How Do I Use The GI Bill?

Using your GI Bill benefits involves starting a process that begins with your school choices first base. not all colleges, Universities, prepare schools, or early institutions accept the GI Bill®, though a great many do .

Getting Started

How Do I Use The GI Bill The first gear step toward using your GI Bill benefits is to apply for them through the VA on-line ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ), in person at a regional VA office, or with a VA certifying official at the school of your choice .
But does your choose school accept the GI Bill ? Is it allowed to accept GI Bill funds based on accreditation or other requirements ?
Contact the school ’ second admissions department and ask if the school accepts the GI Bill, and how to get in touch with the person who handles VA issues on the school ’ south behalf. For smaller colleges, this may be one person ’ mho part-time province, but larger campuses may have respective staff members dedicated to helping veterans and presently serving military members.

It ’ second best to assume you ’ rhenium dealing with a busy, one-man office that handles your paperwork. This means being well-prepared for your dealings with your campus VA certifying official. This person does not work for the Department of Veterans Affairs, but will interact with the VA on your behalf .

Required Documentation For Your GI Bill Benefits Application

When you start working with your VA certifying official, you will need some documentation that includes your Social Security number, the bank account and routing numbers where you wish your GI Bill house valuation reserve and early payments sent, have any relevant transcripts send to the educate, plus any paperwork that shows your current status as a veteran, retiree, etc.

Veterans will be required to provide a imitate of DD Form 214 fire paperwork. Those hush in undifferentiated will probable need to provide a imitate of current orders, a letter from their orderly room, First Sergeant, or supervisory program argue that the member is in adept stand and hush serving .
It ’ s well to have adenine much of the ask software documentation as possible for your first base converge with the certifying official. You may be able to submit scans or electronic versions of your necessitate paperwork, depending on school standards, state law, stream VA requirements, etc .

Processing Times

It can take a calendar month or longer for the Department of Veterans Affairs to process GI Bill benefit applications, which is why it ’ sulfur best to begin the process a soon as possible. GI Bill caparison stipends and other payments are much received approximately 30 days after the first month the scholar ’ s GI Bill benefits begin.

Your school may receive tutelage and tip payments sooner ( or later ) than this. It ’ mho very important to check school policy on late payments and whether the student is required to take action to remove admin holds or account suspensions because of check GI Bill benefit payments. In general, the school will have have with these issues, but you should never assume that corrections to your student explanation happen mechanically .
About The Author Joe Wallace is a 13-year seasoned of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News

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