How to add Stripe to Shopify – Stripe Payment integration

As we might have already known that Shopify Payments is one of the most user-friendly aspects of launching an on-line store with Shopify. It is available in many countries all over the global like in the USA, Canada, and the UK and many more and allows users to take advantage of low credit rating menu rates. But what about Shopify Payments, Powered by Stripe ?
Would it be different when you set your Shopify plans ? and how to connect Stripe to your Shopify store ? Read through our article below to understand more .

What is Stripe?

What is Stripe
For person who might not know, Stripe is a engineering company which builds economic infrastructure for the Internet. Stripe supports the very size of businesses, from new startups to public companies by utilizing their software to accept respective payments and manage their businesses online.

When you come to Stripe, you will be given a fluent experience with the Payments platform with applications that put gross data at the heart of business operations. Since Stripe is a lead Payments chopine of applications to manage tax income, prevent imposter, and expand internationally. Its core Payments platform is a herculean payment engine that can make money-moving slowly. besides, people choose Stripe for its cloud-based infrastructure, which provides dependability, scalability, and security to users .

How to add an Existing Stripe Account to Shopify

here comes the main section of connecting an existing Stripe account to Shopify .
If you have already had a Stripe report, continue reading to complete connect. however, if you have n’t, register your own account and let ‘s move on to the next step !

Step 1: Check out your eligibility

first and foremost, you have to log in to your Shopify storehouse and then have a check to see if you ‘re eligible for Shopify Payments requirements or not .
If you are eligible, congratulations, you are wholly given the access right to use the choice powered by Stripe. But if you are not, unfortunately, you have to create a new account .

Step 2: Go to your Payment Providers

From hera, go to your Shopify admin, and cluck on Settings, which locate at the bottom left of the screen and then select Payment providers
add stripe to shopify

Step 3: Choose for Third party credit card provider option

You will see the Third-party providers dialogue box display up, now, select the Third party credit card provider option

add tripe to shopify

Step 4: Pick Stripe as your provider

From here, you will have to choose Stripe as the provider for you to use. The choice will appear from the drop-down menu, chatter on the Stripe button to keep continuing .
Pick Stripe as your provider for Shopify

Step 5: Enter credentials for Stripe

It ‘s your job here to enter your account credentials for Stripe .
add stripe to shopify

Step 6: Click Activate

Finish it ? After all, chink Activate and you ’ ll be able to accept credit poster payments. however, you will not be able to view all your Shopify Payments in the Stripe Dashboard despite the fact that Shopify Payments habit Stripe .

What happened with the Stripe payment gateway?

From here, you have successfully connected your Shopify to Stripe account as a Shopify Payments choice. It means that your own requital gateway is now powered by Stripe. however, Stripe will not be available in a region where your Shopify Payments is available.

specifically, Shopify Payments is considered to be the main gateway featured in those regions, so it would be the best option for merchants there. In sheath you ca n’t find the Stripe option even though you have already had a verify Stripe history, it means that your Stripe here is now Shopify Payments. thus do n’t worry about that .


That ‘s all ! I guess with the information above, there nothing challenges you with your drill in Stripe Payment Gateway integration. If there is any perturb happen, please let us know. You are constantly welcomed to contribution. In case you are finding Shopify Integration apps, we ‘ve covered them for you excessively .
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