How To Promote Your Online Store: 25 Tactics That Actually Work





How to promote your on-line store ? Hmmm… that ’ s the million dollar question .
One I ’ molarity asked every day – quite much by newfangled on-line store owners who – through no fault of their own – don ’ t have the budget or skill needed to hit a home run with Facebook ads .
Post Updated September 18th:  Never concern ! In this post I share 25 actionable, affordable ways to drive traffic to your online boutique.

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now, you ’ re probably doing some of these already, and the others are not peculiarly not rocket skill, but my clients and I use these strategies to generate more ecommerce sales on a daily basis, so we are testimony to their effectiveness .
I don’t recommend you try to do them all–at least not all at once. Simply pick 3-5 ways to market your on-line store that make sense to you, and get started .
Oh ! and make sure you ’ re tracking your results, ‘ cobalt if it ’ s not working for you, then there ’ s no point in doing it .

25 Ways To Promote Your Online Store

how to promote your online store
25. Offer deals on a regular basis, but not too regular!
about every ecommerce platform gives you the option to hold sales using a promotional code, then make certain you ’ re schedule in your offers, deals and sales for key times in the year .
But remember, when you use this scheme as a tool to promote your on-line store it ’ mho of critical importance that you ’ ra mindful of your numbers .
Breaking even occasionally can be all right – if the goal i s promote brand awareness and reviews – but you don ’ t want to make a loss. So while I encourage you to run sales, I discourage you from running them besides frequently .

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24. Don’t forget to email your subscribers frequently
If you take the prison term and department of energy to build an electronic mail number ( fresh estimate ) you ’ re actually losing out on a bundle of untapped cash in your business if you ’ re not mailing your list frequently ( bad estimate ) .
Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 11.43.28
nowadays let me clarify : this doesn ’ t entail that you should constantly be mailing your subscribers sales and promotional offers. Quite the antonym, actually .
Use this windowpane of communication to share with your likely ( and existing ) customers other concern data and news about your brand – and drive this traffic back to your site .
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23. Start a blog for your brand, but make sure you’re consistent 
many online storehouse owners start out blogging with good intentions .
They hear it ’ s a great way to promote your on-line store ( which it is ), but here ’ sulfur where they fail :

    • They post inconsistently – maybe once per month (if you’re lucky)
    • They don’t spend any time seriously promoting their posts once they hit publish
    • They don’t find ways to repurpose their blog post content (more on that in a later point)

invest to publishing a new blog at least once per workweek .
once your post is alive, make indisputable you reschedule it to be shared at least 3-6 more times on your most popular social channels over the next four weeks. Check out my post on content promotion if you want to dive abstruse into this subject, which you should .
so people don ’ metric ton perplex bored make sure you use different headlines and graphics, but direct them to the same message .
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22. Closed mouths don’t get fed – contact bloggers about your products
You ’ re not the entirely one blogging .
There are 43274032842 other bloggers, and at this stage at least 85 % of them will have a larger audience than you .
Identify bloggers who have presently have the hearing you want to get in battlefront of, and attend at how you can collaborate ?
Here are a few ideas:

      • Banner ads (paid for)
      • Paid or unpaid review
      • Discount code for their customers
      • Tweet swaps
      • Guest post
      • Sponsored post
      • Giveaway item

PRO-TIP: Before you send product to a blogger make surely you ’ ra clear about the amount of dealings they get and how engaged their audience is .
Don ’ thymine be scared to work with bloggers with modest but highly engaged audiences, as this is where the real money is .
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21. Start guest blogging. But be warned, it’s hard bloody work!
I won ’ triiodothyronine lie…
Guest blogging as a manner to increase on-line sales, takes some careful planning and outreach in order to get the best results .
And honestly, it ’ s lone something I would recommend after you have built up a solid library of timbre content on your own web site .
Why ?
well we both know how time consuming it is to write quality posts, and when you write for another blog–the stakes are even higher .
You want to make certain when you score a big guest blogging opportunity, those new visitors to your site are met with an abundance of capital quality content for them to dive into. not a few onionskin posts, published three months apart .
This is an instantaneous credibility killer whale. And I know you KNOW what I ’ molarity talking about !
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20. Offer Video Tutorials/Behind-the-Scenes Shots
If you have a intersection that can be used in variety show of ways, has many moving parts, or needs explaining – ‘ How-To ’ tutorial videos are one of the best ways to educate your customers .
They ’ re besides a big manner to promote your on-line shop, as you ’ re able to post them on multiple unlike channels .
For case, say you sell scarves. You could create a how-to break television that shows the many different ways it can be tied .

