How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver (In-Depth Guide)

Do you already drive for Amazon ? Is the Flex app ’ south optimization driving you nuts ? Try Circuit Route Planner free now and make delivery easy. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit economies and people ’ randomness lives worldwide hard. If you ’ re here, possibly you ’ ra looking at how to become an Amazon Flex driver. Are you looking for another job that can help you make ends meet ? possibly you want to pay off some debt or earn supernumerary money in bill season to save up for something that matters to you and your family ?

You are not alone. Because as the populace exerts efforts to return to a sense of normality, people are leaving their jobs searching for better incomes in pursuit of happiness. You might have heard about the Great Resignation. People are changing directions. To paint a clear painting, 55 % of people in the U.S. workforce say they will probably look for a new job in the adjacent 12 months. According to a survey, the pandemic made 74 % of people rethink their bring position while others quote stress, dissatisfaction, and even fear. If you are looking for Amazon delivery jobs to earn some extra cash, then we have you covered. This scout will help answer some of your most important questions about Amazon driver jobs, such as :

  • Prime Now vs Amazon Logistics
  • How to sign up for Amazon Flex
  • Amazon Flex delivery driver requirements
  • How much you can make as an Amazon Flex driver
  • How to use the Amazon Flex app
  • Amazon Flex App vs Circuit Route Planner
  • Frequently asked questions

Whether you have some know as a delivery driver or you ’ re wholly newly to this kind of spear, read on ! I ’ molarity here to cover the bases then you have a good understand of what the caper is, what you need to become an amazon delivery driver, and how to deal with the stress that you might encounter during your job. Let ’ s dive in 👇

Prime Now Vs Amazon Logistics

How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver: Prime Now Vs. Amazon Logistics E-commerce elephantine Amazon has opened its doors and gives opportunities for those who like to drive and want to earn some extra cash through its Amazon Flex messenger service. The concept is consistent with early on-demand driver jobs if you haven ’ t hear about this Amazon driver caper. however, rather of bringing passengers from decimal point A to indicate B like Uber, you will be delivering packages from the fulfillment centers of Amazon or partner stores using your own fomite. There are unlike types of Amazon rescue jobs, including deliveries for Prime now and Amazon Logistics. Below, we look at the difference between Amazon Prime now and Amazon Logistics .

Amazon Prime Now delivery

Prime immediately is the delivery service of Amazon on steroids. The customers want to receive what they bought through Prime, such as everyday items, family essentials, and other Amazon products, in equally agile as an hour. From the perspective of a customer, it ’ mho denounce made ultra-convenient. Consumers rate what they need or want from Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods, Monoprix in Paris, or Morrison in Leeds. Amazon spouse drivers then deliver them to their doorsteps lightning-fast for a fee. Amazon wanted to make the customer experience charming, even giving the code list Houdini when developing the concept. It gives a seamless denounce experience with an I-just-clicked-the-buy-button-and-it ’ s-already-here approach. As a pitch driver, you will get a one-hour or two-hour window to complete the jobs .

Since customers pay a premium for this service, keep in beware the time-sensitive nature of the pitch. Because of this, you receive higher base pay, and you are eligible to keep 100 percentage of the tips you get .

Depending on what goods you will deliver, there may be extra requirements – such as customers being present to collect the items, age requirements for alcohol deliveries, or the indigence for a special container if you ’ rhenium bringing cold or freeze items from a store or warehouse .

Amazon Logistics delivery

Amazon Logistics or AMZL are the more coarse delivery jobs when you sign up for Amazon Flex. You will need to deliver traditional packages and Prime packages for Amazon. Compared to the time-sensitive nature of Prime nowadays, AMZL deliveries will depend on the preferable ship choice of the customer, such as same-day, two-day, or regular ship. As an Amazon Logistics delivery driver, you deliver packages between 8 am and 9 prime minister, typically on a three- or six-hour block. You collaborate with a local anesthetic Amazon warehouse, where you receive the path to follow. Once you ’ ve completed deliveries, you pick up another freeze to fulfill more orders or call it a day. The total of packages may vary depending on where you ’ ll be picking them up. It may range between 30 to 70 packages or lower if you work in a much busier placement. Most of the time, your car will be adept for the problem, but there will be times that it may be necessary to have a fomite with more room for bigger items. Most of your customers will not be home during the delivery, so you need to take extra caution if you think the detail is at gamble of larceny. If you think it will be wiser to return the package to the warehouse to avoid the fear package-not-received charge, then take that route. To summarize the main differences between these manner of speaking driver opportunities with Amazon, check out the Amazon Prime now vs. Amazon Logistics quick comparison mesa below :

