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How do I open a Flare Account ?

Start an application on-line now ! 1 Once we verify your identity, we ’ ll commit you a tease in the mail. You can besides visit an ACE Cash Express store to apply in person .
When will I get my debit menu ?

In most cases, your new poster takes 7-10 business days to arrive. Check your postbox for an envelope from Flare Account. If you don ’ thymine receive it within the 7-10-day time period, give us a call at 866-753-6355 .
Why should I use target lodge with the Flare Account ?

When you choose to direct deposit your paycheck or government benefits, you ’ ll receive access to many of the Flare Account ’ sulfur best features ! Your qualifying direct down payment activeness gives you the ability to get paid up to 2 days faster2, take advantage of no-fee3 cash withdrawals up to $ 400 per day at participating ACE locations, open an Optional eminent yield Savings Account4, opt-in to Optional Debit Card Overdraft service5 and more .
How do I add money to my Account ?

There are many ways to add money to your Flare Account ! You can enroll in Direct Deposit for your paycheck or government benefits, add money at an ACE store,10 set up a savings bank transfer11 from a check or savings account, or aim deposit your tax refund .
How can I find the closest breeze through Cash Express memory ?

Use our Store Locator to find a storehouse near you !
How do I get paid up to two days faster ? 2

You can enroll in steer deposit with your Flare Account to get paid up to 2 days faster ! 2 Find your Routing Number and Account Number in the Online Account Portal .
Need help oneself ? Visit an ACE Cash Express location or Contact Us to assist .
What can I use my Flare Account debit circuit board for ?

You can use your Flare Account debit tease for all your regular everyday purchases. Pay bills, buy groceries, shop class on-line, pay for boast … the options are endless ! You can use your Flare Account debit card wherever Visa® debit cards are accepted .
What ’ s the remainder between prepaid cards and a Flare Account ?

The Flare Account is a bank account and provides the benefits offered by a prepay card, with extra benefits you ’ ll in truth love. Want to know more ? Compare the Flare Account with the ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card .
I already have an ACE Elite™ Visa® Prepaid Debit Card. Why should I upgrade to a Flare Account ?

great interrogate. The ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card is a commodious option for managing your money. The Flare Account offers flush more benefits to fit your life style and your money management needs. Compare the Flare Account with the ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card .
How do I withdraw cash ?

For a $ 2.50 tip, you can withdraw at an ATM, just like a even bank debit wag. If you withdraw at a participating ACE Cash Express placement, you can skip the fees and withdraw up to $ 400 a day, when you have qualifying Direct Deposit activity.3
How can I earn interest on my optional Savings Account ?

When you have qualifying monthly Direct Deposit, you may set up an optional Flare Account Savings Account, and you can start earning up to 6.00 % Annual Percentage Yield ( APY ) .4 That means that the money you have in your Savings Account can earn money just for being there. Your actual APY will vary based on qualifying factors, including average casual Balance .
What does qualifying direct deposit intend ?

When you have direct sediment natural process with your paycheck or government benefits, you gain access to more of the Flare Account ’ s powerful features, including getting paid up to 2 days faster.2 With a directly deposit of $ 500 or more, you can be eligible to open an optional Savings Account with up to 6.00 % APY.4
What if my optional Savings Account has a higher average daily Balance than $ 2,000 ?

You ’ ll earn up to 6.00 % APY on your average daily Balance up to $ 2,000. then, for the dollar sum over $ 2,000, you will earn 0.50 % APY.4
Can I create a custom calling card plan ?

Yes ! For an extra fee of $ 4.95, you can choose from one of more than a twelve premium poster designs.6 You can view custom card6 options through the Online Account Center or via the Mobile App7 .
Is there a tip to get a Flare Account debit card ?

In store, you ’ ll yield at $ 3.00 processing fee to open an score .
You can choose from 1 of 7 fun menu designs to get started ! You can besides choose to upgrade your card to an amazing custom or bounty design6 for a $ 4.95 fee. For more details about rates and fees for the Flare Account, see the Rates page .
How do I set up direct deposit for my Flare Account ?

Grab your Routing Number and Account Number for your Flare Account in the Online Account Center. You can besides text DIRECT to 22622 get your Routing and Account information via Anytime AlertsTM.7 Provide this data to your employer or benefits provider to enroll in direct lodge. You can use your Routing Number and Account Number to enroll in direct down payment on your tax refunds, besides !
How do I earn Payback RewardsSM8 ?

vengeance Rewards is activated with your newly account ! 8 Visit your Rewards page when you log in through the Online Account Center or via the Mobile App7 to see your offers. Click to activate offers you want, and then use your batting order at those retailers to redeem your offers. Your rewards will be credited to your score at the end of the following month .
Is there a Flare Account app ? 7

Yes ! Download the ACE Flare Mobile App7 on the App Store or Google Play .
How do I send money with the Flare Account ?

