Marketing Airbnb Listings: 5 Top Strategies to Promote Your Rental

How to successfully market your Airbnb

How to Market Your Airbnb: 5 Helpful Strategies

Operating a successful short-run rental business requires more than precisely fresh linens and beautiful property images. With the rising popularity of vacation rentals worldwide, it is essential to grocery store your Airbnb in a direction that will stand out and attract guests .
With the veracious marketing strategies, you ’ ll be able to expose your place to an even larger audience than ahead. Keep read to learn five of the most effective and creative ways to advertise your Airbnb list and boost your occupation rate .

1. Understand Your Target Market

When advertising your Airbnb, it ’ south significant to know who your target commercialize is .
This will vary depending on where your rental is located, but it ’ s probable that there is a large number of millennials interested in your rental. Millennials are the most frequent users of home rental sites, such as Airbnb, and are 23 % more likely to travel compared to other generations.

Considering these facts, here are tips to help you in marketing your vacation rental to millennials :

  • Make Booking Easy: Millennials tend to prefer convenience, so it’s best to make booking your vacation rental easy. Also, make sure your rental booking process can be done using a mobile phone.
  • Strive for Good Reviews: There are typically many options for vacation rentals, and millennials take reviews into account when choosing a place to stay. This is a good tip in general because reviews are always important.
  • Brag About Your Area: In your listing, let potential guests know what your area has to offer. If young adults tend to stay with you, highlight your proximity to nearby nightlife and trendy restaurants.
  • Use High-Quality Pictures: Professional quality rental photos are extremely important in advertising your vacation rental property. Guests are much more likely to stay at your vacation rental if there are appealing photos.

2. Highlight What Makes Your Listing Unique

Guests are constantly searching for unique ways to improve their vacation experience. To successfully market your Airbnb, showcase features that make your property stand out .
Is your place set away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city ? alternatively, is your rental located nearby popular tourist attractions ? No matter your location, consider adding this detail to your listing — it can be a major sell period for guests seeking a detail know .
future, think about specific rooms and features that can be highlighted in your listing. For exemplar, distant workers may be drawn toward listings that include a family office or other comfortable areas to work. Families with young children may be attracted to listings with a indicate rumpus room .
seasonal amenities are besides important to highlight in your list. For example, having an outdoor boom sphere, fire scar, or pond will attract guests during the warm months. For cold climates, set the view by promoting a cozy night in, sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace .

Whether singular features are found inside your property, or in the surrounding area, make certain prospective guests know about them .

3. Establish a Social Media Presence

social media heavily influences the decision-making work of those planning a vacation or slip. Rather than shy away from these digital marketing platforms, opting to take advantage of social media and its many features can help promote your Airbnb to a a lot broader consultation .


Consider creating a clientele page for your vacation rental place, even if you already promote your listing on your personal account. Advantages to having a dedicated business page to promote your listings include :

  • Reviews: Reviews can make or break an Airbnb listing. Facebook allows another platform for your guests to write a review and tag photos from their stay.
  • Photos: Facebook provides an opportunity for guests to tag your property in any photos they take during their stay. Potential guests will enjoy seeing these natural images rather than the staged or professional shots you use to promote your listing.
  • Promotional Opportunities: Lastly, a business account allows you to explore Facebook advertising. Even a small budget of $20 can help promote your listing to a new audience.

By creating a Facebook page for your vacation rental, you ’ ll be able to reach a larger hearing. The page can serve as a platform for previous guests to contribution information and experiences by tagging your commercial enterprise and further extending your reach to their audiences a well .


Instagram is a democratic social platform where people can partake and communicate information using entirely images. Guests who geotag your vacation rental property can unwittingly aid in marketing your Airbnb. By sharing images of the features they liked most about their quell, others will take note .
Instagram besides offers a way to create short-change video clips called “ Reels ” to further help you market your Airbnb. Instagram Reels allow you to post quick videos about your property with maximal vulnerability and achieve to Instagram audiences. Sharing noteworthy features throughout your property using Reels can result in more viewers and recommendations to modern audiences .


One of the newest social media platforms, TikTok ’ s rising popularity makes it a great video chopine to contribution content promoting your vacation rental property. By taking curtly 15-60 second videos, you can share all the singular features your Airbnb has to offer.

TikTok curates its television toward viewers ’ interests. This makes it an excellent opportunity to marketplace television to an impressionable audience : those who are most probably to reserve a vacation lease property or enjoy locomotion in general .

4. Provide Excellent Guest Communication

Marketing your Airbnb goes beyond having unique features and aesthetics that leave guests raving. It ’ south just equally important to by rights communicate with your guests to ensure they have a pleasant stay. This can be achieved by making certain they feel welcomed from the very beginning of their slip .
here are some lead communication practices to follow anterior to your guests ’ arrival :

  • Remind guests of your arrival and check-in information to prevent any confusion.
  • Provide a welcome packet and local recommendations for their stay.
  • Inquire if there is anything they may have any questions about or if they have specific requests for their stay.

By making your guests feel comfortable and welcomed, they ’ ll be encouraged to come back and share plus reviews about your distance .

5. Leverage Restaurants When Marketing Your Airbnb

Guests love recommendations — whether it ’ s restaurants, attractions, or other unique opportunities to help create an even more memorable have at your vacation rental .
Consider creating a list of local eateries, ranging from diners to five-star restaurants, to include in your welcome package. You can promote this service on your list to help give you an edge over other properties nearby .
Another room to help increase your Airbnb market efforts is to visit these restaurants to inquire about a mutually beneficial partnership .
Would the restaurant like to provide print menu to include in your lease place ? Could they offer a physical coupon or coupon code exclusive to your guests ? prospective guests are normally more likely to script your Airbnb if you promote unique dining features or special restaurant deals they may be able to receive by staying at your place .
soon, you will have a full-bodied list of local hot spots to entice prospective guests to book your property, american samoa well as an impressive welcome package with a variety of recommendations, discounts, and unique experiences available to guests during their stay .

Bonus Tip: Hold Cleanliness to a High Standard

One thing all electric potential guests can agree on is the importance of a fairly property. To help you stay on top of your houseclean act, consider hiring a professional Airbnb clean .
Vacation Rental Cleaning
TurnoverBnB offers vacation rental hosts access to a cleaner market with both independent vacation rental cleaners and cleaning services in their area. Simply enter your property details to get started and find your future Airbnb clean.

Get More Tips for Marketing Your Airbnb

Marketing your Airbnb is necessary to attract guests to your list. That said, the strategies above are fair the topple of the crisphead lettuce. There are many early marketing techniques you can try out, such as viva-voce advertise, content marketing, and SEO ( search engine optimization ) .
No matter what types of marketing campaigns you decide to employ, make indisputable your long-run plans include maintaining a pristine property and creating an unforgettable experience for guests .
For more tips on elevating your vacation lease property, check out our other resources .

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