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Uber Eats is a fresh means to give people the food they want when they need it. It is an expansion of the original Uber taxi service. The goal is to make fare authentic and accessible for everyone, and the company regularly hires drivers to accomplish this .

Facts About Working at Uber Eats

Minimum Age to Work at Uber Eats : 19 years erstwhile ( How erstwhile do you have to be to work at Uber Eats ? ) Uber Eats Hours of Operation: available 24 hours a day

Available Positions at Uber Eats: Driver Printable Application : No. Search Job Openings or visit official site.
Based on the same philosophy, Uber Eats jobs are available for food pitch drivers with their own vehicles. Consumers order from restaurants in the app, and the food comes right to their doors. Drivers work to create a big customer know in a timely fashion. The ship’s company is constantly hiring newly drivers. Employees can work any schedule and serve as their own bosses. To start a drive career, aspirant can find an Uber Eats job application shape on-line.

Uber Eats Job Information

Those working Uber Eats jobs enjoy flexible schedules and adept yield rates. All employees need to have a valid license and be at least 19 years old. Job hopefuls can be from any backdrop or industry. Most manner of speaking drivers use cars for transportation. Some cities besides allow drivers to deliver on animal foot, scooters, or bikes .


  • Employees deliver food within a designated area.
  • They receive pay through a charge on each order, and have the opportunity to make tips.
  • Workers must be able to lift up to 30 pounds.
  • Hourly wages are $8.00 to $15.00, based on location and service.

Tips for Applying

While these positions are entry-level, make certain to list any drive or rescue feel when filling out an Uber Eats subcontract application. Keep in mind that candidates must undergo a background and fomite check anterior to employment .

Application Status

Job seekers apply on-line through the party ’ south web site. electric potential hires can check with Uber Eats about their application condition. however, the ship’s company contacts approved drivers after reviewing their documents and information. This often takes less than two weeks.

Uber Eats Job Benefits

Employees enjoy a flexible agenda with Uber Eats jobs. Workers choose when they want to work, whether full-time or half-time. Since individuals decide their schedules, time off is not paid. There is no 401 ( thousand ) design, healthcare coverage, or biography insurance available for drivers at this prison term .

More Details on Uber Eats

Uber started in San Francisco in 2009, and Uber Eats launched in 2015. Uber drivers can work for Uber Eats and frailty versa, arsenic retentive as their cars are approved for both services .

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