Amazon Prime Now Amazon Logistics
Turn-around time Handle delivery within one hour or in two-hour blocks later in the day Handle same-day, two-day, or regular shipping orders between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.
Delivery Blocks Set your own hours and deliver based on demand Set your own hours, but you will typically deliver in three- to six-hour blocks
Items to be Delivered Essential household items, fresh goods, alcoholic drinks Traditional Amazon and Amazon Prime Packages
Tips Drivers can keep 100% of tips received on top of base pay Little to no tips
Route Typically shorter routes depending on customer orders Determined by a computer system

If these Amazon Flex delivery driver jobs sound good to you, it is easy to sign up .

How to sign up for Amazon Flex

How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver: Amazon Prime Now Delivery If you want to give being an Amazon delivery driver a tear, follow the steps below to register :

1. Download the Amazon Flex app

To start, download the Amazon Flex app on your fluid device. You can easily search for the app for io on the Apple memory, or for an Android mobile earphone, head over to Google Play. besides, if you head to the Amazon Flex web site and click the “ Let ’ s Drive ” button, it will ask you to download the app from your browser and manually install it from there. once installed, sign in using an existing Amazon account, or you can create a new account. For those creating a modern report, you just need to give your list, electronic mail, and a password you prefer. Want to know what the Amazon Flex App is like ? Check out these 11 brave reviews .

2. Answer some qualifying questions

After creating an bill or sign in with an existing Amazon account, the app will ask you to give license for the device ’ south GPS, camera, and telephone state. The app needs all of these permissions for you to continue. You will then have to answer some quick questions such as your handiness, slide fastener code, and the type of fomite you will use to deliver for Amazon Flex .

3. Supply additional information

Amazon will besides ask some distinctive questions when applying for a occupation. It will ask for your employment history, educational background, among others, so the company can do a background discipline. From here, it will ask for ask documents and payment details. once you complete the serve, the follow steps will be to wait for the blessing of the backdrop check. You can watch some educate videos while waiting for the green light so you will be familiar with how Amazon Flex works. once that ’ mho squared up, you can reserve a forget, extradite items, and get paid. Amazon is available in major areas in the United States such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Stockton, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Houston, Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Portland, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Miami, Tampa, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and more. Amazon Flex besides has delivery partners in early countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Australia, and France, among others .

Amazon Flex delivery driver requirements

How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver: Amazon Prime Now Delivery: Devlivery driver requirements If you want to become an amazon delivery driver, make certain that you are physically capable of carrying packages to and from your delivery vehicle. aside from doing some lift, be cook to deal with snow, heavy rain, firm winds, or ice. now that the basic consideration of being physically ready for the job is out of the way, let ’ s take a expression at the other basic requirements for Amazon rescue jobs :


Since Amazon driver jobs will require you to use the Amazon Flex app most of the time, you need a capable smartphone. For iPhone users, the minimal requirements include owning an iPhone 6s or newer. Your apple device should be running on io 13 or newer. You need a device running on Android 6.0 or newer with at least a 2GB RAM for Android smartphone owners. You need an Android call with GPS location services activated and license to your phone ’ randomness television camera, which drivers practice to scan bar codes .

Vehicle type

You will use your own fomite to deliver for Amazon Flex. You need to have at least a four-door sedan that can carry the weight and volume of the packages you need to deliver. If you have a van, SUV, or pick-up truck, you will transport more items in one survive, allowing you to earn more. Whatever vehicle you will use for the rescue must always have the vehicle registration and indemnity with you. Some states in the U.S. or other shroud territories and countries may have other regulations you need to comply with. If you are doing these Amazon delivery jobs in the US, you should be at least 21 years previous, have a driver ’ south license, a sociable security number, and a bank score for calculate deposition of payments. You besides need to pass a background check .

