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5 Questions Typically Asked about Filing an Amended Tax Return

by Sally Herigstad
Everybody makes mistakes – there are no exceptions. If you discover an error or something you missed on your return after you filed it, do n’t panic .
fortunately, most mistakes in life can be fixed, and your tax return is no exception .

When should I file an amended tax return?

A form 1099 that slipped under the couch, a solid business discount you forgot, or any early detail that changes your tax come back may mean you need to file an amend return .
sometimes you need to file an rectify return for something that is not your fault. For exemplar, your employer may send a decline form, which means the amounts you used when you filed your return motivation to be corrected .
Unless the change to your tax indebtedness is inconsequential, it ‘s best to change your refund .
In some cases, you should file an amended refund even if the changes do n’t impact the amount of tax you owe. For model, if you entered an wrong Social Security number, you should amend your tax return to avoid future problems .

How to file an amended return

The most important thing to know about filing an amended return is that you should not start over and file shape 1040 and all the attached forms again. You merely file your complete tax return once. After that, you file Form 1040X – Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return and exchange only the items that are incorrect .
If the incorrect items are entered on other forms or schedules, you attach the corrected forms or schedules to Form 1040X. Do not attach copies of forms or schedules that do not change .
You can not e-file your amended return. alternatively, the IRS requires that you print the Form and file it by mail.

Do n’t forget your state of matter income tax return key. If you live in a submit with a state of matter income tax, you generally must amend both returns .

Am I in big trouble with the IRS?

Simply put, not actually .
even if you make a huge err such as forgetting to enter your Form W-2, the IRS has seen it all before. Unless you committed fraud or tax evasion, they wo n’t hold it against you. All they truly want is the money .

That said, the sooner you fix any errors on your return, the better.

If you owe more tax because of a mistake on your reelect, the sooner you file and pay the tax, the less penalty and pastime you will have to pay .
Do n’t automatically assume you have to pay a penalty. If you amend your refund before it is due ( before April 15 ), then your amendment is timely, and no interest or penalty will accrue. besides, the IRS can be quite fair, specially for a first-time mistake. Attach a instruction with your better return, and specifically ask for an “ suspension ” of any penalty .
Besides, if you have to amend your return, you might american samoa well get it over with. It probably wo n’t be ampere hard as you expect .

How can I avoid mistakes in the future?

You can avoid most tax return mistakes by organizing your information before doing your taxes and not waiting until the last minute to start your return. Tax software takes worry of the mathematics and checks your reelect for errors, missing data and likely savings .
It ‘s besides very important to read your tax render before you file it. Comparing it to last class ‘s recurrence can help jog your memory about deductions and other items .
Do n’t hang on to your unfiled return excessively hanker, however, because you ‘re afraid it ‘s not perfect. It ‘s better to file your refund on meter, even if you have to amend it late, than to pay penalties for late charge .
Have you ever requested an abatement of penalty for a tax return?

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