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Apple just launched the Apple Card, a digital-first credit menu for iPhone users. Anyone in the US can apply for an Apple Card with good a few taps on your iPhone ‘s screen. Apple ‘s new credit card comes with incentives for using the Apple Pay adaptation of the batting order to make payments. There ‘s besides a sweetness titanium card you can order to carry in your wallet. Apple ‘s approach to mobile payments can be confusing, considering the ship’s company now offers Apple Pay, Apple Cash and Apple Card, which are different services that work in exchangeable, even unlike ways. ( CNET ‘s Jessica Dolcourt does a antic job of breaking down the differences. ) With the Apple Card, Apple took a new approach to how users interact with and manage a credit card. From a simple sign-up process to viewing your spend habits, earning daily Cash and paying your bill — everything Apple Card-related is done on your iPhone.

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Apple Card FAQ : What you need to know

How to sign up

Before you can apply, make surely you ‘re using an iPhone 6 or newer that ‘s running io 12.4. outdoors Settings > General > Software Update on your call to be indisputable .apple-card-signup-process Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET The sign-up process is bare : 1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone.
2. Tap the + button in the top correct corner.
3. If you see a blind explaining what Apple Pay is, wiretap Continue.
4. blue-ribbon Apple Card from the list of available requital methods.
5. Apple fills out most of the sign-up kind for you using your Apple ID information. You ‘ll need to verify and confirm the information, add the last four digits of your social security number, enroll your annual income then accept the Apple Card terms and conditions.
6. once you ‘re done, you ‘ll receive an propose with what your credit limit and pastime rate will be. Tap Accept Apple Card to open your Apple Card account. Select No Thanks if you change your beware. once you accept the offer, you ‘ll be asked if you want to set Apple Card as your nonpayment card. If you select Use as Default Card your Apple Card will be triggered for all contactless payments, and your Apple payment reservoir for the Apple Store ( apps, movies, subscriptions ) will be changed to use the Apple Card. If you have regretful credit or are n’t certain if you ‘ll qualify, read through Apple ‘s support document that walks through details of what could lead to your application being declined. last, during the sign-up procedure, you ‘re asked if you want to receive a physical Apple Card in the mail for use in places that do n’t have contactless payment systems. If you do n’t want a physical circuit board right now, you can constantly request one later on .apple-card-hand-iphonexs-payment-032519 Apple

Using your Apple Card

immediately after opening your Apple Card account, you ‘ll have a digital adaptation of the card available in Apple Pay. You can begin using it to make purchases right field away — I bought some chocolate at Starbucks precisely a few minutes after setting up my history. The process for using your Apple Card through Apple Pay is the like as it ‘s constantly been : Place your earphone near a requital concluding and use allude ID or Face ID to approve the transaction. Apple will besides add your Apple Card to Safari ‘s autofill have, which you ‘ve probably seen a prompt for when ordering something in Safari on your earphone or Mac. If you ‘re not being prompted to use your Apple Card, or any batting order for that matter, when making purchases in Safari, go into your iPhone ‘s Settings app and choose Safari > AutoFill and turn on Credit Cards. If you want to use your Apple Card on a web site that does n’t accept Apple Pay, and you ‘re not a Safari exploiter, your Apple Card has a long-run virtual menu number ( more on what that means below ). You can find your tease ‘s count on your iPhone by opening the Wallet app and selecting your Apple Card and then the three-dot icon in the top-right corner followed by Card Information. There you ‘ll find a card issue, termination date and security code — all of the information you ‘d need to make a purchase on-line or over the call. Your titanium Apple Card should arrive in the mail within a workweek of signing up. Once it does, you ‘ll need to activate it either in the Wallet app ( for older iPhone models ) or by holding your iPhone adam or iPhone XR ( ) near the wag ‘s envelope and following the prompts .apple-card-wallet-app Apple

The Wallet app is your Apple Card account portal

The Wallet app on your iPhone is where you go to see and manage your Apple Card bill. Your circuit board is tied to your Apple ID, so you do n’t need to worry about creating and remembering another password. You ‘ll notice as you begin to make purchases that the Apple Card in the Wallet app changes colors and looks different after every transaction. That ‘s Apple ‘s manner of gently showing you what your spend habits are, with each color representing a different category. presently, there are seven spending categories : shopping, Food & Drinks, Entertainment, Services, Travel, Transportation and Health. To view your spend habits, open the Wallet app and select your Apple Card. You ‘ll see a list of late transactions, your balance, any approaching payments and weekly activity.