Remember, creating videos for your brand doesn ’ triiodothyronine need to be a Hollywood production .
With ½ decent light up and great audio, you can create simple videos which help you to connect with your customer, answer their questions, and promote your post .
And when posting videos to Facebook, I recommend directly uploading the video recording to Facebook as this has shown to get more views than links to external sites like Youtube .
No doubt you ’ ve credibly got lots of cranky questions when it comes to creating video ? I love Shameless Maya, as her vids are constantly ace enlightening and fun .
PRO-TIP: Think about the questions your customers ask you all the time ? then try and create content which answers those questions .
Make sure you think about SEO, and use your keywords when writing your headlines and optimising your videos, as this is what will bring in more search locomotive traffic to your on-line memory .
19. Start holding contests on social media
Contests are one of my favored ways to promote your on-line store. But the truth is, they need time and plan – and you need to make sure you stay on the right side of the rules on the social channels you plan to promote on .

When hosting your contest, think about what you ’ re going to do each day to promote it and create buzz ?
besides look for ways that you can get your audience share and promoting your contest for you .
PRO-TIP: Create a short video that explains the contest starting signal and end date, the rules, and how to enter. then, pin this to your social media profiles for the life sentence of the contest .
Make sure the contest sign up form is hosted over on your web site – this way you ’ ll besides be able to cookie visitors for late retargeting, should you wish .
18. Hack your emails – Add your store URL in your email signature
You never know where your following customer might come from .
But considering how much fourth dimension we spend in our inboxes emailing and replying to people, it makes smell that we put our business details within our e-mail touch – yes, even personal emails .
17. Print your stores URL on all marketing material
Do you have any physical market materials for your trade name ? Mailing slips, tissue paper, inserts, etc ?
Make surely that your stores URL and social media handles are included on them .
16. Gift customers a magnet with every 1st purchase
The argue I love the electric refrigerator attraction theme therefore a lot is that it ’ randomness put in a stead where your customers are exposed to your logo/brand name every day, which helps to keep you top of mind .
Yes, there are costs involved in purchasing branded game show products. But in the farseeing run, the benefits much far outweigh the costs if you choose your products wisely .
15. Make more from existing customers – place coupons in the package
If person ’ s already exhausted money with you, so long as it was a good experience you ’ re already ½ means there to them shopping with you again .

now when you add a rebate coupon within their software, you ’ re gently pushing them that short bite closer to the adjacent sale .
PRO-TIP: Try and make your coupons feel customised where possible ( bridge player write the customers name ), besides make them prison term sensitive to add more urgency. 1-3 months tends to work very well.


Get the first checklist in this series of 6, for free ! success ! immediately check your electronic mail to confirm your subscription. 14. Show up in forums, groups, and blogs
once you find where your ideal customer hangs out, getting active in the right groups and forums can drive lots of ace qualified dealings to your–especially if you ’ re able to situation yourself as an adept and trusted adviser within the community .
For exemplar, if you sell products for new mothers spend a few hours per week over in parenting forums .
how to start an online boutique

Answer questions, start interesting topics and debates, share great content and become a part of the residential district .
This has been one of the fastest ways I’ve personally grown my mailing list.
PRO-TIP: Some communities don ’ t take kindly to people who show up screaming buy my stuff, and this can promptly get you banned .
Pay attention to the atmosphere and flow of the residential district, and look for where you can add value first base .

