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You ’ ve successfully set up your commercial enterprise. You know the common mistakes that pet sitters make. You ’ ve followed the advice on getting your dog walking business up and running. So what ’ s adjacent ? How about some selling tips to very make your venture soar ?
here are some spare and low-cost market ideas to get your business mention out there .

No-cost marketing tips

Post on local notice boards

Pop into your local supermarket or general shop and it ’ s highly probable they ’ ll have a community notice circuit board. Make sure your notice stand out from the crowd by using color paper or including a photograph of you and a favored you look after .

Use social media

social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ) is a big way to attract new business. See if you can find local community groups on social media that you can connect with. But before you go at it like a taurus at a gate, think about what you will post. What’s your key message, how often will you post, do you have images? Make indisputable you have all the elements and content you need before you start. This will ensure consistent posting and a clear message about you and your serve.

besides, make sure you are set up to receive alerts and messages. No point in having a big sociable marketing scheme if you then fail to respond to fresh node messages .
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Get in touch with like minded businesses

Send emails introducing yourself to local positron emission tomography businesses, drop by your nearby pet storehouse or veterinarian clinic and explain who you are and the service you ’ rhenium crack .

Market yourself

It might sound laughably simple, and that ’ randomness because it is, but talking to people is a great way to promote your business. following prison term you ’ re walking through township or in the local park and see person with a frank, go introduce yourself. Tell them about your business ( without being pushful ) and this way, if they ’ ra ever in need of a andiron walker or pet artist’s model you might be top of their ‘ To call ’ list .

Low-cost marketing tips

Advertise in local newspaper

In an senesce of digital publish and social media, it might seem antediluvian to place an ad in your local call on the carpet, but some people hush read the newspaper .


Why not team up with a local dog grooming commercial enterprise to run a competition. The pry can be a dislodge darling sit or dog base on balls. Offering an incentive is win-win for your business and the business ( in this case the pet groomers ) that ’ s promoting you as you ’ re both adding value to your customers.

Referral discounts

Ask your existing clients to refer you and offer them a great incentive for doing so. You can besides offer discount vouchers for new clients ( $ 5 off first service ) .
creative platforms like Canva even offer free templates so you create you very own discount ticket. That ’ ll save you a long ton on designer fees .


Flyers can be purely promotional, just detailing your services and touch details, or they can be educational. In the case of a favored babysitter, you might have a list of Q & As, featuring coarse questions that potential clients ask .
A frank walker might produce a aviator that contains facts about chase health and the importance of unconstipated drill. Either way, you want the flyer to add value to anyone that reads it and prompt potential clients to get in touch.
When it comes to circulating your flyers, you can do a letterbox fell, post at your nearby park, place in local shop class windows, stick one in your own car window and ask friends to do the same. Repeat this summons every calendar month or sol to create awareness and remind people of your business.

Don ’ t forget to do your research and look for pet-owning households. cultivate with local anesthetic shelters and ask if you can pop a fly in their new darling adoption packs


If you ’ rhenium good about your business then you very need a logo. Having a logo will ensure that everything looks consistent, and professional, from the off. Use your logo on flyers, business cards, invoices, rate sheets and your web site .
Creating a logo needn ’ thyroxine break the bank and nor do you need to be a design adept .
There ’ s a bunch together of free logo maker tools that allow you to choose from stock images and icons to create your own bespoke logo. Check out :


again, creating a website doesn’t have to be pricey but it will help people find your business. After all, who uses the yellow Pages these days ? More and more people search on-line for anything and everything they need. The profit of on-line is that you ’ ll often get reviews, prices, testimonials—and all in the one place .
You can keep your website simple – just a couple of pages to display the all-important information :

  • About your business and its location
  • Services
  • Prices
  • Reviews/testimonials
  • Contact

There are batch of free website builders. Take a expression at :

last, once you have put a few marketing strategies in invest and a likely new customer contacts you, make sure you ask them how they heard about your business. That way you know where to continue putting feat and which market strategies to ditch .

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