Florida Fictitious Name Publishing

Click the succeed link to read the codified : Florida Statute 865.09

Penalty for Not Publishing your Florida Fictitious Name

failure to meet the publish requirement may cause the bodied obscure to be broken and disregarded by the state of Florida. If a commercial enterprise fails to comply, the business, its members, and those concerned in doing such business may not maintain any action, lawsuit, or proceeding in any court of this state until this legislative act is complied with .
Any person who fails to comply with the legislative act commits a second degree misdemeanor, penal as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. By having us publish your assumed diagnose this can be avoided .

Publish your Florida Fictitious Name can be confusing for business owners

common problems business owners have when trying to publish their assumed name in a newspaper
• Most individuals are not conversant with generating a legal comment
• Writing the legal comment takes clock time that you might not have
• Choosing the correct newspaper to place the legal comment in is critical
• Researching how to place the legal notice in a newspaper and purchasing/submitting the legal notification in the newspaper takes time that you might not have

Why Choose Us for your Fictitious Name Publishing in Florida

From startle to finish we make a complex publish simple. We have a long and well established relationship with local county newspapers throughout the State of Florida. Due to our boastfully volume of assumed identify print, these newspapers give us extra discounts not available to the individual. We can then pass along these savings to you.
With the huge count of newspapers in circulation our staff knows which newspapers comply with the Florida codified and will select the allow newspaper based on the county of your principal position.

Our Florida Fictitious Name Publication Process

• We generate a legal detect that meets all the requirements for publishing a fabricated name in the State of Florida.
• We submit the legal notice to a newspaper in the Florida county were your star agency is located.
• We obtain an affidavit from the newspaper that your legal notice has been published.
• The affidavit of publication is emailed to you for your business records and proof of legal conformity with the State of Florida Statute .

Timeline to Complete Fictitious Name Publishing in Florida

completion is approximately 4-6 weeks. During this time, we will generate your legal notice, arrange and publish your legal comment in a newspaper in the county of your principal office, obtain the affidavit from the newspaper, and electronic mail you the affidavit of issue for your business records .

Florida Fictitious Name Publishing Pricing

price is determined by the cost of the newspaper ad plus our service tip for preparing the legal notice, submitting it to the newspaper and providing you with the affidavit of publication. The price we provide in the order shape is all inclusive and there are no extra or hide fees .

reference : https://www.peterswar.net
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