4 Secrets to Amazon Success: FBA, Repricing, & More [Increase $$]

long-run success on Amazon comes down to four identify processes :

  1. Competitive review
  2. SKU strategy
  3. Inclusion in FBA
  4. Repricing

For brands already selling on Amazon, mastering these four areas will allow you to continually improve your rankings, your merchandise put up and your gross from Amazon as a channel .
here ’ s how to think through each aspect and bring your trade name to first condition on Amazon .
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Be a Strategic Purchaser

As you expand your inventory of ASINs ( Amazon Standard Identification Number ), you ’ ll want to make sure that each purchase was made thoughtfully and logically .
It ’ sulfur key to conduct inquiry into potential trade ahead of buy, lest you end up with non-competitive, treacherous or otherwise debatable stock that you ’ ll be forced to liquidate earlier than planned .
Below are samara elements to consider when making purchasing decisions :

1. Sales rank.

There are two types of ASINs you should be on the lookout for :

  1. Those with an extremely high ranking
  2. Those with no ranking at all.

A high ranking ASIN will allow you to sell an detail that ’ s already popular with buyers, making it a safe count, while a very low ( or non-existent ) ranking could open up newly markets and establish you as the dominant allele seller .

2. Product reviews.

A set of great customer reviews are a good sign about an ASIN. Pay attention to them. On the other hand, preceptor ’ thyroxine let one or two negative reviews spoil the whole bunch .
often, outliers may be irrelevant to the product, such as when the product description wasn ’ triiodothyronine read carefully .

3. FBA status.

A intersection without FBA offerings presents a perfect window of opportunity if you are an FBA seller .
But be careful .
Ask yourself why that ASIN isn’t already being sold through FBA. In some cases, it could be deemed hazardous and forbidden for FBA .

4. Price fluctuations.

Check out the ASIN ’ sulfur history .
A history of dramatic leaps and plummets may indicate price wars, which you would be wise to avoid .

5. The competition.

It ’ second important to consider how many sellers are sitting on an ASIN, which Amazon refers to as “ offer astuteness. ”
Purchasing an ASIN that lacks extend depth is an easy manner to establish yourself as the main seller, but an ASIN with dozens of sellers can indicate that there is enough demand for that product that you could still stand a find of getting a piece of that proto-indo european .

6. Amazon search placement.

Amazon Search results will indicate whether the ASIN is high gear or first gear ranking .
Both situations present alone opportunities and challenges — it all depends on your Amazon SEO scheme .
A high-level ASIN allows you to capitalize on the profitableness of an ASIN whose success is already proven. And a low-ranking ASIN provides the opportunity to expand into newfangled territory as the main seller .

7. Item categories.

You ’ re credibly already thinking in terms of item categories .
possibly you specialize in one particular area, and it ’ s working well thus far .
Don ’ thyroxine be afraid to speculation into early categories, a long as you can back up your reasons for expanding. It may be easier to start by expanding into a refer category at the begin .

Apply a Unique Strategy for Each ASIN

Your company is growing quickly, and it ’ sulfur immediately harder than ever to strategize for each ASIN individually .
At the same time, you understand that applying a one-size-fits-all solution is not the answer .
The most effective and effective way to handle this is by focusing your efforts on your best-selling items .
here ’ s our recommend four-step march .

1. Choose a profit margin strategy.

  • Are you operating a high- or low-profit margin business?
  • Do you expect this to change or stay the same?

Understanding your big word picture lookout is critical for all subsequent decisions .

2. Understand replenishment.

  • What is the sales cycle for the item?
  • Is it a perennial best-seller that requires constant replenishment, or a seasonal success that functions on a different cycle?

3. Assess the ASIN’s seasonality.

  • Is this ASIN meant to sell out in a short cycle, or a longer one?

This is related to the former charge about refilling.

