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Your initial window to enroll in Medicare begins three months before the calendar month of your sixty-fifth birthday, and ends three months after that calendar month .
Or call 866-604-0718 ( TTY 771 ) to speak to a license policy agent. ( Mon-Fri 8am-9pm, Sat 10am-7pm ET )

While Medicare Part A – which covers hospital care – is complimentary for most enrollees, Part B – which covers doctor visits, diagnostics, and preventive manage – charges participants a premium. Those premiums are a charge for many seniors, but here ’ s how you can pay less for them .

1. Sign up for Part B on time

Your initial window to enroll in Medicare begins three months before the month of your sixty-fifth birthday, and ends three months after that month. If you don ’ triiodothyronine signboard up during that seven-month period, you can enroll during Medicare ’ s General Enrollment Period ( January 1 through March 31 ) each year .
But for each 12-month time period you go without Medicare coverage despite being eligible, you ’ ll be hit with a penalty that raises your partially B premium cost by 10 percentage. Worse so far, that punishment will remain in effect for the rest of your life. The takeout ? If you want to save money, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be belated. ( You can safely delay Part B, without a punishment, if you ’ re covered under a current employer ’ mho plan. )

2. Defer income to avoid a premium surcharge

The standard premium for Medicare Part B is $ 170.10 per month in 2022 – but that assumes you ’ re not a higher earner. Those with higher income levels are topic to higher premium costs. For 2022 ( based on your income in 2020, which is the most holocene tax retort that was filed before the 2022 plan year began ) hera ’ s what you ’ rhenium looking at :

2022 Medicare Part B premium costs by income level
Income level: individual tax filer Income level: joint tax filer Total monthly premium
Over $91,000 to under $114,000 Over $1826,000 up to $228,000 $238.10
Over $114,000 up to $142,000 Over $228,000 up to $284,000 $340.20
Over $142,000 up to $170,000 Over $284,000 up to $340,000 $442.30
Over $170,000 and less than $500,000 Over $340,000 and less than $750,000 $544.30
$500,000 and above $750,000 and above $578.30

If you ’ re able to defer income strategically to future tax years so that you can report a lower entire on your tax tax return, you might save yourself a higher premium charge for at least a year, since those surcharges are based on previous tax returns. For model, your 2020 tax return will determine whether you pay a surcharge in 2022 ( if you experience a life change that reduces your income, you can appeal the income-related overcharge ).

3. Pay your premiums directly from your Social Security benefits

Seniors who are enrolled in Medicare and Social Security simultaneously have their separate B premiums deducted immediately from their Social Security benefits. Doing indeed international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine merely a appliance, though ; in some cases, it can save you from rising bounty costs thanks to Medicare ’ s hold-harmless provision .
This provision ( which kicked in for many beneficiaries in 2016 and 2017 ) protects you from losing out on Social Security income when Part B agio increases surpass the cost-of-living adjustments ( COLA ) that are applied to benefits each year. This means that if Part B increases by $ 30 a month in a given year, but your COLA only raises your monthly benefits by $ 24, you save yourself the excess $ 6 by not having to pay it. ( notice that this protection is not applicable if you ’ re paying a high-income surcharge for your Part B coverage, described above. )
In holocene years, the COLA has been more than adequate to cover the fully monetary value of the standard Part B increases, so the “ retain harmless ” provision hasn ’ triiodothyronine been applicable. But it ’ second always there, barely in casing the Part B premium addition is more than a beneficiary ’ randomness COLA for a given year .

4. Get help from a Medicare Savings Program

Medicare Savings Programs, or MSPs, are special programs designed to help low-income seniors pay their Medicare expenses – Part B premiums included. These programs are fund via Medicaid, so they ’ re run at the state degree ( each express has its own Medicaid course of study, which is jointly funded by the state and federal government ).

To qualify, your monthly income can ’ thyroxine exceed a certain limit. ( The claim amount of which will depend on your tax filing condition and your state of residence. ) besides, your personal resources ( such as savings and investments ) must fall within a specific specify. But if you ’ re deemed eligible for aid via an MSP, you could lower your Part B premium costs .
To apply for one of these programs, you ’ ll need to visit or call your local Medicaid office .
Maurie Backman has been writing professionally for well over a decade, and her coverage area runs the gamut from healthcare to personal finance to career advice. much of her writing these days revolves around retirement and its respective components and challenges, including healthcare, Medicare, Social Security, and money management .

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