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Fannie Mae helps to ensure access to low-cost and sustainable house, which helps homebuyers and renters. It ‘s not entirely what we do, but besides why we exist. We help make a home a reality for millions of homebuyers and renters .
In the first quarter of 2022, Fannie Mae provided $ 255 billion in fluidity to fund the caparison market — helping individuals and families to buy, refinance, and rent approximately 935,000 homes .


Fannie Mae has developed low-cost house solutions, such as our HomeReady® mortgage. This low-cost mortgage lend program expands eligibility and removes barriers to homeownership for qualify homebuyers. HomeReady lets homebuyers :

  • Finance up to 97 percent of the purchase price.
  • Use non-traditional income sources to help qualify for a mortgage loan.
  • Access homeownership education to prepare for homebuying and homeownership.

We offer tools and resources to help throughout the homebuying action, so homebuyers can be more intimate and make inform housing decisions. We help prepare consumers to buy and own a family through our advanced and award-winning consumer web site. We besides offer HomeView™, our comprehensive free on-line homeownership naturally that provides a net see into the homebuying summons. We work with housing agencies and organizations to offer prepurchase guidance and information on down payment aid.


Our commitment extends to homeowners. Our primary coil goals are to facilitate equitable and sustainable access to homeownership and quality low-cost rental house. It is why we offer post-purchase programs, like home modification and foreclosure prevention, to homeowners with loans owned by Fannie Mae .
Homeowners besides have access to our Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Network. It offers barren, personalize mortgage aid through a housing guidance means approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development ( HUD ). Homeowners can work with a counselor to review their situation and determine available options. The housing counselors work with the homeowner and their mortgage company throughout the process.

We ‘ve put these house programs in home to help homeowners and communities, and they are succeeding. In the first quarter of 2022, we helped disquieted families retain their homes or keep off foreclosure through approximately 62,000 workout solutions. If you or person you know motivation mortgage aid, go to KnowYourOptions.com.


home does n’t constantly mean homeownership. We work with our industry partners to help provide communities, individuals, and families with access to quality rental housing at an low-cost price. We are a leading supplier of finance for multifamily properties. Every class we finance hundreds of thousands of lease housing units .
Fannie Mae ‘s KnowYourOptions.com besides helps educate renters who either may be entering the rental market or trying to determine whether rent is the right option. We besides provide aid to renters living in a Fannie Mae-backed property through access to our Disaster Response Network™. Our HUD-approved housing counselors can provide fiscal coach and access to state and local anesthetic resources .

Consumer resources and information

  • 1-800-2FANNIE (800-232-6643) – Contact Fannie Mae directly for assistance.
  • KnowYourOptions.com – Go to Fannie Mae’s consumer site for help with renting, buying, and owning a home.
  • HomeView – Take our comprehensive free online homeownership course to get the information you need for every step of your homeownership journey.
  • HomePath.com – Search Fannie Mae-owned properties for sale, and learn more about special programs offered on HomePath® properties.

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