. If you want to add a second gear vehicle to your policy, contact your policy company to see how it will affect your annual premium, and ask if you can qualify for a multi-vehicle rebate .

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