Florida Registered Agent

Florida Registered Agents

What is a Florida Registered Agent?

read agents in Florida are tasked with the duty of receiving and accepting all servicing of process and official notifications on a business ’ behalf. Every corporation or LLC in Florida are required by jurisprudence to have a register agent. Florida registered agents serve as a business ’ main point of contact with the world. If an LLC or corporation in Florida is sued, the Florida registered agentive role will be served with the legal paperwork ( service of summons ). When the express mails an annual report admonisher, the reminder is mailed to the registered agent. For these reasons, Registered Agents Inc. believes Florida registered agents serve a vital function in every business registered in the express, and we are dedicated to providing the best service possible .

Florida Registered Agent Requirements

Florida ’ second statutes hold register agents operating in the states accountable for merely the most basic of services. A Florida registered agent ’ sulfur duties are outlined below :

  • Have a Physical Address
    Registered agents must have a registered office in Florida. This registered office can be any type of physical residence where mail and service of process can be delivered and accepted in person. A home, business, or office suite number will all suffice as an adequate registered office address. P.O. boxes and virtual offices are unacceptable.
  • Be Available
    A registered agent in Florida must be generally available to accept service of process during normal business hours.
  • Accept Service of Process
    The primary duty of all registered agents in Florida is to accept service of process on behalf of the business to which the agent has been appointed. The registered agent must accept service from a process server and forward the documents the agent has received to the individuals in charge of the business entity involved in the lawsuit.
  • Receive Official Notices
    During their tenure as a Florida business’ registered agent, agents will receive other important documents like tax notifications and annual report reminders on behalf of the business entity they serve and must be capable of forwarding those legal documents as well.

Unlike cross-file agents in higher profile states like Delaware and Wyoming, Florida registered agents are not required to keep communication touch information on file .
Florida does not have any commercial cross-file agent requirements prerequisite. a far as Florida statutes are concerned, an individual serving a register agent for one business is peer to a caller serving as a cross-file agent for thousands of businesses.

Florida Registered Agent Service Overview

When you hire Registered Agents Inc. for register agent serve in Florida, or in any early state, you ’ ll receive a lot more than the fulfillment of our statutory duties .
Whether you ’ re hiring us as a register agent for your own company or your clients ’ companies, each registered agentive role order includes :

  • A Secure, Online Account
    When we receive any notification on behalf of a Florida business for which we have been hired to serve as registered agent, we’ll scan an upload the document from our local office to the client’s online account. There, the client can track and view every notification and reminder we’ve ever sent them.
  • Fast Notification
    Why are we so fast? Unlike other national registered agent providers, we don’t forward documents to a scanning hub where they are then scanned and uploaded. We scan and upload from the office where we received a client’s documents. This saves time, reduces errors, and ensures the client knows the accurate status of their business.
  • Intuitive Design
    Clients will not need a webinar or in-house consultation to use registered agent notification system. Through years of modifications and high-level design, we’ve created an easy-to-use and efficient notification system that will leave no client in the dark.
  • A Vast Network
    As a reliable, national registered agent, every client account includes a seamless extension that provides access to every state form a business might need to file. Plus, if a client needs to add coverage in a new state, we have them covered.
  • Supreme Service
    Any client that requires help will get it. Our customer service agents are skilled and knowledgeable. We strive to be the best in the business.

How to Change Florida Registered Agents

Changing registered agents in Florida is a fast and simple process.

  1. Hire a new registered agent in Florida
  2. Complete the Florida Statement of Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent or Both form (choose the appropriate form for your business entity type)
  3. Pay the filing fee. $25 for LLCs or $35 for corporations.

The express shape is reasonably simple. You ’ ll need to list the follow :

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • FL document number and date of filing
  • Current registered office address
  • New registered office address
  • Name of current registered agent
  • Name of new registered agent
  • Registered agent signature
  • Signature of filer

The Statement of Change of Agent can not be filed online. It will take the Florida Secretary of State about a week process the change when you file by mail .

Becoming a Florida Registered Agent

The requirements for becoming a read agent are fairly elementary :

  1. You must have a Florida address where you can physically receive and accept service of process.
  2. You must be available during normal business hours to receive service of process.
  3. You must be able to forward service of process accepted on behalf of a business to the designated business.

Those are the basic register agent qualifications in Florida .

The Importance of Registered Agents in Florida

A Florida registered agent will be responsible for handling a commercial enterprise ’ most individual legal documents, and for ensuring that business is mindful of any pending lawsuits against it .
Registered Agents Inc. holds its responsibilities to your occupation in the highest of regards. If you ’ rhenium searching for a register agent for your commercial enterprise or for your clients ’ businesses, these are the reasons why you should choose Registered Agents Inc. :

  1. Experience
    We’re one of the largest registered agent service providers in Florida. Registered agent service is what we provide—every day, all day.
  2. Reliability
    Through high-class design and experience, we have been able to eliminate errors from our systems.
  3. Speed
    We scan your legal documents to you in real time from our registered office in Florida.
  4. Quality Address
    Our addresses are commercial offices focused purely on registered agent service.
  5. Quality Service
    Our prices will always be competitive and Registered Agents Inc. is and will always be the premium choice.
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