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Opening an inhalation report is quite a complicate and drawn-out action, taking respective days to complete. It can be started on-line on the Aspiration web site or via the app, and you should have your newly Aspiration depository financial institution card in your hands in 7-10 days .

Aspiration countries

Aspiration is available only in the US, for citizens or permanent residents.

Aspiration account opening process

Opening an score at Aspiration, from submitting the first application until you can actually access your explanation and lead up transactions, takes respective days. here are the steps we went through to open an account :

  1. Provide your information (name, email address, Social Security Number, bank account number) either on the website or after downloading the app.
  2. To verify your bank account, Aspiration sends a small amount (a couple of cents) to the account, which takes about 2 days to arrive.
  3. You need to verify that you received the amount and transfer the $10 minimum deposit to your Aspiration account.
  4. Next, to verify your identity, you need to scan an ID document such as a driver’s license or passport, take a photo of yourself, and send these to Aspiration. It may take another 1-2 days for Aspiration to review these.
  5. At this point, you may be flagged for some reason (we were), and asked to submit additional documentation, such as bank statements. This additional review can take another couple of days.
  6. After your verification process is complete and your minium deposit has arrived, you can start using your Aspiration account. 

Aspiration currencies

At Aspiration you can open your bank report merely in USD. The connected Spend, Save and Investment accounts are besides all available lone in USD.


Is your money safe at Aspiration? Yes, it is safe. even though Aspiration itself is not a bank and does not hold a bank license, your deposits are safe as the money is held at several partner banks, which are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). 
At the conclusion of each day, the cash balances in the Spend and Save accounts are “ swept up ” to ( distributed among ) one or more of Aspiration ‘s collaborator banks ( Program Banks ), for up to $ 246,500 per bank. At the time of compose, this means that up to $2.46 million of your deposits, including interest, are insured at Aspiration. total coverage may change as Aspiration adds or removes spouse banks, and you besides have the option of excluding banks from your spouse savings bank number .
The Aspiration Debit Card is issued by Coastal Community Bank, based in Washington State, while Aspiration will assign a specific Priority list of Banks to your report. here is a list of Aspiration ‘s current Program Banks, all FDIC members :

  • Coastal Community Bank
  • EagleBank
  • Ion Bank
  • Bremer Bank, NA
  • ProgressBank
  • Bank of New Hampshire
  • Manufacturers Bank
  • C3Bank, NA
  • The Freedom Bank of Virginia
  • Bridgewater Bank
  • Nano Banc

Aspiration cards overview

What kind of card does Aspiration provide? Aspiration cards are provided by Mastercard. There is lone one kind of physical calling card, a debit batting order.

How long till I get my Aspiration card? It takes about 7-10 business days for your card to arrive at your home savoir-faire after ordering. once your card arrives, you can activate it through the Aspiration app, on the web site, or by telephone .
Does Aspiration offer a digital card? Yes ! You can start using this digital poster once your opening depository becomes available, even before your physical poster arrives. It has a different number than the forcible debit tease, but works the same way, and is tied to your Spend Account balance wheel. You need to activate this feature within the app. You can besides use the digital card any time you do not have your physical card with you .
What happens if my Aspiration card is lost or stolen? If your Aspiration card is lost or stolen, you can report it through the app or web site, or by earphone. It will be deactivated and a replacement debit card mechanically sent to your register address for free .
Can I use my Aspiration card abroad? Yes, you can use your Aspiration debit menu outside the US, for payments and for withdrawing money from ATMs. however, you need to enable International Travel within Settings in your account by logging in on the web site. You can besides add your digital debit card to Apple, Samsung, or Google Pay for easy use. note that Mastercard besides charges 1% on all international transactions, while there is besides a list of blocked countries where no transactions will work. If you are on the Aspiration Plus design, you besides get one external ATM fee reimbursement at a bland pace of $ 4. aspiration does not reimburse third-party currency conversion fees, or the 1 % Mastercard foreign transaction fee, however.

Aspiration Premium accounts

aspiration offers a agio score, called Aspiration Plus. The fee for this service is $7 per month, or $ 69 per year .
The benefits of Aspiration Plus are :

  • 10% cash back at selected partners
  • 1 out-of-network ATM fee rebate per month
  • up to 1% interest on first $10,000 in account (additional conditions apply)
  • carbon offsets for all gas purchases through Planet Protection feature
  • bank card made from recycled plastic

Aspiration top-up methods

At Aspiration, you can use the come methods to top up, i.e. deposit money to your report :

  • Direct deposit from employer
  • Electronic (ACH) bank transfer: You can deposit money to your Aspiration account by electronic (ACH) transfer from your home bank, which should take 3-4 business days to arrive. ACH transfers are fee-free, but there is a $1,000 daily limit.
  • Wire transfer: This is a quicker way to deposit money, as it should arrive within 1 day, but there is a $2.06 fee for incoming domestic wire transfers.
  • Mobile check deposit: You can use the app to deposit checks on your mobile, with a processing time of 1-2 days (there is a 5-day hold in the first 30 days).
  • Cash: You cannot deposit cash directly, but Aspiration proposes the workaround of buying a money order with cash and depositing that through the mobile check deposit feature.
  • Third-party apps like Venmo and PayPal.
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