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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Great Salon Manager Being a salon director is a street fighter speculate. There are many duties and responsibilities to master. It takes a well-organized and high functioning people-person who can think on their feet to make everything come together .

What Makes a Great Salon Manager?

respective characteristics make for a capital salon coach. They include being a commodity communicator and being organized, diplomatic, and customer-focused. Having a good understand of the beauty industry is crucial and experience within hair salons is besides ideal .

Salon Manager Duties and Responsibilities

many things make up a salon director job description. In reality, a salon director is creditworthy for the operations of a salon. It ’ s their job to make certain that the business is fully staffed, scheduled appropriately, well-stocked, and running smoothly at all times. In effect, they handle everything except the legal duties of a salon owner .
The duties of a salon director may vary based on the size and structure of the clientele. For model, a smaller salon may need a director to oversee the front desk and physically run reception, possibly even handle the books, inventory management, and payroll. however, a more extensive operation may have a classify person in charge of each of the salon sections. The salon coach, in that character, would run overall operations.

Regardless of a salon ’ mho size, the duties of a salon coach will probable include opening and/or closing a salon during business hours, scheduling staff, enroll, rent, fuel, and training employees, handling conflicts and node complaints, and everything else that goes into the daily operation of the business .

Managing Staff

Unless you ’ re hired on to a new salon and can start with a fresh team, most salon managers inherit a team and are brought in to help run operations for the salon owner .
It can be a rocky start to come into an existing salon team and try to take over the management. There can be some resistance, flush resentment from other team members, as it ’ randomness not rare to promote an existing person into the salon director ’ south function. You ’ ll want to get a grip on the situation and bargain with it head-on, so there is no chance of any bad blood interfering with the salon operations .

Whether you’ve just hired on in a management role or have been promoted internally, there are several suggestions to help the transition as salon manager:

  • Be patient
  • Give the team time to acclimate to you
  • If you are new to the team, set some time aside to get to know about each team member
  • Set some basic ground rules based on the salon owner’s desires 
  • Enforce all rules fairly, consistently, and concisely
  • Be a leader willing to dive in help

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Great Salon Manager

The Guidelines

A salon coach is normally responsible for hiring and training staff, discipline, even firing should the indigence rebel. With that in mind, you ‘ ll want to set up specific guidelines for hire, employee demeanor, and termination. If they already exist in the company, follow the guidelines for what has already been established. If not, set up your own standards. Either room, having a located of procedures and policies is essential, no topic the salon ’ randomness size .
All employees must be treated fairly, so a process must be set up and followed. Start with intelligibly defined job descriptions and expectations for each position within the entire team. Outline what their duties are, what is expected of them, and what would be deemed a corrective discourtesy, including result. These guidelines will make enforcing the rules easier for you and protect the business from electric potential employee lawsuits down the line .
Consider creating an employee manual that is accessible by any extremity of the team. The manual of arms is a great topographic point to start for all employees no matter what they do for the occupation or how long they have been employed at the salon .
Although each team extremity goes through some level of prepare, the salon coach can ’ thyroxine expect them to memorize everything in the guidelines. Announce the manual in a team meeting ( and to all new hires ), explain how to promptly and anonymously access it, and outline a plan for any employee to air a grievance. every staff member must know that they have a voice and that there is an open door for them as needed .
hairdressers wearing black

Recruiting Talent

In addition to lease, a salon coach may be required to recruit talent. That means that you ’ ll want to find local sources, such as smasher schools, job boards, and old world chat rooms that allow hairdresser career information to be posted to find qualify people to fill each put. In each sheath, find out how they handle job postings .
A impregnable assisting program can help attract new graduates and/or recently licensed professionals for the service supplier slope. They need a place to continue their learn while working to build a clientele finally. Having a robust continuing education platform and even employee perks will help attract applicants for established overhaul providers .
In the case of a lease salon or salon suites, included amenities ( ample locked storage, towels, receptionist, etc. ) and the salon ’ mho business hours or policy for entree to their station/room are all-important to the renter .

