Airbnb Wants To Pay For You To Travel The World For A Year

Get quick to plan your dream vacation because you could win a class ’ s worth of Airbnb stays. Whether you ’ ve been dreaming up your “ workcation ” or want a class off, you ’ ll want to apply to Airbnb ’ s Live Anywhere Program for a casual to stay wherever you want for dislodge ( well, anywhere with Airbnb list, that is ). Airbnb wants to inspire you to find your dream spotlight so that you can live your # bestlife, and the caller wants to help fund it, excessively. With many people are working from home and a bunch doing so permanently, Airbnb announced the Live Anywhere program on Wednesday, June 9, and it ’ sulfur all about helping you discover the possibilities of living in different locales. Taking inspo from the mark ’ mho May 2021 Report on Travel and Living sketch — which revealed a 10 % increase in Q1 2021 of long-run stays of 28 days or longer as compared to 2019 — Airbnb will give 12 people the probability to take some extend vacations. The 12 winners ( and up to three co-travelers each ) will score approximately one year of Airbnb stays, a stipend for transportation system and other travel costs, and, of course, the experience of a life. I mean, with a trophy software is worth up to $ 45,000, it ’ randomness got tantalum be pretty good. Your costs covered will depend on how many people travel. For exercise, winners will receive between $ 12,000 to $ 24,000 for Airbnb stays for each five-month period ( one scheduled for September 2021 and one for February 2022 ), angstrom well as a erstwhile stipend of $ 5,000 to $ 12,000 for transportation and other travel-related costs. To apply, go to Airbnb ’ s Live Anywhere application page, and fill out the imprint with your contact details. You ’ ll besides need to answer some questions, such as why you want to live anywhere on Airbnb for a year. When you ’ re done, hit “ Submit ” and start dreaming up all the places you ’ five hundred go. Make certain you get your entrance in earlier 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, June 30, or you ’ ll miss the opportunity.

You ’ ll necessitate to be at least 18 to enter, and the contest is assailable to U.S. residents and residents in more than 20 countries .You'll want to apply to Airbnb's Live Anywhere program so you can plan out the ultimate staycation. courtesy of Airbnb

The winners will be selected in two rounds. First, Airbnb will notify finalists via e-mail no late than July 5, and those selected will need to submit a two-minute video about why they want to live anywhere by July 9. If you make it to the moment turn, you ’ ll have an consultation with the contest ’ south review panel by July 16. ultimately, Airbnb will select and notify its winners via electronic mail by July 19.

If you win, the onboarding action will be in July and August to make a game plan, and you ’ ll begin traveling in September 2021. Winners will need to stay entirely at Airbnbs for the entire 10 months, but you ’ ll besides have the choice of listing your home on Airbnb to pick up some extra cash. You ’ ll be able to travel anywhere that doesn ’ triiodothyronine have COVID-19 restrictions, but if you plan on traveling internationally, you ’ ll want to make sure your pass is valid through at least Feb. 21, 2023. now that you ’ rhenium feel inspired, map out your destinations and make certain you put in your lotion before the time is up. The CDC recommends traveling entirely after you ’ re amply vaccinated and your vaccine has become amply effective. If you ’ re not amply vaccinated and must travel, check the CDC guidelines before you book. Check your address ’ s vaccination and examination requirements before you depart .

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