Background checks

Applying for an Amazon Flex delivery job will involve backdrop checks.

Amazon will look into any condemnable records you have, such as larceny, ferocity, felonies, or other convictions. The company will besides check your driving history. Amazon Flex drivers report that the summons may take several days .

How much you can make as an Amazon Flex delivery driver

How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver: How Much You Can Make as an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver When talking about earnings from Amazon rescue jobs, the company website states that drivers can earn between $ 18 and $ 25 an hour. Your actual earnings will, of course, depend on location, the sum of tips you receive, amount of time you spend to complete the job, among others. When you grab a four-hour barricade that pays $ 72, that means Amazon will contribute that total. You will get 100 percentage of the tips if customers have the choice to tip, such as in Amazon Prime now deliveries. annually, the average annual wage for an Amazon Flex delivery driver in the U.S. is about $ 39,002 or roughly $ 18.75 an hour. For top earners, hitting the $ 50,500 bell ringer a year. For early territories, Amazon Flex delivery drivers earn the take after :

  • Canada: CAD 22 to 27 per hour
  • United Kingdom: GBP 13 to 15 per hour
  • Australia: AUD 27 per hour

What you will earn from working as an Amazon Flex delivery driver can help you get by. It depends on where you live and your kind of life style. For model, if you live in New York City, the average monetary value of populate is about $ 5,822 a month. For a similar minor life style in the U.K., you will need around $ 4,700 a calendar month. The hourly pace is higher than minimum wage and what other rescue services give when you look at the hourly rate. But, of course, when you do the mathematics, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to factor in other expenses because you ’ rhenium work as an freelancer contractor. In this kind of diligence, you need to constantly give excellent customer service to up your chances for tips. It is besides all-important to find the most effective work flow to make the most of your sidereal day .

How long it takes to become an Amazon driver

How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver: How long it takes to become an Amazon driver Frustratingly, the answer to this is that it depends. Based on the experience of applicant drivers, it can be deoxyadenosine monophosphate short as a week or a long as six months. It depends on the motivation and handiness of positions in your placement. When you sign up through the Amazon Flex app, you could be booking your delivery blocks in a few days. however, applicants may encounter some hiccups along the way. Some chimed in that it might help if you apply as a Delivery Service Partner to drive for Amazon so you can get clamant approval of your Amazon Flex application. This seems to be a workaround since, as a DSP, you will however be a contractor and not an employee of the company .

How soon can you get delivery blocks and can you delay your start date?

According to users, Amazon will deactivate your score if you don ’ metric ton complete a delivery within 180 days. If you have been activated and raring to make your first base deliveries, one common peak drivers say is to keep refreshing the app. It is besides not advisable to use bots or automation tools to get your delivery blocks as Amazon can reprimand you. Take the try out of planning your routes Get route optimization at the tap of a clitoris with Circuit Route Planner .Try free now 👉

How to use the Amazon Flex app

How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver: How to Use the Amazon Flex App As Amazon Flex says, let ’ s drive ! To do that, claim a rescue obstruct. Do that by claiming shifts the Flex app offers or grab a fault that the app pushes your way from time to time .

Claiming a delivery block

cultivate shifts are typically two to six hours and are available all week hanker. You can check the Offers part of the Amazon Flex app and choose the blocks that fit your handiness. alike, you can filter blocks according to your handiness. Once you find a match, the system will ask you to review the job details such as the stop date, the delivery time frame, estimated pay, and the area you ’ ll cover. once you ’ ve claimed a manner of speaking barricade, it will show on the Calendar section of the app. If you can not fulfill your scheduled pitch, make sure to forfeit it around an hour before the start clock time. You can be penalized if you cancel the job excessively deep .