13. Create evergreen content for your long tail SEO keywords
When creating message designed to promote your on-line store, think about the kind of search terms and phrases your ideal customer might type into Google ?
then, get busy doing your research to make sure your ‘ common sense ’ ideas are right ! Remember, it ’ south much easier to rank for : ‘ how to style a black dress for a wedding,’ than it is to rank for ‘ black apparel ’ .
Your capacity scheme should be based on providing value to your readers in away that naturally links spinal column to what you ’ ra deal .
PRO-TIP: Don ’ thyroxine ’ forget your readers are multi-dimensional people with varied interests .
Try and create standout subject that speaks to the other authoritative areas of their biography, and your web log will become a go-to resource for them .
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Click the link below for instant access to my free 3-part video training where I show you how to create your business plan, find your perfect niche, and find wholesale vendors quickly and easily.
12. Write emails that set you up to make money 
Okay, I know that ’ s marketing jargoon, sol let me explain .
basically, evergreen means : contented that is not time sensitive and will be just as relevant in 6 months as it is now .
And autoresponders, are basically barely emails that you write once, then set and forget ( rather ) .
My favorite tool for electronic mail selling has got to be ConvertKit .
Create a serial of emails that are automatically sent to raw subscribers.Your finish with this e-mail sequence is to instantaneously make new subscribers feel welcome, and set up expectations of what they will get from you .
Here are a few emails to consider adding to your autoresponder:

      • welcome e-mail
      • FAQ e-mail
      • Meet the team electronic mail
      • Inside stories email
      • Best from the blog electronic mail

PRO-TIP: Your welcome electronic mail is one of the most unfold emails you ’ ll transport .
Make certain you use it to besides build your social followings, and to educate your customers how to keep your emails out of their spam box .
11. Use personalisation to improve email open rates
When done correctly personalisation will highly improve your electronic mail open rates, but in regulate to do that that you have to actually get your subscribers first name. Don ’ triiodothyronine be afraid to ask for names on your e-mail optin .
I know many say to avoid doing this as it creates a point of friction, but I ’ d say anyone that can ’ t even be bothered to type in their beginning name is not going to be a very drive or engaged e-mail list subscriber anyhow .
PRO-TIP: Using your customers first name in your subject head is a big room to standout in their inbox. Use it frequently, but not all the clock, differently they stop paying attention .
10. Share as much user generated content as you can – as often as you can!
User generated content is simply any content-either ocular or written-sent or shared with you from a customer. Find a manner to make the customer the star topology of the the show, and to promote them .
Let your customer know, and guess what ? They ’ ll besides credibly contribution it with their family and friends, driving brand awareness and eyeballs back to your site
PRO-TIP: Always be looking for ways to make your customer the star of the picture. People go where they feel acknowledged and appreciated .
For an exemplar of a brand who have pretty much built a 7-figure empire based on this strategy, check out Black Milk .
9. Optimize for the mobile world. You’re crazy if you don’t!
If you ’ ve had your web site for any distance of time your theme may have been created before reactive themes came as standard –meaning that your web site might not work very good on mobile .
Neglecting to optimise for the fluid universe is one the biggest mistakes you can make .
Go and check your site, if it ’ s not mobile responsive change your subject, and make certain it is. Don ’ t sleep on this .
This alone will help lower your bounce rate and increase your sales, check your analytics and you ’ ll see that I ’ megabyte veracious .
8. Hire someone to create long-form content (or write it yo’self!)
Yes, this one is an investment and not necessarily a cheap one .
But I ’ ve seen adequate attest – both personally and from clients – that SEO optimised, well written, well promoted long-form message, is quite plainly one of the best ways to improve your search locomotive rankings .
The correlation coefficient is pretty obvious proper : Better rankings = more organic traffic ! And who doesn ’ thyroxine want more constituent search traffic ?
now, there are a number of different types of addictive content that will successfully promote your on-line storehouse .
That ’ randomness why you should probably check out this web log post by office blogger Maya Elious, for 9 message types ( at least 5 I bet you ’ ve never considered ! )
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7. Turn your company into its own media outlet
Republishing others people ’ randomness contentedness can be tricky–especially if you ’ ra doing it in the amiss room. But it ’ south worth thinking about how you can turn your blog into a media release ?
republish videos from Youtube, portions of other people ’ second blog posts ( with your own alone presentation and a link back to their site, obvs ) and publish multiple times per week ( or per day ) .
6. Dip into the Reddit pool (but go easy…)
This is not for the inept, newcomer seller .
Why ?
Those Reddit peeps will eat you alive, and you ’ ll be lucky to get out unharmed. Marketing on Reddit is a bite of an art form, which takes patience and consistency to in truth see any solid results .
Before you even attempt to get stuck in with Reddit, make certain you read this post from the guys over at Storeya – you can thank me ( and them ) later !

