How to Plan for and Minimize the Self-Employment Tax

All workers have to pay Social Security and Medicare. For most workers, the employee and employer split the cost. They would each pay 7.65 % of the employee ‘s eligible wages .

An autonomous contractor, however, is both the employer and the employee. To pay the wax measure, a freelance person is responsible for both halves, or 15.3 % of earned income. This is known as the self-employment tax .

How to Calculate Self-Employment tax

The 15.3 % self-employment tax is composed of a 12.4 % Social Security tax on the first $ 137,700 of net self-employment income for the class 2020 ( $ 142,800 in 2021 ) and a Medicare tax of 2.9 % on all net self-employment income.

Your freelance income is any income from freelance clientele activities ( Schedule C ), farming ( Schedule F ), the freelance earnings of a collaborator ( Schedule E ), and work as clergy or employee of a religious organization. The $ 137,700 ceiling is called the “ Social Security engage basis. ” It represents the maximum sum of income from wages and net self-employment income that ‘s subject to the Social Security tax. This al-qaeda increases a small each year to adjust for inflation.

web self-employment income is your income after deducting business expenses, such as market expenses, memory rent, or purchased inventory. You would next adjust your net self-employment by multiplying it by 92.35 %, which allows you to subtract out 7.65 % as a commercial enterprise expense. The adjusted 92.35 % takes into account the region of the Social Security and Medicare taxes as a deductible business expense for employers.

freelance taxpayers are permitted to deduct the employer ’ s part of Social Security and Medicare taxes on their own tax returns. This decrease in the base come of income that ‘s subject to the self-employment tax along with the above-the-line deduction available to freelance taxpayers for the employer assign of the tax helps equalize the tax treatment between freelance workers and wage employees.

Self-employment tax is calculated using Schedule SE phase 1040 or 1040-SR. You must pay the self-employment tax even if you are already receiving Medicare or Social Security.

How to Reduce Self-Employment tax

It is unmanageable to avoid paying the self-employment tax entirely. however, there are three good ways that you can reduce the come of self-employment tax that you owe.

1. Increase Your business Expenses

The only guarantee way to lower your self-employment tax is to increase your business-related expenses. This will reduce your internet income and correspondingly reduce your self-employment tax. regular deductions such as the standard tax write-off or enumerate deductions wo n’t reduce your self-employment tax .

Above-the-line deductions for health policy, SEP-IRA contributions, or solo 401 ( kelvin ) contributions will not reduce your self-employment tax, either. These deductions only reduce the federal income tax .

You may be able to lower your net income by taking the section 179 discount, which allows you to deduct the cost of certain specify assets that are used for clientele. This will impact both your income tax and the self-employment tax, so you will need to speak with a tax professional to find out if you qualify.

2. Increase Tax During Years With Losses

sometimes you may need to increase your self-employment tax in regulate to maintain eligibility for Social Security retirement or disability benefits .

In cosmopolitan, you need at least 40 Social Security credits over your life to be eligible for retirement benefits and at least five years of credits out of 10 to be eligible for disability benefits. freelance people who are facing a class in which they have lost money—their expenses were greater than their incomes—or a year in which their incomes are importantly lower than usual can use a limited method acting, known as the “ optional method acting, ” to increase their self-employment tax .

freelance persons who are not farmers or fishermen are limited to using the optional method lone five times during their lifetimes. Rules for this method acting are found in the ​Instructions for Schedule SE .

3. Consider Forming an S-Corporation

The self-employment tax applies specifically to earn income. If your clients or customers pay your S-corp, rather than paying you directly, that ‘s not yet considered income you have earned .

once you form your S-corporation, you would pay yourself a percentage of your corporation ‘s earnings as a wage and the remaining libra as dividends. The “ wage ” part is earned income and is subject to self-employment tax. But dividends are n’t subject to self-employment tax, so you ‘ve reduced your net self-employment income by whatever share you took as dividends.

Whether you choose to form an S-corp or use another strategy, efficaciously lowering your self-employment tax can be slippery. The best way to do it may change from class to year, specially as self-employment tax rates and income subject to these rates can change per annum. To make certain you file your taxes correctly, enlist the aid of a tax professional who specializes in self-employment .

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