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?How long will it take to get my US tax refund?

It normally takes around 10 – 12 weeks from the day your file is received by the tax office to the day you get your refund .

?I still haven’t received my tax refund – where’s my refund?

sometimes it takes longer for exemplar if there are delays at the tax position or if they demand extra documentation from you. We will let you know if this happens and we will be in regular liaison with the tax office to speed up your refund

?What is a CPA?

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant, an accredited US tax professional trusted by the IRS to check all tax returns are compliant with US tax code. Our CPA will review your application to make certain it is amply compliant.

?How much will it cost?

For US Federal tax returns we charge $ 60 + handling tip

Add in a State tax return for $ 30 + handling fee

For a submit tax return on its own we charge $ 50 + handling fee.

If you are due a small refund from the US that does not cover our minimum tip, offers a deoxidize tip to allow you to meet your US tax charge obligations and file your tax reappearance. Your Account Manager can discuss the fees with you in more detail if you have any questions .

?Do I have to file a US tax return?

Yes. Everyone who works in the US and earns more than the follow amounts is required by law to file one :

2014 – US $ 3950
2013 – US $ 3900
2012 – US $ 3800

?What if I earned under these amounts?

technically, you may be exempted from having to file a tax return key, but we recommend you file one anyhow as you may placid be owed a tax refund and it ‘s constantly better to ensure you comply with US tax laws .

?What’s the difference between filing my US tax return and getting my US tax refund?

A tax fall is a document declaring the indebtedness for tax while a tax refund is the money you get back on an overpayment made for a especial tax. We file your tax return in order to get you tax refund .

?What forms do I need to file my tax return and apply for a tax refund?

You will need to provide either a ;

1. Final accumulative Pay slip OR W2 Form/1042-S form
2. Your social security number/ITIN total

Sometimes we can use your final accumulative pay slip to begin your lotion procedure however some states only accept a W2/1040-S human body. You will receive this form at the end of the tax year .

?What is a final cumulative pay slip?

This is a pay mooring which is given to you along with your final pay up slip and states all your earnings and taxes you were charged during the class .

?What’s a W2/1040-S form?

The W2 kind states your entire earnings and measure you ‘ve been taxed over the by year. You will receive it at the end of the tax year in December.

You will normally receive a 1042-S shape alternatively of a W2 if you ’ re a scholar, teacher or trainee on J or F visa. The 1042-S outlines your scholarships, fellowships or grants you received in accession to tax treaties you ‘re entitled to .

?What’s an ITIN?

ITIN stands from individual Tax Identification Number. If you ’ ve lost your social security system number or you never got one, we can arrange an ITIN for you for alone $ 120 so we can start applying for your tax refund .

?What if I’ve lost any of these forms?

Don ’ metric ton concern ; our documents retrieval team can find them for you or informant fresh ones for a humble fee .

?What taxes will I pay in the US?

You will pay three to four taxes

1. federal Tax – normally at 10 % for impermanent workers
2. State Tax – varies between 1 – 13 % depending on what state you worked in
3. local Tax – A city/county tax
4. FICA tax – sociable security and Medicare contributions

As a impermanent proletarian in the US, you ’ re not meant to be charged FICA. If you ’ ve been charged it, you are most probably due a refund .

?What taxes can you file for me?

Federal, country and local anesthetic tax, plus a FICA refund if you ‘ve been charged it.

?How do I know what’s happening with my tax return?

By checking your personal, secure, on-line TaxTracker ® account. here you will see every update and military action taken on your character, and see if we need extra information or documents we need from you .

?Can I file my taxes electronically?

No – it is illegal for not – US residents to e-file. Be timid of companies who say they can file US taxes online for you as they may not be filing a compliant tax tax return. We guarantee to file a tax reappearance that is in full compliant with US tax laws .

?How do I know if I’m a resident or non resident for US tax purposes?

You will be considered a non-resident for tax purposes until you pass the hearty presence test. As a non-resident for tax purposes, you must file a not resident 1040NR Tax Return .

?What is the substantial presence test?

This is a test which gives you condition as a house physician for tax purposes once you pass it. To pass it you must have been physically present in the US for :

  • 31 days of the current year
  • 183 days over the last three years

To calculate this clock time, you can include all of the days you were give in the US over the current class, 1/34rd of the days you were present for the year before, and 1/6th of the days you were salute in the US in the year before that .

?When can I take the test?

You can take the test once you have been in the US for five years ( on a F, J, M or Q visa ) or two years ( on a ferment and travel, research worker or trainee J or Q visa ) .

?When can I apply for my US tax refund?

You can apply for your tax refund at the end of the US tax year which runs from January to December. immediately you can apply for a US tax refund as far back as three years .

?How much money will I get back?

This depends on your individual circumstances, but we ’ ll attempt to get you back the utmost legal tax refund potential. That amount depends on factors like :

  • Your visa
  • Your earnings
  • What state you worked in
  • How long you worked for

?What’s the average refund customers receive?

The average refunds we get for our clients across all visa we can file taxes for is between $ 520 and $ 1118, so apply today !

?Can you guarantee that I’ll receive the refund amount estimated for me?

Our tax calculator gives a pretty accurate estimate of what you ’ ll experience but the concluding amount can only be determined by the US tax office. We will file a compliant tax return and guarantee to get spinal column any tax you ‘ve overpaid .

?Could I owe money to the IRS?

It ‘s improbable but we ’ ll check your situation and documents carefully .

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