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As we ‘ve said in the past, having more than one instrument in place to ban yourself from gambling, on-line and offline, means giving yourself the best casual to overcome the habit. Whether that be gambling blocking software, self exclusion from on-line gambling or bank transaction blocking. There are many tools out there to help .

Gambling Blocking Software

Gambling Blocking software, such as Gamban, can be downloaded onto all of your devices, for the determination of blocking access to 1000s of gambling websites and apps, global. We offer a trial for Gamban that grants you detached access to our submit of the art programmes and applications for your devices. Learn more about Gamban here. Learn More.


Self-exclusion typically involves asking a gamble operator, casino or bet shop, for exercise, to exclude you from gambling with them over a fructify period of time. This means that you will be refused service at the locations, on-line and offline, from which you are self-excluded. By police gamble operators in the UK have to provide self-exclusion. manually self-excluding yourself from every venue or web site can be a daunting task. however, there are “ multi-operator ” schemes available, allowing anyone to well “ mass ” self-exclude. Listed below are some of these schemes .

Online Gambling Self-Exclusion – GAMSTOP

gamstop self exclusion One of the most long-familiar multi-operator schemes is GAMSTOP, which is presently available as a multi-operator self-exclusion outline to UK and NI residents. however, It does not cover all gambling sites, only those based in the UK. Find the list of participating on-line gambling companies here .

Arcades and Adult Gaming Centres

bacta Arcades and Adult Gaming Centres unfortunately, as of this date, it is not possible to mass self-exclude online from Arcades and Adult Gaming Centres. however, through the Bacta Self-Exclusion Scheme, you will be able to self-exclude from Adult Gaming Centres ( AGCs ) by just visiting one AGC or by phoning one of them and enquiring. Anyone wishing to join the Bacta Self-Exclusion Scheme should contact Bacta on selfexclusion @ or 0207 730 6444. For further details, chatter here.

Betting shops / Bookmakers

multi operator self exclusion scheme betting shops bookies bookmakers Through the Multi Operator Self Exclusion Scheme you can designate betting shops from which you want to self-exclude. This scheme is tailored to the needs and habits of the registrants. By identifying the dissipated shops person uses or might try to use, the scheme passes on the information to all the relevant dissipated workshop operators. Call the Multi Operator Self Exclusion Scheme helpline on 0800 294 2060 to exclude yourself from more than one bookmaker in your sphere. For more details please click here .

Bingo venues

bingo industry self exclusion scheme To self-exclude from licensed lotto premises across Great Britain, use The Bingo Associations ‘ Self-Exclusion Scheme. Simply file at your local lotto golf club or alternatively, you can do indeed online if you click here .


sense self enrolment nation self exclusion feel enables you to register in a scheme to exclude themselves from all UK land-based casinos. once you have requested ejection through the SENSE scheme, your information will be shared with all casinos across the country. Furthermore, your details will be removed from all land-based casino market databases. For more information, click here. While for some, Gambling Blocking Software will be adequate to ban themselves from gambling, others ( problem gamblers or differently ) may want to use self-exclusion schemes in conjunction with Gamban. Learn more about Gamban ’ s Gambling Blocking Software here.

Find more information on how gambling self-exclusion can be effective here. Find more information on how to block gambling transactions from your bank report here. Find more information about gambling problems and patronize here .

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