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That ’ south why we ’ rhenium thrilled to announce the new inventory from Clover with enhance features designed to speed up and simplify inventory management .
Clover ’ s Inventory offers an improved, user-friendly interface along with time-saving features that make setting up and managing your menu, trade, and military service offerings faster and easier than ever before .
Meet the newest armory system features :

Bulk edits 

Save yourself fuss and clock time with bulk edits. immediately, you can update inventory items faster and more efficiently. Rather than changing one inventory item at time, the bulk editing feature lets you change information for multiple stock items at the like time. Let ’ s say a specific component you use for several menu items isn ’ thyroxine available. To remove several items from your inventory and menu at once, just select them and choose “ edit ” from the new bulk edit options menu. It ’ sulfur that easy !

Improved filters

Enhanced filtering lets you find specific inventory items flying. That means you can keep an eye on peculiarity stock, ingredients, or material quantities in your inventory and set a reorder promptly .

Alphabetized list

Clover ’ s Inventory now lets you mechanically alphabetize armory items. Search menu items, categories, modifiers, or modifier groups easier without the frustration of scrolling through pages of listings. That can save you time on searches and record keeping. And, it can make those quick check-ins on specific inventory or ingredients a lot faster.

Customized column views 

immediately you can get the stock drumhead you want by customizing your inventory column views. Simply select the column you ’ d like to see on the Inventory Items page to view the categories you want. Whether you ’ ra running a resort hotel, restaurant, on-line store, or ice cream shop, the drumhead gives you the inventory information you need at your fingertips .

Integration with Clover Online Ordering

The newfangled Inventory is designed to work seamlessly with Clover Online Ordering and help you manage your on-line menu faster. If you ’ re a stream Clover Online Ordering exploiter, you can immediately :

  • Manage menu items, categories, modifiers, and modifier groups in the new user interface;
  • Customize online items with no-cost and added-cost modifiers, so guests can order exactly what they want;
  • Add unique, detailed descriptions for online items to help entice and inform your customers; and 
  • Easily include or exclude items and modifiers on your online ordering menu.

Using the new Clover Inventory is as easy as logging in

To start using the new inventory from Clover, there ’ s nothing extra you need to do. Clover will be activating these Inventory updates for merchants across the US through March. When the enhance armory updates have been activated on your Clover device and are ready for you to use, we ’ ll send you an electronic mail to let you know. then, just logarithm into Inventory on your Dashboard as you normally do to start using the new features .
If you ’ re not ready to transition to the new Inventory, no worries. Merchants can switch back to the old Inventory anytime on a computer, earphone, or pill in three easy steps :

  1. Open a browser window and log in to your Clover account.
  2. Select Inventory > Setup.
  3. Then, select Switch to use the old inventory design.

With the newest armory management system software features, Clover good made managing your inventory and on-line ordering easier and faster. We hope it helps you achieve the achiever you want for your business in 2021 and beyond. And, if you need a hired hand, we ’ ra here to help .

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