4. Be aware of liquidation needs.

If you ’ re an FBA seller, you need to take into explanation that Amazon charges extra fees for items held in storage for over six months .
Start the elimination summons ahead of time so you don ’ metric ton pay back hit with these fees. If an detail ’ s not selling, you may need to lower the price or have it returned to you .

Fulfillment Methods: FBA and FBM (Pros & Cons)

There are two great fulfillment options for sellers wanting to scale their business :

  1. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  2. Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

Each has its own unique features and benefits .

Scaling with FBA

fulfillment by Amazon ( FBA ) allows third-party Amazon sellers to delegate their tamp down, embark and customer servicing process to Amazon ’ s fulfillment centers, rather than handle logistics from their own base or office .
This method offers numerous benefits.

  • It frees up your time, allowing you to focus on expanding your business and strategizing on items. You won’t have to spread yourself thin or take on more employees — Amazon has its own well-oiled machine to handle the day-to-day aspects of running a business for you. In fact, FBA sellers received 33% less negative feedback than Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) sellers.
  • As an FBA seller, your products are automatically Prime eligible. When you consider the fact that 80 million Americans are Prime customers, this means you’ll gain access to a wider range of buyers than you would have otherwise.

here is a full list of FBA pros and cons .

Amazon FBA Pros:

  • Prime eligibility.
  • Hands-off fulfillment.
  • Buy box advantages.
  • Multi-channel fulfillment
  • Lower shipping rates.

Amazon FBA Cons:

  • Additional fees
  • Limited access to inventory
  • Preparing product
  • Pricey multi-channel fulfillment
  • Tax obligations

Fulfilled-by-Merchant (FBM)

FBM is a relatively new option that will allow you to fulfill orders yourself, while still receiving the lapp benefits of Amazon Prime that FBA sellers have entree to .
only top-performing, highly reliable sellers are eligible for this method. It ’ randomness ideal for businesses who carry a fortune of fleshy items, who would otherwise be subject to FBA ’ s corpulence fees .
here ’ s a full number of FBM pros and cons .

Amazon FBM Pros:

  • Hands-on fulfillment
  • Opportunity for Prime
  • Fewer Amazon Fees
  • Slightly higher margins
FBM Cons:
  • More responsibility
  • Not automatically Prime eligible
  • Overhead costs
  • Potentially lower conversions
  • Elusive Buy Box

Choose the Right Repricer

As your business expands, the question is not whether you need to invest in a repricer .
After all, 60 % of high-grossing Amazon sellers ( with a tax income of $ 2.5M- $ 10M ) use one, which is a effective indicator of their importance .
The question now becomes, which repricer is the right field equip for you ?

1. Manual repricing.

manual repricing international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate actually a repricer, since all it means is manually adjusting the prices on your ASINs yourself, one by one .
The most basic form of setting prices, this method is best left to smaller sellers who have a accomplishable inventory, and limited funds to spend on technical solutions .
Since you are trying to build a multimillion dollar business, you ’ re quick to move on from manually setting your prices, if you haven ’ triiodothyronine already .

2. Rule-based repricing.

Rule-based repricing is the most common repricing tool used by Amazon sellers .
You set a price-related rule — say, to be in the lowest 10 % of sellers — and the software reprices according to your contest .
One of the biggest problems with this type of repricer is that it feeds price wars, ultimately eroding your profit .
And it ’ s particularly short-sighted for sellers with high customer atonement ratings, who can frequently price higher than the competition and calm win the Buy Box .

3. Algorithmic repricing.

Like rule-based repricing, algorithmic repricing is a tool that aims to automate your repricing process .
But the similarities end there .
Algorithmic repricing, unlike rule-based, evaluates a unharmed host of seller performance metrics that go into winning the Buy Box using Big Data .
This allows for highly accurate and profit-maximizing results. You won ’ triiodothyronine have to worry about being priced down or leaving money on the table .
As you grow, investing in an algorithmic repricer — which comes with a higher upfront cost — will earn you more than you could have differently.

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