The Hiring Process

As a salon director, be certain there is a specific protocol for applicants. How are applications taken ? How are the interviews conducted ? What screen of consultation questions should be asked. For military service providers, is there a test ? If hired, how is training handled ? Same as previously mentioned, set up guidelines and follow them .
lease is about finding the veracious people to fill each function in the salon. The last thing you want to do is hire person for the sake of having a consistency in that status. Take the time to truly vet each applicant. Start with a comprehensive application and ask all of the significant questions. Find out about their work history, where they volunteer their time, even hobbies, and special interests. Check their references – call past employers. Be exhaustive .
In the lawsuit of military service providers, test their skills in person. Have them do a haircut in front of you, present multiple finished looks or demonstrate a specific technique. For applicants for watering place positions, have them perform certain services on you to experience everything for yourself. Basically, make them prove what they can do before you consider hiring them .
Do keep in take care that some applicants look great on wallpaper, ace the job consultation, or produce a great finished look, but they may not fit in with the team ’ sulfur culture. Get to know them a moment so you can get a common sense of what they are about .
For firm applicants that fit the job overview qualifications, consider bringing them into the salon. Give them a tour and introduce them to a few people. Watch how they interact with others, even set up a few stop points along the way to see how they react. For example, for an adjunct or modern stylist position, leave them in the color dispensary for a hour to take a call. If they take the enterprise to fold the clean and jerk towels in front of them, wash a dish, or rinse color bowling ball in the sink, you ’ ve got a team actor on your hands. Hire them !
The lapp holds true for reception applicants. Have them wait at the front desk for a hour or two to see how they interact. Do they straighten the smokestack of business cards at the battlefront desk, turn the backward-facing bottle around in the retail area, or at least acknowledge others with eye liaison and a smile ? These are all excellent traits of a customer service professional – watch for them .

Staff Meetings

It ’ second always a dear theme to schedule even meetings with your group. To get everyone involved and encourage participation, try to make the meetings fun and collective experiences. Remember, you ’ re working with largely creative personalities, so a bodied meeting international relations and security network ’ t the best approach .
Set a specific agenda for your meet and adhere to it. however, you do want staff to know that they can speak up deoxyadenosine monophosphate needed. make time as required for any issues at hand. If it ’ s a topic for a smaller group, do a break session to address the issue versus taking up the entire team ’ mho clock.

Team Building Exercises

While even meetings are an excellent structure for staff communication, team-building activities outside of the salon can prove worthwhile. Taking the group outside of their exploit environment can open the pathway for better communication and help build chumminess and date. Engaged employees tend to perform better at influence, which is excellent for both your bottom line and morale. besides, felicitous employees translate to staff memory, which is a plus .
Consider bringing in a adviser for a more conventional team-building activity, or go for an come out of the closet of some sort to bring the team together. Doubling as continuing education to enhance your staff ’ sulfur skills, consider having the group attend a conference or workshop on a specific swerve or proficiency .
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Great Salon Manager

Employee Evaluations

In accession to regular staff meetings and exercises, be sure to set up person team member meetings. These meetings should be private, one-on-one sessions to discuss the employee ’ south performance and goals and the salon ’ randomness success as an employer .
This is a adept distributor point to review that employee ’ s performance, cover any issues, and set goals moving forward. Be sure to ask them to parcel their thoughts, struggles, and suggestions and assure them their remark is authoritative. remember of it in terms of growing them to help grow the salon. It ’ s an investing in both .


cipher likes to fire people. unfortunately, it ’ s a world in business, including for salons. If a staff member is not performing to the salon ’ south expectations or they have a corrective write out, the salon director is normally the person who delivers the bad news. In that shell, make sure to have everything in order before calling the person into your function or taking them away to terminate them .
First of all, be certain to follow all local, state, and union laws and salon policies around employee ending. clearly state why they are being fired or laid off. Have their concluding paycheck ready for them and help them gather their belongings and leave the premises without incidental. Just remember that a hard as it is for you, it ’ second embarrassing for them. Be firm but show some compassion .