5. Start a paid like campaign on Facebook to build up your following
immediately it ’ s no clandestine that evening though you pay to build these followers, Facebook will then make you pay to communicate with them. however, the finish with building up these followers is multi-layered :

  • It’s cheaper to advertise to likers of your page (in the future) than cold traff
  • If you can create content your customers engage with, it’s more likely to go viral in the newsfeed
  • Create content which gets visitors over to your website – then cookie them for later retargeting 

The trick to making FB ads work for you is to know your audience exceptionally well, and to get commodity ( no… capital ! ) at optimising your campaigns .
Check out this ecommerce font study from Kathleen Cutler, where she shows how with the right audience intel, patience and testing, you very can hit a base ladder with FB marketing .
4. Step up your consistency on your social channels
Depending on where your customers are, you may need to spread your content out over different times of the day – this is where an automation tool like Hootsuite becomes a biography saver .
Most brands are not sharing enough subject on a daily basis, or they ’ re sharing excessively a lot of the wrong content .
Drill down into your analytics to see which type of contentedness your consultation best responds to and double up on it .
3. Repurpose your content – so it keeps driving traffic & sales
I ’ thousand constantly saying to clients : “it’s not that you need to do more, it’s that you need to do more with what you already have.”
When you create long-form contented for your web log, think about how this can be broken down into smaller, bite-sized, micro-content that you can promote over the future few weeks and months .
An case would be an article of the circus tent 50 motivational quotes for mums .
You could take all of those quotes, break them down into small graphics each with a quotation on, and schedule them to go out on your Instagram and Facebook business profiles .
My go-to-gal when it comes to understanding the full power and value of ocular marketing is, Donna Moritz. I specially love this post, and you credibly will excessively !
2. Create and execute a plan for onsite SEO
Take a 360 degree opinion and think about the keywords you would like to see your store on page one of the search engines for in 12-months time ?
Yes… think long-run, as rising through the SERPS is a long-run scheme. Start creating long-form capacity either in the form of web log posts or inactive pages on your locate that prey these keywords .
PRO-TIP: Google loves fresh content, so try and add to this content every 3-4 months. This will extend the animation of the contentedness and keep it fresh to Google .
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1. Interview an industry influencer
Who are the influencers and child celebrities in your quad ? How can you create content that puts them in a good light ? Can you interview them, feature them, profile them ?
Think about how you can create ( and promote ) message that praises others and makes them look commodity, as they ’ re more likely to plowshare this contentedness with their hearing .
When it comes to all things influencer market, keep a alert eye on Lauren and her team over at The Shelf. These guys know their stuff !

PRO-TIP: Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to tag the influencer you mention when you publish, and besides make indisputable you ’ re linking to their web site and social channels within the mail .
This will make them even more likely to share your post. And bam… you fair got in front man of their consultation .
Choose wisely, I recommend people who have a humble but active hearing, as they ’ re far more probable to share your content. In fact, this is one of my favorite creative ways to promote an on-line shop .
therefore there you have it

25 ideas to promote your online store

Want more articles like this ? Make indisputable you ’ re signed up to my mail tilt .
You asked me : How to promote your on-line store, and I supplied you with 25 ways that won ’ t break the bank, now tell me in the comments below – which of these tips you ’ re actually going to use ?


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