How to add money to someone else’s Netspend card

Are you trying to send some money to your acquaintance or your family and wondering how ? Don ’ t worry. It is very easy to add money to person else ’ s Netspend menu. Please fair read through this post and pick one that is the most commodious and beneficial to you .
In addition to telling you how to add money to person else ’ s Netspend poster, this post will explain about Netspend in different angles. These pieces of cognition will help you to better understand what overhaul you are using or plan to use. Oh, expect, as I researched this subject, I stumbled upon a direction to get $ 20 absolve Netspend bonus. Please spirit at the useful Sources section at the buttocks before you leave .

Add money to someone else’s card

You don ’ t have to worry about this, because it is quite easy to remit your money to person else ’ s Netspend Card report. actually receiving money from person else is besides super easy. It will besides be possible if the person has an ACE Elite or a purpose tease .
You equitable just need to know the person ’ mho name and his or her FlashPay ID and write it down somewhere. After that, you have two choices : using the Netspend web site or visiting the closest Netspend location. If you want to do it online, you just need to log into your report on the Netspend web site. And then, go to the Online Account Center, enter the person ’ second name, FlashPay ID, and, of course, the sum you would like to send. All done !

If you can ’ thymine access to or don ’ t want to access your explanation on-line, visit a about placement. To find the nearest branches, scroll down to the bottom. I put the yoke there .
For those wanting to transfer using the web site, you may be now wondering, “ What is FlashPay ? ” or “ Where can I find it ? ”, or “ Is it dependable to use ? ” .


Yes, you can trust FlashPay. You can securely transfer money using FlashPay. According to the Netspend web site, it is “ the easiest way to send money and from your postpaid debit batting order account. ” It does not matter if you want to send money to your friends, family members, or just between your own accounts .
It does not have a minimum sum. You can send a small amount like a few dollars to anyone. It will be a bang-up room to send movie money to your friends or send a split come for your dinner with your friends. For any, to whomever, transferring funds is super easy .
How about adding to your own Netspend report ? That ’ south is besides easy peasy. Please read through the follow section .

Add money to your Netspend Account

1. Direct Deposit

direct deposition can be more commodious for you to put money into your Netspend Prepaid Card Account. Netspend, in its web site, says that the money can be transferred 2 days faster. here, direct deposits include the following :

  • Paychecks from work
  • Tax refunds
  • Social security benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Pensions
  • Railroad Retirement Benefits (RRB)
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service Payments (DFAS)
  • Government Disability Benefits or Workers Compensation (it can be different by state)
  • Veteran Benefits

2. Netspend Reload Network Locations

Over 130,000 locations spread all across the U.S. states. By visiting the location, you can add money to your Netspend report. I ’ ve put a location finder by Netspend under the utilitarian Sources section at the penetrate. Using the finder, you can spot the lower cost places that are close to you. As mentioned, you can use this method to send money to person else ’ randomness bill .
big retailers such as Walmart and H.E.B. besides support Netspend calling card. indeed, if you are planning to do grocery patronize at the retail store, bring your Netspend card and reload money at the register .

3. Bank Transfer

Of course, you can add new money to your account using about any US trust report. You need to have one of checking account, savings score or bank debit batting order to send money to a Netspend account.

4. Paypal

If you have supernumerary money on your Paypal score, you can use it besides .

5. From Another Netspend Card Account

You can use your early Netspend Card or person else ’ randomness to receive money. If you are going to transfer your money from another report to the other, you need to log into the Netspend web site .

6. Tax Refunds

If you have money to be refunded by IRS, you can contact them to send the fund straight to your Netspend card account .

7. Use Mobile App to Add Checks

They have the Netspend Mobile App, and you can use it to put your checks into your account. Just download Netspend Mobile App. After that, you will need to take a photograph of your check using your telephone camera. You can follow the instructions for the stay steps. This app is available both on Android and io app stores .
We have discovered assorted ways to make good use of Netspend. To better understand their service, let ’ s find out more about Netspend .


