How to Use PayPal Credit

PayPal is known as a universally condom way to pay for purchases made on-line. Whether you ‘re buying groceries or a new appliance, it offers give now options or a pay late option through PayPal Credit .

What Is PayPal Credit ?

PayPal Credit is “ a wrinkle of credit issued by Synchrony Bank that gives you the tractability to pay for your purchase now or pay over time, ” according to PayPal. It ‘s very simple to use and even simpler to apply for.

Who Accepts PayPal Credit Online ?

PayPal Credit is accepted wherever PayPal is accepted, including eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and thousands of early stores online. If your front-runner on-line retailer accepts PayPal, you can use your credit account there besides .

What is the annual share Rate or APR for PayPal Credit ?

The variable star APR for purchases and cash advances using your PayPal Credit account is 25.99 % as of 9/1/2019. This APR varies with the commercialize based on the Prime Rate, defined in the credit wag agreement. The minimum measure of interest charged is $ 2.00 .

How Does PayPal Credit Work With PayPal ?

If you already use PayPal, PayPal Credit works as another payment option when you check out. Do n’t have a PayPal Credit bill at this step ? You can apply during any transaction in a few seconds .

How to Apply for PayPal Credit During Your leverage

If you want to apply for PayPal Credit during checkout, follow the instructions below :

  1. When completing a purchase with a retailer that accepts PayPal, blue-ribbon PayPal Checkout as your requital choice .

  2. If you do n’t have a PayPal account, you ‘re asked to create one. If you have an report, go ahead and log in .
    When you create a PayPal account for the first time, you ‘re asked for your citation or debit menu data. Have this handy before you continue .
  3. After you create an account, you have the option to use PayPal Credit. Select this choice, then follow the instructions by providing your Social Security total and date of parentage. You ‘ll receive your approval in seconds .

How to Apply for PayPal Credit Using Your history

already have a PayPal score ? Do n’t want to wait until you ‘re ready to make a purchase ? You can apply for PayPal Credit at anytime using their on-line blessing procedure .

Do n’t have a PayPal account ? Go to the web site, promptly sign-up for one, then proceed with the PayPal Credit application .

  1. Log into .

  2. Select Apply now and pay over time with PayPal Credit .
    Screenshot of a PayPal account screen. The option to apply for PayPal Credit is on the right.

  3. Confirm your placard address on the next riddle. If it ‘s up-to-date, choice Continue. If it needs updating, blue-ribbon Update. Enter the new charge cover, then choose Continue .
    Screenshot of the PayPal Credit application process

  4. future, you need to enter your personal information, including Social Security number and date of birth. Once these are entered, choice Agree and Review Terms. once your application is finished and submitted, you should receive an answer immediately .

How to Use PayPal Credit to Make a purchase

Making purchases with PayPal Credit is simple and fast. Just chew the fat a retailer that accepts PayPal, fill up your haul, and proceed to checkout. then, follow these steps :

  1. Regardless of which retailer you use, you need to choose a payment choice to continue. Choose your PayPal account as the requital option for your purchase.

  2. When the PayPal window appears, make sure you select PayPal Credit, then select Continue to move on .

  3. once arrant, PayPal allows you to review your rate one final time. If everything looks full, submit your regulate .

Want to see the status of your order ? You can log into your PayPal report to view your PayPal Credit arrange history.

All About PayPal Credit Payments

just like any line of credit, PayPal expects you to make monthly payments on your purchases. You can either pay in full each calendar month or pay over time with minimal payments. You can make payments to your PayPal Credit report on-line using your PayPal balance or your bank score. You can besides mail your payment in or use the pay-by-phone serve through PayPal .

How to Make a PayPal Credit Payment Through Mail

To make a payment through chain mail, send it to :

PayPal Credit
P.O. Box 71202
Charlotte, NC 28272-1202

Be sure to make your check collectible to “ PayPal Credit ” and include your requital coupon or write your explanation number on your determine. If you wish to make your payment over the telephone, you can call PayPal ‘s customer service at 1-866-528-3733 .

How to Make a PayPal Credit Payment Online

If you prefer to make a payment on-line, do the following :

  1. Log into your PayPal bill .

  2. On the left side of the page, blue-ribbon Make a Payment under your PayPal Credit .

  3. Choose your sum, your requital method, and the date you want your requital send .

  4. Select Continue, then review your payment details. once everything looks commodity, choice Pay to make your requital .

Make sure your credit/debit tease information is adjust. If you ‘re paying using your PayPal libra, make certain that ‘s selected.

PayPal Credit Frequently Asked Questions

PayPal Credit is a alone way to pay for your purchases over time at any retailer that accepts PayPal as a requital option. however have questions ? We have an answer .

Is PayPal Credit an Actual Credit Card ?

Although it ‘s a note of credit, you wo n’t receive a physical credit wag. alternatively, it ‘s a virtual pipeline of recognition using PayPal .

Is It Safe ?

PayPal is one of the safest payment methods online, meaning PayPal Credit carries that lapp base hit .

How Do I Receive My Bill ?

PayPal sends you monthly statements on-line, both via electronic mail and through physical mail .

What Fees Are Associated with the Service ?

PayPal Credit does n’t charge an application fee or annual fee for the serve. There ‘s besides no punishment rate. however, for recently payments, the first fee is $ 25 with consecutive late fees being up to $ 35 .

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