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The MeF system processes both superseding and amended returns for Forms 1120, 1120-S and 1120-F. If the taxpayer is required to e-file an original return key and needs to file an amended or superseding render, they must e-file that reelect. Any taxpayer who has received an approved release from IRS to file their particular rejoinder on paper is exempted from this requirement .
Tax years, which are no longer available on MeF, if the taxpayer was previously required to e-file an original fall and is now filing an better return, are excuse from the necessity to e-file and can be paper filed. In this situation, the taxpayer is not required to request a release .
Note: Corporate amended returns with carryback claims, may be e-filed angstrom long as the carryback claim box is checked .

Superseding Returns

A superseding return is a return filed subsequent to the originally-filed restitution and filed within the filing period (including extensions).

A superseding come back must be a complete XML file of the entire come back, with all want forms, schedules and attachments ( XML or PDF, if applicable ). A taxpayer filing a superseding rejoinder must indicate the return is such by selecting the Superseded Return checkbox ( appellation ) in the software or the fall will reject as a extra file .
Note: You will not see a checkbox or choice entitled “ Superseding Return ” available on the paper forms .
All of the clientele rules for e-filing original shape 1120, 1120-S and 1120-F returns will be enforced for superseding returns.

Amended Returns

An amended return is a return filed subsequent to the originally-filed or superseding render and filed after the expiration of the filing period (including extensions) .
The MeF amended return mirrors the newspaper amended refund file, i.e., it is a subset of data from the master come back. For 1120,1120-S and 1120-F, the taxpayer should include the main kind and any changes that were made. To facilitate this for 1120 and 1120-S amended returns, lone a subset of occupation rules will be enforced. This subset is posted on A subset of clientele rules is presently not in place for Form 1120-F amended returns. In order to pass the commercial enterprise rules for these forms, you need to complete the integral 1120-F return and all applicable fields.

Most taxpayers, e-filing an amend return, will have already e-filed their master tax restitution. consequently, the easiest process for e-filing the Amended Return will be to update the fundamental original rejoinder with those items that changed. Once the recurrence has been updated with the changes, attach the command XML document ( see below ) and any other corroborate explanations and e-file the amended hark back, ensuring that the Amended Return checkbox is selected .
Amended returns require at a minimum

  1. The corrected Form 1120, 1120-S or 1120-F completed in its entirety (pages 1 – 4) with the Amended Return checkbox selected.
  2. All forms, schedules and attachments that changed or that support changes on the amended Form 1120, 1120-S or 1120-F, including any subsidiary returns (if changed) and the information to support those changes.
  3. One of the following:
    • For Form 1120 – Attach to the amended Form 1120, the XML Form 1120-X completed through Part I, line 10 or 11, as applicable, and Part II with the line number of each amended item, the corrected amount or treatment of the item, and an explanation of the reasons for each change.
    • For Form 1120-S or Form 1120-F – Attach to the amended Form 1120S/1120-F, the XML document, AmendedReturnChanges, that identifies the line number of each amended item, description, the amount on the previous return, the amount on the amended return, and an explanation of the reasons for each change.
  4. A signed signature document (Form 8453-C/S/I), as applicable or use of a Practitioner’s PIN.
  5. Appropriate forms to make a payment, request a refund or request a credit carryover to another year.

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