Adjust your inventory quantity or value in QuickBooks Desktop

Learn how to adjust the quantity or sum prize of your products in QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Desktop updates armory quantities and value as you track every purchase and sale. But you might have to record an alteration every now and then to keep your inventory condition in QuickBooks accurate. If you ’ re diffident how to do this, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry. We ’ ll serve you learn what type of adjustment you need and how to create it.

Note : indigence to adjust your stock of finished goods ? Follow this method if you don ’ t have to return an assembly ’ south parts to your inventory. If you need to “ unbuild ” an assembly token and return its components to inventory, here’s what you can do .

Step 1: Decide what kind of adjustment you need

When to adjust the quantity on hand

It ’ second normal to adjust a product ’ mho quantity from time to time. This is how you track any kind of decrease or increase in product measure that ’ south not because of a sale or buy. For model, when an detail breaks, or if you find you have fewer or more of it after doing an stock count.

When to adjust total value

Your intersection ’ sulfur total value is its average cost multiplied by its quantity in lineage. Things like seasonal worker demand or spoilage can affect this value. tiptoe : It ’ sulfur best to reach out to your accountant for advice before you adjust inventory value. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have an accountant, we can help find one near you.

Step 2: Set up your inventory adjustment account

Create a separate report in your chart of accounts to track your adjustments .

  1. Select Company and then Chart of Accounts.
  2. Select the Account ▼ dropdown, then New.
  3. From the Other Account Types ▼ dropdown, select Cost of Goods Sold.
  4. Name this account “Inventory Adjustments”, and then Save and Close.

Step 3: Adjust your inventory

once you set up your allowance bill, you can adjust a intersection ’ sulfur measure, rate, or both. here ’ s how .

  1. Select Vendors and then Inventory Activities. Then, select Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand.
  2. Select Inventory and then select Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand
  3. Select the Adjustment Type ▼ dropdown, then select Quantity, Total Value, or Quantity and Total Value. Select the adjustment type option and then select your adjustment account.
  4. Enter the Adjustment Date.
  5. Select the Adjust Account ▼ dropdown, then select the adjustment account you set up.
  6. Add Reference No. You can also assign a customer, job, or class.
  7. Select Find & Select Items. Select the items you want to adjust. If you have a lot, search for any product in the Find field.
  8. Select Add Selected items.
  9. Add a new quantity or new value (or both) for each item.
    Tip: It helps to check the quantity difference when recording a quantity adjustment. The difference should be negative if you’re recording a decrease in quantity. If you’re recording an increase, it should be positive.
  10. Select Save and Close.

Step 4: Make sure your inventory status is now correct

Take a look at your inventory status reports and make surely everything looks adept .

  1. Select Reports and then Inventory.
  2. To check your product’s value, select the Inventory Valuation Summary. To check your product’s quantity, select the Inventory Stock Status by Item.
  3. Look for the items you adjusted and make sure everything is correct.
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