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DoorDash is a aggressive on-demand pitch overhaul founded in 2013 by Stanford college students. Customers can orderliness food or other items through the app and have them delivered to their home or office. The company regularly hires drivers to fulfill these requests .

Facts About Working at DoorDash

Minimum Age to Work at DoorDash : 18 years old ( How honest-to-god do you have to be to work at DoorDash ? )

DoorDash Hours of Operation: available 24 hours a day Available Positions at DoorDash: Dasher, Sales Development representative Printable Application : No. Search Job Openings or visit official locate.

Related Links:DoorDash Interview Based in San Francisco, the service continues to expand with over 25 U.S. and canadian markets. DoorDash jobs are a great room to become conversant with cities and their residents. Drivers will learn street layouts and meet a draw of new people.

While the company hires full-time workers, most employees drive part-time over nights or weekends. DoorDash jobs offer flexible cultivate schedules, perfective for earning some excess cash .

DoorDash Job Information

The hire process for DoorDash jobs begins by completing an on-line lotion shape. Each employee must be 18 or older with a clean drive record, policy, and a valid driver ’ south license. Job hopefuls have to pass background checks, own smartphones, and have dependable department of transportation .

Delivery Driver

  • These entry-level workers, known as Dashers, deliver food and merchandise from local businesses to customers.
  • They enjoy flexible hours, working anytime through the DoorDash smartphone app.
  • Hourly wages begin at $10, and employees keep their tips.

Sales Development Representative

  • Detail-oriented workers with strong communication skills are perfect for this DoorDash job.
  • Employees identify and contact companies that are likely to use DoorDash via cold calling and emailing.
  • This position requires a degree, and the pay rate is between $18 and $22 an hour.

Tips For Applying

When filling out a DoorDash job lotion, be prepared to disclose drive records. Dashers can not have any major traffic violations from the final seven years, like DUI, recklessness, or driving under suspension. They can entirely have three or fewer minor incidents within three years, including accidents .

Application Status

After potential drivers apply on-line, the company runs a background arrest. New employees must receive approval, and most hear back promptly. Communication is via electronic mail, so candidates should check their inboxes often. For full-time jobs, DoorDash will contact applicants to begin a months-long interview process.

DoorDash Job Benefits

Drivers receive cable car insurance for any accidents that occur on deliveries. As independent contractors, Dashers are not eligible for extra use benefits or medical insurance. full-time DoorDash careers have competitive wage packages :

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Healthcare coverage, and
  • Paid time off.

More Details on DoorDash Jobs

New hires will receive predilection on-line or in-person, and can buy gear like t-shirts or bags. After that, getting paid through DoorDash is american samoa easy as turning on the app and accepting an order. In some areas, workers may deliver using motorcycles, scooters, and bikes .

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