Every bill is associated with a FlashPay ID. You can cursorily send money to about anyone if they besides have a FlashPay ID9 from the app.7 When you send money, we notify the recipient that money is waiting for them. You can choose 1 of 3 ways to send money :
1. on-line
Visit the Online Account Center to get started. Select the “ Move Money ” dropdown on the seafaring page, then click “ Move Money. ” Select your recipient from your contacts and enter the total to send. Click “ Continue ” and then verify the information. The money will be sent once you verify the information is right .
2. Mobile App7
In the ACE Flare Mobile App7, open the navigation tray on the left-hand side. Select the “ Move Money ” dropdown and then select “ Send Money. ” Select the recipient from your contacts and enter the measure to send, equally well as an optional note. Click “ Continue ” and then verify the information. The money will be sent once you verify the information is correct .
3. Customer Service
You can besides contact Customer Service at 1-866-753-6355. A transfer can be initiated by telephone for a $ 4.95 tip .
What is FlashPay ID ?

Every Flare Account has a FlashPay ID. It ’ s simply a act that you can safely contribution with early people so that they can send money to you ! 9
How much does it cost to send money from my Flare Account to another Flare Account holder ?

There are no fees associated with sending money on-line to an existing Flare Accountholder.9 You can besides send money to ACE Elite® Visa® Prepaid Debit Card holders using FlashPayID ! If you need to contact a customer military service agent to have them send money for you, the tip will be $ 4.95. Check your fee plan for more details .
My direct sediment hasn ’ triiodothyronine posted. When will I get my money ?

We ’ ra deplorable to hear your direct deposit hasn ’ t however gone through. You can contact Customer Service for aid : 1-866-753-6355 .
When will my direct depository begin ?

once you have given your bill data to your payor, it may take up to two payment cycles for lead lodge to start. Please check with your payor to find out the particular time of your payments. Please ensure your Flare Account is activated and in well standing, and the down payment is in the name of the accountholder .
How do I deposit my tax refund into my Flare Account ?

Bring your Routing Number and Account Number to your tax preparer, or if you ’ re filing your own taxes, add your numbers in the indicate sections. When you have your tax refund send deposited to your Flare Account, you don ’ t have to wait for a wallpaper check. That means you ’ ll get your refund faster.10
How do I open an optional Savings Account ? 4

If you have a Flare Account, you can open an optional Savings Account4 by making a mastermind deposit of at least $ 500 within one calendar month. There ’ south no minimum balance required to open a Savings Account.4 You ’ ll earn up to 6.00 % Annual Percentage Yield on your average daily Balance up to $ 2,000. then, for the dollar amount over $ 2,000, you will earn 0.50 % APY.4
Can I pay bills with my explanation ?

Yes ! Use your Flare Account debit card the manner you would a regular debit calling card. Pay rent, car payments, cable, internet, earphone, and other bills with your new Flare Account debit wag. You can set up on-line bill pay through your service supplier .
Does the Flare Account support any charities ?

What do I do if I suspect my bill has been compromised ?

The security system of your Account is authoritative to us. If you ever notice something that doesn ’ thyroxine look mighty, please call 1-866-753-6355 american samoa soon as potential so we can look into the issue .
If I already have my check, where can I go to transfer it into my Flare Account ?

You can add check funds to your Account using Mobile Check Capture12 on your ACE Flare® app, or visit an ACE Cash Express location to add13 funds .
Is there a monthly fee with the Flare Account ?

The standard monthly avail tip for the Flare Account is $ 9.95. If you have qualifying directly deposits totaling at least $ 500.00 in one calendar month, the monthly tip is lowered to $ 5.00.14
What is annual Percentage Yield, precisely ?

APY or Annual Percentage Yield is the total sum of pastime paid on an Account, based on the interest rate and the frequency of compounding for a 365-day period ( 366-day menstruation in a leap year ), and is expressed as a percentage .
What is a Flare Account Virtual Card ? 15

The Flare Account Virtual Card15 offers an extra horizontal surface of auspices when you make on-line purchases. When you use this feature, a temp circuit board total will be generated that you can use to make a leverage on-line. The card number expires in 24 hours. Your purchase goes through as normal, but the tease number tied to your Account stays hidden from digital thieves and fraudsters .
aid ! I can ’ thymine reach Customer Service .

Thank you for your solitaire. Flare Account Customer Service is presently experiencing extended wait times from increased call and e-mail volumes related to the irregular round of stimulation payments. We encourage you to check out the self-servicing options that are available within the Flare Account mobile app.7
Why haven ’ t I received my stimulation money to my Flare Account even ?

We don ’ t have information about when economic affect requital direct deposits will arrive, but Flare Account steer deposits will be posted soon after they ’ rhenium received. Make sure you ’ re enrolled in Anytime AlertsTM 7 to get a presentment when a deposit is posted to your account and visit the IRS web site for all official updates : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payments .
I have the incorrect bank information on file for the irregular stimulation requital. What can I do ?

According to the IRS web site, the Get My Payment tool doesn ’ t allow people to change their calculate down payment bank history information that is already on file. This is to protect against imposter. Please visit the IRS web site for the full details : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payment-information-center .
Why have some people received their economic impact payment lead depository, but I haven ’ triiodothyronine ?

Some economic impact payments for Flare Account customers have been received through direct down payment and are being processing as normal. however, we don ’ t have information about your eligibility or when your payment will arrive. Please visit www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payments to get your requital details.  

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