Handling Unhappy Customers

No matter how well a business operates or how great their customer service is, there will always be a handful of dysphoric customers. It ’ south just the nature of clientele. As the salon coach, it ’ s your job to handle any complaints and to support your team in the event of a ailment .
customer complaints are a teach opportunity. Treat it as such :

Take Swift but Calculated Action

share with the infelicitous customer cursorily and concisely. In most cases, it ’ mho best to give them what they want. Whether in person, in an electronic mail, or on social media or a chopine for reviews, be mindful that others may be watching. How you handle things with this dysphoric customer leaves an mental picture on other clients and likely clients .

Spot the Lessons

determine from the moment. Is there a policy or procedure in space that needs to change ? Is there a team extremity that could use more train ? How can you make it better for the other clients ?

Be Ready for the Fallout

think of the repercussions of any action you take. For exemplar, if an employee feels marginalized because they thought the customer was wrong and the salon took the client ’ s slope, you ’ ll have a morale trouble on your hands. The last thing you want is an employee that does not think you have their back. talk with the employee, explain what was done and why, and assure them it ’ sulfur nothing personal. Give them a find to vent and come together to learn and grow from the have. specially when complaints happen, employees need to know that they are valued and respected .
On the other end of the spectrum, if you come across a series whiner, deal with them consequently by suggesting that they look elsewhere for their beauty needs. naturally, you want to do that diplomatically. Depending on the forum in which they complain, remember that others may be watching. Be professional but austere, and then close the doorway on the conversation. Regardless of how you handle things and on what platform, set a note in the sand that such behavior will not be tolerated. such action should help deter others from making your salon a victim .
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Great Salon Manager

3 Best Traits of a Salon Manager

Best Salon Manager Trait #1: Running a Tight Ship

For any coach, several things reflect your management manner. Running a polish operation is one of those things. If the salon doesn ’ triiodothyronine already have salon management software, look into options to help with scheduling, point of sale, automated notifications and confirmations, etc. Ensure your team is well acquainted with the software and uses all of the features and benefits to keep the operation running smoothly .
Another reflection on your management style is how tidy the salon looks. When clients walk through the door, the salon ’ sulfur cleanliness plays a significant function in their first gear depression. That first gear impression is the foundation for the stallion customer have. see that your team understands the value of the customer experience and steps up to ensure that the salon constantly looks its best. Every client should feel comfortable and well pampered in pleasing surroundings .

Best Salon Manager Trait #2: Mastering Communication

As a salon coach, it ’ s crucial to have dependable communication skills. equally as vital is having a design for communicating, including making sure that your staff is constantly up to go steady and knows what is expected of them. At a deeper level, they need to know what is not acceptable behavior .
communication is besides key to resolving conflicts. If an employee has an publish with another person, a salon policy, or a specific circumstance, a good conversation can normally clear the air .
While some problems are pressing and you ’ ll want to address them immediately, others are not as time-sensitive. Your monthly staff meetings are probably the best manner to talk about some of the less pressing matters and serve as a platform for employees to ask questions and address their concerns .

Best Salon Manager Trait #3: Knowing Your Numbers

In accession to running the salon ’ s daily operations, you are responsible for how your team performs. naturally, it ’ south all-important to maintain a certain horizontal surface of service and keep the customers glad. however, as the leader, you besides need to maintain a particular benchmark with sales and count for ways to grow the salon ’ s buttocks line.

once you get the rhythm of the salon operations down, function with the salon owner to look deep into the key performance indicators ( KPIs ) for the salon. Run reports through the salon management software and examine the numbers. Look at overall service and retail sales and individual team member performance over time to identify any trends or deficiencies. Sit down together to outline a realistic long-run plan to help grow the salon ’ sulfur bed line .
immediately that you know more about smasher salon management, do you have what it takes to be a capital salon coach ?
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