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The monetary value of a college education gets a batch of care these days, and for good reason : simply applying to college can be an expensive undertake. There ’ s the cost of standardized tests, the application fee and locomotion costs for campus visits. Before you know it, you may have to spend $ 100 or more for each school you apply to. One way to reduce this fiscal load is to obtain an application tip release .

What is a Fee Waiver?

Most college applications require a fee. The claim amount depends on the school, but the fees normally hover about $ 60. The purpose of the application fee is to help the college or university you are applying to pay for the cost of reviewing your application and making an admissions decision .

The Cost of Applying to College

According to US News & World Report, the modal college application fee in 2016 was $ 43, while $ 50 was the most common application tip measure. The most expensive schools have fees around $ 80 to $ 90, including Stanford University, Duke University and Columbia University.

There are colleges that charge no application fee, such as Averett University, Kenyon College and Carleton College. Of the colleges that do charge a modest application fee, such as Wofford College, you can expect to pay around $ 35 .
The count of colleges students apply to depends on a variety of factors, such as fiscal ability and type of decision condition a scholar is applying to. For example, if you apply during the early decision procedure and get accepted, you may only apply to one school. But those who strive to get into their favored schools but want a stand-in should apply to at least three schools. One school will be their “ condom ” school, one school will be their “ probable ” school and one will be their “ reach ” school. For students who obtain a tip release or can afford to apply to more schools, applying to six or 10 schools international relations and security network ’ t rare. A scholar who applies to 10 schools ( two guard schools, two probable schools and six range schools ) can well spend over $ 500 on lotion fees, assuming no fee waivers were used .

Other Costs of Applying to College

At a minimal, students will need to spend around $ 50 for the SAT or ACT and another $ 12 to have their standardized test grade sent to the college they are applying to. If the scholar intends to mail in a paper lotion, there will besides be postage fees .
Students who want to go “ all out ” can expect to pay a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in test homework, then there ’ s the monetary value of an on-campus visit ; depending upon how far you live from the educate, this might be the price of driving across town or the cost of a round-trip plane ticket and hotel room .

Which Students Qualify for Fee Waivers?

fee waivers are generally given to students who demonstrate fiscal necessitate. however, some schools will allow any student to avoid paying the application tip if they meet certain requirements, such as making an official on-campus visit.

For students who request a fee waiver based on fiscal motivation, the demand requirements to qualify will depend on the release summons the scholar is using. For exercise, some schools have their own fee release application process. however, students can expect a tip release if they receive politics aid based on their engagement in programs for low-income families .

How to Get a Fee Waiver

There are several methods by which students can obtain college application tip waivers. many of these will require students to complete a branch application process for each release .

An Expert Discusses Fee Waivers

Dr. Michele Scott Taylor is the chief Program Officer at College now Greater Cleveland, the nation ’ sulfur oldest college access organization. She is an expert in college access and higher department of education policy and scheduling .

Some students fall into the unfortunate position of having too much family income to qualify for a waiver, but still being unable to afford it. What’s the best way to ask the admissions office for an exception?

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Students should write a special circumstances letter to the admissions representative at the school who is assigned to them. In the letter, the scholar should explain their personal situation and the difference between how things look on paper versus how they actually are in real life. Better yet, if the school is local, the student should go for an in-person interview with their admissions representative to make his or her case. It doesn ’ thymine work 100 percentage of the time, but the majority of the time, talking to person works. And if the scholar is a strong applicant, a school normally does try to come through .

If the school itself doesn’t offer a fee waiver, what can a student do to get help from other sources?

If a school doesn ’ metric ton offer a fee release, a scholar or family should reach out to the local college access organization ( like College now ). There are many college access organizations across the country that work to guide students and families through the college application and fiscal aid march. here is a list of college entree organizations that are members of the National College Access Network ( NCAN ) : NCAN Membership List .
Another resource is The College Board, which offers up to four loose college lotion waivers to students who are income-eligible to receive an SAT tip release .

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