Companies That Lower Credit Card Interest Rates

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Most credit card companies are likely to lower your credit card ’ sulfur interest rate if you ask, including Capital One, American Express, Chase, and Bank of America, according to reviews on-line. But if you ’ re trying to get a better APR on your recognition poster, don ’ t take this list to be exhaustive .
theoretically, you can call any credit tease company to ask for a lower interest rate. The worst that could happen is they ’ ll say no. Every calling card issuer goes by its own rubric for rate decrease requests from cardholders. Your credit history is a agent in many cases, as is your history with the specific menu ’ south issuer. Some menu issuers reportedly offer deals to people who pay in full every calendar month. Others may sporadically dole out low-APR promotions to existing accounts based on certain criteria, but they won ’ t lower your APR unless you have one of these offers on your history.

What you should know before requesting a lower credit card interest rate:

  • Know your current APR and how low you’d like it to go before you call customer service.
  • If you’re currently experiencing financial hardship, consider explaining it to the representative.
  • Cite your good payment history (if applicable) and how long you’ve held that particular credit card, if you think it will help your case.
  • Consider whether or not you’re willing to cancel your credit card and take your business elsewhere if they don’t give you an offer. Sometimes, threatening to close your account will spin the results in your favor. The longer you’ve had the card, the better your odds.

Keep in take care that your credit grade is one of the main factors that determines your APR on a citation wag. Improving it will decidedly get you closer to successfully negotiating a lower rate. If you want to know where you stand, you can check your credit score for loose, right here on WalletHub .



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