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This article covers 10 different ways to promote your listing on Airbnb that will result in more customers paying higher prices and staying for longer. This is an in-depth article of all of the things that most Airbnb hosts don’t do. They’re leaving money on the table. If you do these things, I would bet money you will see results!

Some things might sound obvious, some things not then obvious. I’d really appreciate it if you’d leave a comment in the section below as to what you’ve found new, useful and interesting.

1. Collect Email addresses from every single guest.

Okay, that sounds obvious, but it ’ s an easy thing that anyone and everyone could and should do, but most people don ’ t do !

Of course, you need to get your guests ’ license to do this and be GDPR compliant ( see GDPR definition here ), however, once you have email addresses they are like gold dust, and can drive engagement and traffic for your listing ( and indeed traffic back to your own web site ) and generally promote your listing on the internet .
hera are six ways ways to collect e-mail addresses :

  • when your guests log onto your Wi-Fi have them connect via Facebook signup or email sign-up address (incorporate marketing permission into this process). This is an awesome way to collect addresses. An example of a provider of this service is beambox.com which starts at only £25 a month (please note I am not compensated for including their link); and there are many other similar services.
  • Before your guests check in to your property, whichever way you have sourced the booking (i.e. Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, vrbo.com etc) send the guest a registration form. This not only looks professional but it enables you to capture the contact information including address and email address. (Tip, if you really want to get good reviews, send people a thank you postcard through the post, i.e. snail mail. The fact that you’ve been bothered to do this will speak volumes).

hera ’ s an example of the sign-up class I use :
how to market your airbnb

  • If you’re wondering how to get someone to follow a link to sign up to an online registration form when some of the booking platforms block this on their messaging system, remember you have the guest’s mobile phone number and you can send them a text message. I recommend using a text message service that shows the name of my property rather than my mobile phone number. This service I use is textlocal.com.
  • Some booking engines will automatically give you people’s email address. The main booking channel that does this (in my experience) is Expedia (and there 100s of affiliates). Use this information (but of course be GDP are compliant in the EU).
  • This sounds simple, but if you call guests to welcome them prior to their stay, and you don’t have their email address, just ask for it because you’ve got to send them arrival information anyway. You can add it to your mailing list and use it again in the future.

2. Create your own website.

One of the independent purposes of a web site is to collect leads/contacts/email addresses. I can build you a web site. Please see Site in a box for more information and get a stun web site for a very low fixed fee. Please see this connect for more information. here ’ s an exercise of a web site I built for a client recently :
The benefits of your own website are huge. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

  • If you have your own website you have a facility to take direct bookings.
  • If you have your own website you can link this with a Facebook page and an Instagram page to help promote your listing.
  • You can use your website to get listed with local tourism bodies, or indeed any other relevant organisation. A good example of this is one of our properties which is near a hospital: we advertise in the hospital magazine because a, it’s a charitable magazine and means we can give a bit back and it gives us great exposure to people who are likely to stay in our apartments for a long time full
  • Having your own website also enables you to signup for a Google my business account (GMB listing). This means that your property will appear when people search for it, and there will be a little flag with your property name on Google Maps. Even more importantly a GMB listing will concatenate all of your reviews from booking.com, TripAdvisor, and Expedia.

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3. Social Media

This goes hand-in-hand with having a web site. however, even if you don ’ t have a web site you can hush make capital use of social media by posting truly brilliant images of your property. The saying “ a visualize tells 1000 words ” doesn ’ t come from nowhere ! here ’ s an example from Instagram of a truly stunning position :
Ways to market your Airbnb

“ If you are regularly posting great pictures of your property that truly make it shine, this will build trust with your audience that they will be staying somewhere high quality. ”

In summation to pictures, I besides post screenshots of reviews, particularly on Facebook. This “ sociable proof ” shows people real-life evidence of other people who appreciate your property. And of course, if you link back to your page on Airbnb, Booking.com, TripAdvisor etc, people can then go and read those reviews for real, and the more prosecute they are with your property, the more likely they are to script it .
Going hand-in-hand with that, many of the more sophisticate on-line locomotion agencies ( booking.com, Expedia etc ) Use what ’ randomness called re-targeting. This means if you have visited a detail property page on their web site, they will send you emails about this place and it may well pop up on Google search results. You can read more about retargeting in this video ( It ’ mho worth watching ) :
recognition : Surfside PPC

4. Leave (lots of) marketing literature – branded – at your property.

In your property leave market literature with your branding material and most importantly commercial enterprise cards, but besides a welcome letter with your headed newspaper, and a courteous branded “ house manual “. ( Please see my offprint article about branding your Airbnb ) .

