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Request Deposits with Square Invoices

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Square Invoices allows you to request payment for a parcel of your invoice upfront as a deposit, and set a distinguish ascribable date for the remaining balance. This will besides allow you to create a individual invoice to track multiple payments and reduce the come of time you have to spend reconciling multiple payments ( deposit, follow-up payments ) to a single body of influence .

Request Deposits

You can send an bill requesting a deposit payment directly from your Square Dashboard .
To do therefore :

  1. Go to Payments > Invoices in your on-line Square Dashboard > Create Invoice.
  2. Select a customer from your Customer Directory, or enter a new identify and e-mail address .
  3. Under Line Items > Customize you can add items, apply modifiers, notes, and taxes .
  4. Under Add payment schedule, snap Request Deposit and enter the measure or percentage, select a due date, and click Save. Deposits can be requested with a fixed dollar measure or as a share of the bill total. note that an ACH bank transfer can not be selected in holy order to split payments .
  5. Click Send .

once your customer receives the invoice, they ’ ll be able to pay the deposit first gear, and then the remaining libra .
Note: If ACH is enabled, you ‘ll be ineffective to set up payment schedules. Uncheck ACH as a payment method acting to set up a payment agenda for the bill .
Note : You are able to request a down payment and partial derivative requital per order full. The ability to split particular items for partial payments is unavailable at this time .
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Note : If you use square to track your stock, your items will lone adjust when the stallion bill is paid. Paying the deposit won ’ t change the item counts .
To request a deposit from the Square app :

  1. Tap More from the navigation bar at the bottomland of your screen and blue-ribbon Invoices > Create Invoice .
  2. Select a customer from your Customer Directory, or enter a new name and e-mail cover .
  3. Under Line Items you can add items, apply modifiers, notes, and taxes .
  4. Tap Request Deposit, enter the sum or percentage. Select a due date and wiretap Save .
  5. Click Send .

Edit an Invoice Deposit

You are able to edit a Square Invoice at any time from your Square Dashboard, tied after a overtone payment has been made .
To do therefore :

  1. Go to Payments > Invoices in your on-line Square Dashboard and select an invoice .
  2. Select Edit > Deposit to edit the lodge measure or change the due date .
  3. Select Send .

Record Payments

once a payment has been made, you are able to record the requital on your on-line Square Dashboard and mobile app .
From your Square Dashboard :

  1. Locate an bill .
  2. Scroll down to the Payments section > rap Add Payment .
  3. Tap Record Payment > choice payment method acting.

From your Square app :

  1. Tap More from the seafaring banish at the bottom of your shield and choose Invoices > select an bill .
  2. Scroll depressed to the Payments section > wiretap Add Payment .
  3. Tap Record Payment > choose requital method .

Note : The option to record a payment is presently only available on io .
The ability to accept in-person payments toward a deposit or partial poise is presently unavailable. in-person payments can only be taken for the sum bill sum. If a deposition is already paid on the bill, the Record Payments choice will be unavailable .
If you need to charge a card, a workaround is to send your customer a link via electronic mail to pay via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a accredit or debit tease .

View Invoices with Deposits From the Square App

You will be able to view any existing invoices with partial payment and the latest statuses of those invoices from the Square app. You can besides take payment for the entire invoice from your mobile app .
To request deposits, take payment for a deposit, wangle or edit an invoice you will need to do so from your on-line Square Dashboard .
To view invoices on the Square app :

  1. Open the Square app .
  2. Select More > Invoices and tap on an bill from your list .

Refund a Deposit

In casing you need to refund a fond requital on an bill that is not fully paid so far, you will need to cancel the invoice. Once the invoice is cancelled, the transaction will appear in your transactions tilt, where you will be able to follow the steps to issue a refund .
overtone payments on a cancel bill will besides appear in your sales reports as a Custom Amount paid, and will not affect your armory counts since the invoice was cancelled. If you made manual adjustments to your inventory, make sure you account for that switch when cancelling an bill .

Sales and Reporting

When your customer makes a depository payment or a advancement requital on an bill, those funds will be deposited to your account but that money won ’ triiodothyronine appear on your transactions report until the bill is paid in wide. Once the bill is wholly paid it will be marked as Done and the amount paid will appear as one line detail in your Sales reputation .
even if only a down-payment is paid into the bill, the report will reflect the fully total of the invoice in the Transfers report. The entire column will reflect the sum of the down-payment pay, and the net full will not match the amount of the down-payment .
A partially paid total will not count as a sale ( aka recognized tax income ) until the invoice is amply paid off in the Sales Report. View invoice reports in three separate places on your on-line Square Dashboard :

  1. Transactions tab key : A transaction for the bill will not appear until the invoice is in full paid off .
  2. Balance > Transfer Report : The partially paid measure will appear on the day that the partial derivative requital was made .
  3. Sales Report : A sale is not recognized until the invoice is amply paid sol the bill amount will not appear until the invoice is fully paid .

A few other things to take into retainer :

  • An item won ’ triiodothyronine be reduced in quantity until the invoice is paid in fully .
  • overtone card payments taken will be deposited according to the your stream deposition schedule .
  • fond cash or other tender payments marked as such on the invoice won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be reflected in Reporting until after the entire bill is paid in full.
  • To view partial derivative bill payments, navigate to the Deposits check of your on-line Square Dashboard. > Deposit Report s > Select a date you would like to view .
  • Please use the Invoices page to review payments made against a partially-paid bill .

Note: Sales may not show up correctly in 3rd party accounting integrations like Quickbooks and Xero .

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