Completing deliveries

On the day of your scheduled rescue, the app will notify you of your starting location. You can use the navigation system of the app to find where you should go. Make certain you avoid being late. constant tardiness can result in the end point of your contract with Amazon Flex. When you reach the begin item, you can tap “ I ’ ve Arrived ” on the app. A warehouse employee will scan and check your arrival code. They will then direct you where to pick up the items you need to deliver. then, scan the items using the app and television camera of your phone before loading them into your vehicle. When ready, head out and start delivering packages to customers. Make indisputable you use the in-app seafaring to follow the hint road. At the decrease finish, you again scan the packages. Ask for a key signature if person is receiving the goods or take a photograph if you leave the item on a recipient role ’ south place .


aside from the Navigation, Offers, and Calendar segment of the Amazon Flex app, the most favored department of delivery drivers is the Earnings section. This is where you check the delivery blocks you have completed and the earnings you can expect for a sealed period. Deposits are normally made every Tuesday and Friday .

Videos and help screen

These two sections come in handy if you need to review the data you might have missed or forgotten. In summation, the prepare videos are readily available, so you can go back to them anytime. alike, check out the FAQ section to see a list of topics that might concern you. You will besides see a Contact Us menu where you can email your issues or questions to Amazon. While the Amazon Flex app is the foundation of your manner of speaking gig, there are times when it doesn ’ metric ton exercise absolutely. This is why drivers look for proprietorship solutions that help them perform their jobs well .

Amazon Flex App vs Circuit Route Planner

Imagine you are delivering frozen or perishable goods, and the Amazon Flex app decides to freeze. It ’ s a calamity in the stool. apart from having dissatisfied customers, your Amazon manner of speaking caper will besides be in hazard. How to Become an Amazon Flex Driver: Amazon Flex App vs. Circuit Route Planner This is why Amazon Flex drivers besides install apps such as Circuit Route Planner. This app can help you save one to two hours a day by optimizing your delivery routes. good like the Flex app, this front-runner alternative navigation joyride of manner of speaking drivers is easy to use. You equitable need to download the exempt app, add your stops, and the arrangement will optimize your route. When you optimize your route with the Circuit Route Planner, you will find your delivery destinations quicker. so, apart from avoiding unnecessary stops to figure out where you are, you can besides avoid sitting in traffic because the intelligent software will find faster, more effective delivery routes for you. As a result, you can complete your Amazon Flex manner of speaking blocks sooner. You can get home earlier, spend more time with your love ones, or do what you want to do. In short, you will have less stress and no otiose time .

What’s it like to be an Amazon Flex delivery driver?

It ’ randomness absolutely fair that you ’ ll want to get a grip of the Amazon Flex casual biography before jumping in. This video from CNBC covers the basics you ’ ll need to know for actual insights from the inside :

How to become an Amazon Flex driver: FAQs

Can you get hired as an Amazon Flex delivery driver if you have DUI or felony?

You need a clean record to get accepted for Amazon delivery jobs. This means your DUI, felony, or other cases should not be late. Some mentioned that the background checks only go rear up to seven years. While waiting to get approved or getting your first rescue barricade, get yourself conversant with Amazon Flex through its coach video recording or by exploring the Flex app .

What’s the typical wait time sfter submitting an Amazon Flex application?

Background checks typically take about 5 business days. If the company needs more information from you to go ahead, Amazon will send you a number of items you need to fulfill. If you think it ’ mho taking excessively long, others suggest Accurate Background, which does the license establishment. While some applicants say that this could have helped them get accepted oklahoman, there is no guarantee that this can help. The train television give an mind of how Amazon Flex works, what you need to do when handling packages, and other details to help you get onboard smoothly .

What if I don’t hear anything from Amazon Flex after I have applied?

If you have any questions about signing up for Amazon Flex, you can contact the Amazon Flex support line. You will find their touch information at the bottom of the foliate .

How to become an Amazon Flex driver: Conclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened doors of opportunities for those who want to explore Amazon delivery jobs.

You can make money while delivering packages. The best character of it is that you remain in command of your time. You are in see. It could be your slate to get yourself unchained from the office desk and spend some time on the road while thinking about what guidance you want to take in life. It might not be a legato ride all the way, but Circuit Route Planner is your best collaborator to get things done efficiently. Get your free trial now .

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