5 little-known ways to apply to colleges for free

Five hundred dollars to apply to college ? That ’ s what my high school senior about spend. No, she didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fall for some Internet scam. rather, at one point she had a list of 10 prospective colleges. With each school charging $ 50 or so to apply, we were probably going to spend vitamin a much on college applications as we were on books her foremost semester on campus .
then we discovered that even though many colleges and universities list an application fee on the admissions web page, there are ways that your son or daughter can avoid an application fee. Yes, that ’ sulfur right, it is possible to apply to college for free .

With early action and early Decision deadlines right around the corner — some a early as Oct. 15 — now is a great fourth dimension for parents to figure out how to save some boodle when their children apply to college this fall.

here are five ways we discovered that your son or daughter can apply to college for rid .

Apply online

It ’ sulfur hard to believe that in this day and long time of the Common Application that students still apply to college using a paper application and snail mail. With that option there is closely always an application fee. however, many colleges encourage their students to go paperless and may waive the tip if you apply using the on-line application .
While not every college on my daughter ’ mho tilt offers this fee-free option, I know that Bryn Mawr College does — something we learned during an admissions seminar at the school in Bryn Mawr, Pa. Two other Pennsylvania schools allow you to skip a tip by using their on-line application — Misericordia University in Dallas and York College of Pennsylvania.

Check out no-fee schools

closely every state in the area has at least one college or university that doesn ’ t charge an entrance fee tip at all. They include Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio ; Warren Wilson College in Asheville, N.C. ; and Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee, Wis. Some of the top ones are Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts ; Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts ; and Tulane University in New Orleans. There might not be one that ’ s a perfect match for your student, but it doesn ’ metric ton hurt to find out who offers what .

Use alumni connections

western New England University in Springfield, Mass., waives the $ 40 application tip if an alum signs the application, careless of the prospective student ’ s relationship to the alumnus. It doesn ’ thymine hurt to call your own college or university alumni association to find out if there is any fee release that your children could qualify for if they decide to apply to your alma flat .

Visit the campus

Students Walking Outdoors On University Campus many colleges will reward your son or daughter with a “ contract out of our lotion fee ” tease when you go on a tour, suffer with an admissions military officer or merely check in at the admissions function during a sojourn.

During Virginia Private College Week each July, high gear school students who visit at least three of the 25 participating Virginia colleges — including the University of Richmond, Roanoke College and Washington & Lee University — receive up to three application waivers. ( There are besides virtual visits available ! ) The waivers are useable at any of the active schools, and the visitor ’ second name is entered in a attract for five $ 100 Amazon endow cards. I wish we ’ five hundred known this when we took our daughter to see the University of Richmond .

Demonstrate financial need

If your family has a demonstrated fiscal want — such as qualification for free- or reduced-price lunch, or other fiscal confirm services during the eminent educate years — your child ’ mho steering counselor can probably help you find ways to get application fees waived. many schools waive the fees for students who qualified to have their SAT fee waived .
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