How To Add Reviews To Squarespace Website – Taggbox Widget

Want to display the pool of customer reviews and feedback on your Squarespace web site ? Well, in that font, this blog is a elementary tutorial to help you add a review appliance on Squarespace web site .
The primary and the most elementary dance step is to get registered with “ Taggbox Widget. ” Using this joyride, you can display reviews from diverse platforms to give your website an authentic and absorb count .
Brands can display reviews such as :
Google reviews – Reviews from Google My Business page for about every trade name of every niche.

Airbnb reviews- Mainly concerned with the cordial reception sectors, these Airbnb reviews are a meaning contentedness selling idea for all the businesses that provide cordial reception services to the people around them .
Facebook reviews- Reviews from the Facebook business profile page chiefly for brands that have an active social media visibility .
Yelp reviews- Mainly for little businesses such as restaurants to influence the new customers .
here is a bit-by-bit guide to add reviews to Squarespace web site in just a few minutes .

How To Add Reviews To Squarespace Website

Taggbox Widget is the best social content collection joyride and is a big way to catalyze and enhance your embed process. With the Taggbox appliance, you can add multiple reviews to your web site by creating a customize doodad .
Reviews from platforms such as Facebook, Google, Airbnb, and Yelp Reviews can be embedded on your web site in a childlike and easily direction as followed .

Add Reviews With Taggbox Widget

Step 1. Create a raw Taggbox Widget account, or log in if you already have an existing bill .
Step 2. You will land on the dashboard, snap on the “ Add Social Feeds ” option .
adding reviews to squarespace Step 3. Choose the favored social platform such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Airbnb to add reviews to Squarespace web site .
how to add customer reviews on squarespace Step 4. From the new pop-up book that appears, enter the needed data to fetch the reviews from the selected social platform .
once the connection is successful, the Taggbox doodad will automatically fetch the reviews .

Edit The Curated Reviews

once you have curated all the reviews into the doodad, you will land on the appliance editor page, where you can customize your doodad to display the reviews in the most amaze way .
The doodad editor of the Taggbox appliance will have the follow options located at the left-sidebar of the page .
Personalize – It provides the option to change the theme of your revue appliance. furthermore, you can even change the post manner and add a custom-made post, streamer, background, and so forth, to your review doodad .
With this option, you can even customize the review appliance by changing the doodad ’ south design, layout, baptismal font, etc .
Moderate – It helps you filter out the inappropriate contentedness that can degrade the stigmatize ’ south image and create a mess .
With the powerful easing panel along with the profanity trickle, you can easily choose what to display and what not to display .
Analytics – The advanced and fast analytics feature of the Taggbox doodad cock can help you gain valuable and informational insights into the drug user ’ randomness battle, impressions, performance graph, and other success scores .
You can even enhance the doodad ’ sulfur display by adding the elements such as Custom CSS, filters, and can even highlight the hashtags and important data & announcements .

Generate The Review Widget Embed Code For Squarespace

After customizing your revue appliance, the adjacent crucial measure is to get the Code that can help you add this appliance to your Squarespace web site. here are the steps to generate the implant code .
Step 1. Click on the “ Publish ” button on the lower-left corner of the doodad editor page and select the Embed On Webpage option

review widget for squarespace Step 2. From the pop-up book that appears, choose Squarespace as your web site build platform, adjust the reviews widget ’ mho acme and width and complete the task by clicking on “ Get Code. ”
how to add reviews to squarespace The Code that is generated is the implant code to add reviews to Squarespace web site .

Add Reviews To Squarespace Website

nowadays since you have generated the embed code, follow the steps below the complete the implant action .
Step 1. Copy the generate code to the clipboard .
Step 2. Log in to your Squarespace web site and voyage to the page where you want to add the review doodad .
Step 3. Click on “ Add block ” Select embed from the drop-down menu and snap on the code icon () .
add review section on squarespace Step 4. Paste your implant code on the box and suction stop Apply .
how do i add reviews to my squarespace website Step 5. Save the page to apply the changes .
Great, you have successfully embedded the review appliance on Squarespace web site .
how to add reviews on squarespace

Benefits Of Embedding A Review Widget On Website

A review appliance comes with great advantages that can help a stigmatize footprint high on the success run. here are some of the key benefits of the same .

Builds trust with customer reviews

User-generated capacity such as Reviews of the existing and past customers act as viva-voce commercialize for the brands .
By displaying these reviews on the web site, brands can create a strong and plus affect on their web site visitors .
This, in call on, helps the brands to build trust relations with the customers and engage them for a longer clock time .

Display a trustworthy image of the brand

Customer reviews are the most authentic and hope words about the sword that you see on-line .
These reviews display the dependability of the brand and enhance the credibility of its products and services .
consequently, it helps the brands showcase the social proof of their quality and display their trustworthy image to a wide audience .

Creates a friction-free path to sales

By displaying the follow-up doodad on the web site, brands can use past customers ’ great experiences to attract more new customers .
It will besides help the post build trustworthy relationships with the customers, which influences them to shape their purchase decision and invest in the post. It results in increase conversions and sales .
Final Words
In the present sidereal day, the post needs to display social proof of the quality of its services and products to increase the date of the customers with the brand and provide the brand an opportunity for better exposure and expansion.

This will besides help you satisfy the doubts of your modern customers, which will boost the conversions and sales for your mark .
so, push your repute to a great limit by displaying customer reviews on your Squarespace web site nowadays !

Give Taggbox a Try – it’s free for 14 days

Display reviews on your web site and human body trusted relations with your customers to boost sales .
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