5. Special Offers Generate Urgency (and Sales)

There ’ s a good reason why retailers have Black Friday sales. They work. Booking.com does them, so you can excessively !
If you give people a limited period of time in which to book something, this creates importunity and a desire to make a decisiveness quickly if the rebate entirely lasts for 48 hours, for exercise .
special offer besides, on a very bare level special offers are a good reason to reach out to people, and is something which would be a great topic for a mailshot. ( I recommend you use Mailchimp ( they have a free plan for up to 2000 contacts ) for sending mailshots with the electronic mail addresses you collect .
Mailchimp is one of the most competitively priced providers on the marketplace, and you can view real-time information about who has actually opened your emails and who hasn ’ metric ton, which links have been clicked, and which seaport ’ thyroxine. basically enables you tweak and target your far mailshots in the right way ( i.e. Great marketing intelligence ) .

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

frame ( very ) simplistically, the more “ noise ” there is about your place on the Internet ( this applies to any web site ) the more exposure the web site, or in your event, the place will get .
consequently, although arduous to measure, it will not do any damage at all to mention your property on Pinterest, Cora, other Facebook pages, blogs, and very any other on-line resource that you can think off. Again the more mentions you get ( in appropriate and relevant places ) the more interest in your place there will be.

If you have your own web site, and once again we can create this for you, you can add blog posts .
Great examples of web log posts about your place would include things like :

  • Things to do in your area
  • News about your property
  • Articles about why to stay at your property (because it’s near a local business – like a hospital or concert hall, for example)
  • Screenshots of your reviews

basically, anything that ’ mho relevant to your property is utilitarian. Blogging can get complicated, and there ’ s literally million of internet and youtube posts about it ; but for this aim permit ’ s keep it straightforward :
The two Golden rules to follow are that the article ( blog post ) is useful to the proofreader, has a couple of images in, and references your property once or doubly ( don ’ t go crazy ). once again “ a visualize tells 1000 words ” and pictures helps it with engagement .
If you look at this web site ( satisfiedsleepers.com ) for exercise, The more capacity I publish, unsurprisingly the more dealings I have to the web site. The lapp applies to your property .

7. Highly Targetted Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are great because they can very target the people you want to reach out to. For exemplar, if you want to target people who live within a 10-mile radius of your property, you can do this. This might be relevant to – for case – promote your page to people who have relatives who might want to stay at your property whilst they ’ re visiting people in your sphere .
One thing to be mindful besides with Facebook ads, is not to go brainsick. Be very careful with the budget, and create several variations of your ad. now, to the newcomer this might sound in truth complicated, however actually international relations and security network ’ thymine. here ’ s a video recording of how to create Facebook ads that you might find useful :
Credits : Ben Heath

8. Things to include in your promotions

We ’ ve talked about pictures and reviews already, however there are other things to point out in your promotions of your property that are truly important. These include the postdate :

  • Features of your property. This is really important. People need to know if you have a kitchen with a tumble dryer and washing machine (for example). People need to know how many bathrooms you have, and how many people you can accommodate.
  • Avoid mentioning pricing too much when you promote your property. Remember people make decisions emotionally and then back it up with rationale and logic. People don’t tend to make decisions based on the price they make them based on how much they like or how strongly they feel about something. See this article on Inc.com if you need convincing of this! Remember you’re selling here so put your best foot first use images, complimentary reviews, And features, and this will go along way.

9. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

One of the most authoritative lessons I learned when I started my sales and marketing career was that one promotion is not enough ( this could be a mailshot, earphone call, or these days and Internet ad ) .
Xerox the photocopier company in the late 1990s did a survey which suggested the customer needed seven “ touches “ ( i.e. contacts of assorted sorts ) for them to close a softwood. My personal view is that you don ’ t need seven contacts to insure person, but don ’ thyroxine send one newsletter or make one Facebook post and expect to get a flood of bookings. It doesn ’ t work that manner .
People take notice when they have repeated liaison from a business, ideally in multiple forms. so keep going, and keep advertise .

10. Just do it!

very well no, I ’ molarity not sponsored by Nike ( ! ) but the fact is that if you don ’ t take military action on these points, nothing will happen, whereas if you do take carry through, even if it ’ second one pace a sidereal day, then you ’ ll for sure see an uptick in your results .
One of my business mentors used to use this quotation, which I found highly inspirational : “Good things come to those that wait, but only the things left behind by those that hustle”. Isn ’ thyroxine that the truth ? ! ( master quotation by Abraham Lincoln ) .

Good things come to those that wait, but only the things left behind by those that hustle .Abraham Lincoln

A great television I found for taking carry through is here, and is an amazing resource for getting going :

( Credits TedEx Talks )
I hope you found this resource utilitarian. If you have I ’ d in truth appreciate if you shared it on your social networks. If you ’ d like to contact me about this please feel dislodge to reach me via e-mail to [ e-mail protected ] or contact me via our Facebook page : hypertext transfer protocol : //www.facebook.com/satisfiedsleepersblog/

Tony Russell

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