Tap on a transaction to view more details, including the accurate localization it was made at, how much daily Cash you earned and how much money you ‘ve spent at that business for the given month. Select Weekly Activity to view your purchases, broken down by the same color-coded categories that determine what your Apple Card looks like. alternatively, you can tap View Monthly to break down spend patterns by each month .iphonexs-spacegray-applecard-chooseamount-pr-screen Apple After purchases begin posting to your account, you ‘ll be able to make a payment and view how much interest your current proportion will accrue over time. View your Apple Card in the Wallet app and tap on the Payment dialog box. At the top of the riddle will be your placard date. A circular skidder will let you adjust a payment amount, and fair below that, you ‘ll see any interest charges that will be charged. Tap Pay Now when you ‘re ready to make a requital. The first base time you make a requital you ‘ll need to add a bank history. If you already use Apple Cash, then you ‘ll be asked if you want to use the lapp trust account and the information will mechanically get filled in for you. Otherwise, you ‘ll need your bank ‘s rout count and your account number .

Daily Cash

Using your Apple Card, you ‘ll earn cash spinal column on every leverage. The sum of Daily Cash you earn is based on how ( and in once example, where ) a leverage is made. For all purchases made at Apple, be it for your Apple Music subscription or a new iPhone in the Apple Store, you ‘ll earn 3 % back. At launching, Apple announced it partnered with Uber to give all rides and Uber Eats orders the lapp 3 % profit. For all contactless payments, you ‘ll earn 2 % back. When you use the physical card, you ‘ll get 1 % back. ( here ‘s how the Apple Card compares with the Chase Sapphire and Amazon Prime Rewards credit cards. ) You do n’t have to do anything to claim your daily Cash — Apple will process and transfer it to your Apple Cash card every nox. sol if you purchased an iPad Pro ( ) at the Apple Store and the total was $ 1,000, you should expect to have $ 30 on your Apple Cash batting order after the transaction has posted. You can then put your Apple Cash balance toward the libra on your Apple Card, spend it using Apple Pay or transfer it to your bank score. Check on your casual Cash transaction history by going into the Wallet app and selecting your Apple Card, then the three-dot picture in the top right corner. View your transaction history under Weekly Activity and choice Daily Cash .lost-mode-iphone-xr Jason Cipriani/CNET

What happens if you lose your card or, even worse, your phone?

If you misplace or lose the forcible Apple Card, you can freeze it in the Wallet app. You can then unfreeze the card if you recover it, and begin using it again. If you lose it and are unable to find it, you can cancel your erstwhile card and request a new one within the Wallet app .

Replace your virtual card

If your virtual tease has been compromised, you can cancel it and request a modern phone number from the Wallet app. Doing therefore will immediately give you a new total and security code, invalidating the previous card number. Your virtual batting order number is not the like total that ‘s on your forcible card, so getting a fresh virtual count will require you to ordain a substitution poster. To request a new virtual tease count, view your Apple Card in the Wallet app and tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner. Select Card Information > Request New Card Number. You ‘ll need to confirm you want a new menu number, after which it will be updated .

What happens if you lose your phone?

If you lose your iPhone, the first thing to do is turn on Lost Mode using Find My iPhone. Doing then will prevent anyone from using all the cards you ‘ve added to Apple Pay. Next, you ‘ll need to contact Apple support at 1-800-MY-APPLE ( 1-800–692–7753 ) and request that your virtual card numeral and, if needed, your physical circuit board be frozen. Or you can use another io device to manage your account until you ‘re able to recover your iPhone .apple-card-support Jason Cipriani/CNET

Where to turn for customer support

The quickest and easiest way to get support for your Apple Card score is via iMessage. You can start a conversation with Apple patronize by viewing your Apple Card settings in the Wallet app. Tap on the Message button, and an iMessage screw thread will begin where you can chat with a support congressman from Goldman Sachs, the Apple Card ‘s tease issuer and bank. adjacent to the Message option, you ‘ll besides find the options to call support or visit the support web site. Do n’t go to an Apple store : Apple Card support is handled by Goldman Sachs, so Apple Store employees probably are n’t going to be a lot aid beyond directing you to Goldman Sachs. Since the Apple Card is partially of the Mastercard network, you are eligible for some Mastercard network benefits, for which you ‘ll need to contact Mastercard support — for exemplar, for help with its identity larceny protection plan, or dislodge ShopRunner transportation .

What if you switch to Android?

If you decide that it ‘s fourth dimension to jump transport to an Android earphone, you can still use the physical version of your Apple Card and continue to pay toward your balance — but you ‘ll need to call in your payments to 1-800-MY-APPLE ( 1-800–692–7753 ). Without an iPhone, all of the benefits and streamlined interactions that make the Apple Card unique all but vanish.

You can use your iPad ( ) to view transaction history and similar information, make payments, position spend habits or any of the more in-depth features you ‘ll find on an iPhone. As we continue to use the Apple Card, charging, making payments and monitoring our spend, there ‘ll surely be more features we discover. We ‘ll continue to update this post in the come days and weeks .

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