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When you ’ ve found an apartment that meets your needs and budget, there ’ sulfur more to think about than making your security deposit and plans to move in. Your landlord may require you to have a renters insurance policy and might even require that they be listed as an matter to party on your policy .

What is an interested party on a renters insurance policy?

In the context of renters indemnity, an matter to party is an individual or entity who is included for presentment on the policy ’ south condition. This appellation is besides sometimes called an “ extra concern, ” “ party of interest, ” or “ third-party designee. ”
If your landlord required you to have renters indemnity and list them as an interest party on the policy, this allows the landlord to be notified if your policy is dropped, modified, or allowed to lapse .

Why does your landlord require you to list them as an interested party?

Your landlord probably requires you to list them as an interest party so that they can have proof that you ’ re covered by a renters policy policy and receive notification if anything changes.

Your landlord may want to be assured that their risk and your risk is minimized with a renters insurance policy. A renters indemnity policy covers your personal property and may besides provide you with indebtedness protective covering and early things including coverage for extra animation expenses. however, that indemnity coverage only applies equally hanker as the policy remains in dear stand .
If a tenant provides proofread of renters insurance at the lease bless, and then six months late the policy is canceled, the landlord might never know that the policy is no longer in effect, unless they are listed as an matter to party on your policy .
Dropping renters insurance is a big gamble. If your lease requires you to carry coverage ( and many now do ) allowing the policy to lapse or canceling it violates the terms of your lease. If your landlord finds out, you could be in significant perturb, and that ’ s without any accident involved .
If you cancel your renters policy policy and there is an accident that you are responsible for, you would probably be responsible for paying for all of the repairs out of air pocket .
then, your landlord may be asking to be listed as an matter to party on your renters policy for the same reason they are requiring you to get coverage in the first place. It ’ s likely to protect themselves in the event of an accident that causes property damage or liability issues. They want to be certain you have renters indemnity and keep the policy active .

Additional interested vs. additional insured

insurance terms are very specific and it ’ s crucial to pay close attention to what character of coverage is requested. “ Additional concerned ” is very different from “ extra insured, ” even though both terms sound similar .
An “ extra insured ” would be a person covered by the provisions of your renters insurance policy. This could be a spouse who lives with you in the lease. In most cases, it makes sense evening for each roommate to have their own renters policy. Having an “ extra insured ” on your renters policy policy entirely makes sense if all of the property being covered is or will soon be jointly owned, such as an absorb or married copulate .
If your landlord asks to be listed as an “ extra see, ” they most likely hateful “ extra interested. ” Be sure to ask your landlord for clarification and make certain you know what is being requested of you. Having your landlord listed on your policy as an extra insured doesn ’ t very make smell, because the landlord doesn ’ metric ton parcel ownership of your property.

How do you add your landlord as an interested party to your policy?

Adding your landlord as an extra interest party on your renters policy policy should be a fairly straightforward action. It should be angstrom simple as letting your agent know, or adding your landlord ’ s name and address on-line .
not all insurance companies have this as an option, however. If your insurance company isn ’ t able to add your landlord as an extra interested party, find out what they will do ( such as leave proofread of indemnity ). Talk to your landlord to see if that ’ mho sufficient .
If you ’ rhenium looking for renters indemnity, you can visit Clearsurance ’ south renters insurance rankings page to see a list of the best companies in your area, according to consumers. Be certain to get renters indemnity quotes from multiple companies so you can compare the price of each to find the best share .

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