I believe that by now you know how to send money onto your or person else ’ randomness account. then, some of my readers might wonder what company owns Netspend. There is a firm called TSYS that is a ball-shaped payment company that processes 27 billion transactions per year in 80 countries in the universe. That ball-shaped payment giant is the parent company of Netspend. In addition to individual customers, TSYS has more than 50 percentage of the world ’ mho largest fiscal institutions as customers .
Netspend was established by Sosa brothers in 1999. In 2011, PayPal and Netspend signed a partnership. And, TSYS has acquired Netspend in 2013. The payment fast has a broad scope of industry-leading customers such as Walmart, United, WesternUnionWU, PayPal, ACE Cash Express, 7 Eleven, Brinks Money, MLB, and more. indeed, Netspend has not lone person users but besides commercial enterprise customers .

Prepaid Cards

You may have already used one of these. If not, signing up to Netspend is very bare and fast. It is postpaid cards, so they will not check your credit or ask for an energizing tip. But, you distillery will need to verify your identity to activate your postpaid card to start using it. so, if you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate activated it before sending money to person else using your postpaid card, you should activate it first. Netspend postpaid cards have a few handy features :

  • Direct Deposit: You can create a direct deposit account to add money to your Netspend prepaid card. This will be the fastest transfer option since a payment arrives up to 2 days faster. You can link your Netspend deposit account to various payment sources as below.
    • Paychecks from work
    • Tax refunds
    • Social Security benefits
    • Pensions
    • SSI, or Supplemental Security Income
    • Railroad Retirement Benefits
    • Defense Finance and Accounting Service Payments
    • Unemployment benefits from state (different by state)
    • and more
  • Mobile Account: Just like other online banking, you can use your mobile phone to access your Netspend account on the go. The mobile app will let you check your balance and see the account details. Also, you can send and receive money. The app can find you the nearest reloading locations using your geolocation. Recently, Netspend has added a new image recognition feature that takes a photo of your check and use the scanned detail to automatically deposit the check into your account.
  • Anytime Alerts: You can get notified about transactions via email or text message. There are more scenarios. You can configure it to receive an alert when paycheck becomes available. Or, you can configure it to notify you when a spending limit is reached. In addition to these event-based alerts. What’s more interesting is that you can interact with Anytime Alerts. Do you want to quickly find your balance? Then, you can simply send a message back with “BAL”. If you send “RELOAD”, it will let you know the nearest reload locations.

There are two options to start using your prepay tease – Monthly Plan and Pay-As-You-Go Plan. If you want outright transactions, get paid by Direct Deposit, or/and use the card much, Monthly Plan will be desirable to you since you will have a fixed monthly pace no topic how frequently you use. If you don ’ thyroxine use your card often and make fewer transactions, you will be better off with Pay-As-You-Go that charges you based on the number of usages.

In general, postpaid cards offer great benefits than credit cards. You can manage your budget more wisely and it ’ s easier to get one .

Business Solutions

fair in case you are a small business owner, read through this segment since Netspend has many good features for business .

  • Small Business Prepaid Mastercard: I think that one of the merits that prepaid cards have is controllability. When you run a business and want to use a card that has a limit, a prepaid card can be a great option for you. If you have more than one prepaid card, don’t worry about management. All transactions can be seen in one place, which is a convenient feature for tax time. In addition, you can accept your customers’ payments – checks, credit and debit cards, and cash – and load them into your account.
  • Incentive: There is no more rewarding method than paying out to people. Using a single access point, you can load the same or different amounts to prepaid cards. You can even design prepaid cards with your company’s brand on it.
  • Tip Network: This allows companies to distribute tips to your employees without having to pre-fund a master settlement account. Netspend will take care of the money for that day’s tips, and you pay back the amount within 2 days.
  • Paycard (Skylight PayOptions): Paycard allows you to simply manage payroll payment and removing the need to write paper checks. You can centrally control payroll by using the Skylight Corporate Portal.
  • Expense Management: One of the conveniences that prepaid cards have is that you can control expenses by topping up a limited amount of money. By this, you can prevent your business expenses from going out of control.


We found out how to send money to person else ’ s Netspend tease ( or account ). Knowing the FlashPay Id of frequent recipients will be helpful for transfer. Netspend provides multiple options to send money to person else on the Netspend network. Pick the one that is most desirable for you, and I believe it shouldn ’ triiodothyronine be unmanageable to make a transfer .

Useful Sources

  • Location Finder: click here
  • $20 Free Netspend Bonus: click here
  • How to find Flashpay Id: click here
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