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Resources / Prepare And Apply Spread the Knowledge. parcel : LinkedIn email logo print Online application services, such as the Common Application, can make applying to college more convenient—if you know what to watch out for. The estimate of applying to all your colleges with one application sounds ideal. But there ‘s a little more to it than speeding through an on-line human body and clicking “ commit. ” here ‘s a summation of the leading platforms and tips for making the most of any service you choose.

The Leading Online College Application Services

There are several organizations with platforms that help students apply to multiple colleges and keep track of deadlines and application requirements .
The Common Application is the oldest and most long-familiar of the application providers. It is accepted by more than 800 public and individual colleges and universities in the U.S. and internationally. initially, these colleges were required to include essays and recommendation letters in their evaluation of applicants, but this is no long the case .
The Common Black College Application allows students to apply to more than 50 historically black colleges and universities. Students can apply to as many colleges as they like for a individual $ 35 fee .
The Coalition for Access and Affordability is the newest application military service provider, launching its first application in 2016. Its more than 100 member institutions must meet specific requirements that show they provide support to lower-resourced and underrepresented students ; have low-cost tuition, high gradation rates, and humble levels of scholar debt ; and offer low-cost, in-state tuition or need-based fiscal aid .
State-Based Application Services are hosted by some public state of matter university systems to allow students to apply to multiple campuses within the system.

The Universal College Application is alike to the Common Application. Colleges using the service do not have to require essays or letters of recommendation. Although the number of colleges accepting the Universal College Application is small ( about 15 – 20 schools ), several Ivy League schools and big-name colleges are among its members, adenine well as some smaller schools that accept the application entirely .

Tips for Applying Online with Application Services

Don’t apply to any college on a whim. Application services make applying to multiple colleges a lot easier. But resist the temptation to apply to more colleges barely because you can. You ‘ll avoid unnecessary fees and unwieldy college lists by sticking with schools you are good about .
Know how to use the application. Each service has a unique interface, process, and features. Before you get started, take the time to learn about the chopine and tools, and how to get technical serve if needed .
Check for extra forms, questions, and requests from the college. Beyond the standard application, many colleges ask for extra essays, recommendations, work samples, and data about you. A benefit of using any of these services is that they help you keep track of these different requirements and when they are due.

Don’t tell every school the same thing. You might be tempted to use the same or like answers on the auxiliary essays. Do n’t. Use the auxiliary essays to explain why you want to attend a particular college, what makes the college limited to you, and what you think you can contribute .
Print out your application and review it before clicking “send.” Be sure to go over the lotion with your counselor or parent to make indisputable there are no omissions or mistakes. besides, there are rare instances where electronic applications get lost, then keep a stand-in copy .
Don’t panic over technical problems. Colleges understand that technical issues delaying an application are n’t the scholar ‘s blame. They normally extend deadlines if such heart-stopping trouble arises.

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