How to advertise jobs on Facebook

A well-designed Facebook job ad will help you target and attract candidates with the singular criteria for your roles .
here ’ s a template on how to use pay advertise to post your jobs on Facebook :

What is a Facebook ad?

Facebook offers paid advertise options that let you select desired audiences and promote your company to people who are probably to be interested in your jobs. ( Note that you need to first set up a Facebook page for your company in ordain to create and manage ads. )
Paid ads on Facebook include the news “ Sponsored. ” here ’ s what a Facebook paid ad looks like :

Facebook job ads | example Asana
Facebook members can view your pay ads in the right column of their pages on background, and in their feed in both desktop and fluid. With Facebook, you can besides choose to display your ads :

  • In Instagram feeds and stories
  • On website, TV and mobile apps

Paid Facebook ads can have several goals, including build up brand awareness, driving traffic to websites and getting people to engage with your product or service. In the following section, we ’ ll walk you through how to set up a speculate ad on Facebook .

Source and attract more candidates

feasible helps you build and promote your brand where your following candidates are. You ’ rhenium constantly top of judgment, whether they ’ re actively looking or not .
Start sourcing

How to create a Facebook ad for your job posts

foremost, candid Ads Manager. You can access Ads Manager through your Facebook party page ( “ Create Ads ” option in the dropdown menu on the crown right of the page ) or by following the yoke hypertext transfer protocol : // You ’ ll detect that you have to complete four steps to create your ad, represented here :
Facebook job ads | steps

Step 1: Create your ad campaign

This defines your ad ’ randomness objective. Objectives indicate what you want people to do when they see your ads ( e.g. apply for your open positions. ) For this example, we ’ ve chosen “ Reach, ” which boosts your ad ’ randomness visibility to the utmost total of people. You could besides use “ Conversions ” to prompt candidates to apply .
Facebook job ads | objectives
once you choose your objective, you ’ ll be prompted to select an ad political campaign name .
Facebook job ads | Reach

Step 2: Set up your ad account

enroll your score information, including area, currency and time zone. This data will be used for charge and report .
Facebook job ads | account info

Step 3: Create an ad set

An ad set is a group of ads with the same audience, budget, schedule and placement. Set these preferences and then create your ads. here ’ sulfur more on each ad set discipline :
Ad set name: Choose a descriptive name that ’ ll help you identify your political campaign on report and insights pages, where you can measure your ad performance .
Facebook job ads | ad set name
Page: Select your company ’ s Facebook page .
Facebook job ads | page
Audience: Use the feature to target who will see your ads based on localization, old age, sex and linguistic process. You can further narrow down your hearing with detail targeting or by excluding people with specific demographics, interests and behaviors. For example, here ’ s how you could detail your target audience for an ad to hire a junior seller for an outdoor clothe party :

Facebook job ads | audience
note : You can save your hearing preferences for future ads .
Placements: You can choose to let Facebook decide to display your ads where they are more likely to perform better ( based on Facebook analytics ) or you can place the ads yourself .
Facebook job ads | placements
Budget and schedule: Set the average daily measure you want to pay or the utmost total come you want to spend during the life of your ad dress. You can select a date range for your ad or define a start date and cancel your ad late ( e.g. when you receive a certain act of applications. )
Facebook job ads | budget

Step 4: Create your ad

Create an ad for a particular military position or to promote all your current openings. There are four sections within this option that will help you design and customize your ad :
Identity: If you have multiple Facebook pages ( e.g. by location ) or Instagram accounts, choose the “ identity ” of your ad by selecting the Facebook page your ad will live on. If you have an Instagram account, connect it to reach a larger consultation .
Facebook job ads | identity
Format: Use this feature to choose your ad ’ mho layout. Format options include carousel, single picture, individual video and slideshow. You could besides create a Canvas, a mobile-optimized full-screen format .
Facebook job ads | format
Media: Upload and edit the images and videos you want to display in your ad .

  • Images. Use pictures from your offices, your company’s logo or an image related to the role. Facebook also offers stock images with bold headlines, like “We are hiring” or “Join our team.”
  • Videos. Alternatively, include a video with one of your team members explaining what they enjoy about their job. The video should be genuine and short (no more than three minutes.)

Text: Explain what your ad is about. here ’ s how to complete each field :

  • Text field: This is the text displayed above the image or video. Mention the job title or the department you’re hiring for to attract people who likely qualify for the role. Keep this brief and clear, so that potential candidates can instantly understand you’re sharing a job opening.
  • Website URL: Add a link to your company’s careers page, where candidates can view the full job description and other vacancies and learn more about your company.
  • Headline: In a max of 40 characters, mention the position you want to fill. Avoid confusing buzzwords and opt for descriptive job titles. For example, use something like “We are hiring: Front-End Developer” or “Seeking a Marketing Manager.”
  • News Feed Link Description: This is additional text where you can elaborate more on the job opening. Mention one or two required skills or grab candidates’ attention with benefits you offer.

note that the ad preview feature lets you make changes to the text and format until you ’ re satisfied with how your ad looks .

Include a clear address to action in your Facebook job ads. Attach links to your careers pages where people can find out more about your open roles and apply. Or, add an “ Apply now ” button at the end of your post to route candidates directly to your application imprint .
Facebook job ads | call to action
once you ’ re cook, submit your payment details to complete the process .

Tips to increase your Facebook job ads’ effectiveness

Track and measure your results

View how your Facebook ads perform across unlike ages, genders, locations and placements ( e.g. Instagram and mobile apps. ) Use these metrics to decide whether to adjust your budget and if you should re-design your ads. You can besides track conversion rates ( e.g. how many people visit your web site after viewing your ad ) by adding a pixel.

Create unique ads for different audiences

Optimize your job ads ( textbook, multimedia and target hearing ) based on the people you want to hire .
For model :

  • If you want to advertise internships, you can use images and quotes from current interns describing their experience.
  • If you want to increase the number of female applicants for one of your open roles, you could create a Facebook job ad with videos or images showcasing female employees in those positions to reach out to more women.

Design attractive careers pages

People who view your job ad on Facebook and want to learn more about your constitution and clear roles are probable to visit your caller ’ mho web site and social media pages. Make indisputable you have attractive careers pages with rich and update content, so that likely candidates get an estimate of what ’ s it like to work with you .

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