16 DoorDash Tips for Top Earners: How to Make More in 2022

George is a freelance writer who provides valuable contented, one article at a time. With a backdrop in B2B writing, George ’ s samara ability is creating engaging solutions in response to customer needs. You can get a great hourly wage by dashing — around $ 20 per hour. These insider tips will show you how to maximize your payout like the top dashers in the game. DoorDash has blown up in recent years, and its distillery profitable in 2022. But if you precisely follow the official advice, you might end up working for less than minimal wage. Knowing the right DoorDash tips can make a big remainder in your income.

1. Maximize your tax write-offs

As a DoorDash delivery driver, you ’ re an independent contractor, not an employee. To succeed, you ‘ve got to think like a business owner. And what ‘s one thing all responsible business owners do ? Take advantage of tax write-offs.
think of it this way : over the course of your year, you actually end up spending a lot to be successful as a dasher. You might buy a earphone ride, for exemplar, or order some messenger bags ( that are courteous than the spare one DoorDash gives you ). These are both business expenses, so you can write them off on your taxes.
What if you do n’t invest in these extras ? You will, at the identical least, be using your car ( or motorcycle ) for delivery runs. That means spending more on repairs, maintenance, natural gas — possibly even an indemnity policy that ‘s particularly designed for rescue drivers.
fortunately, these costs do n’t have to come wholly out of your own pouch. Because you ‘re driving for your job, your car-related expenses are tax-deductible. And your write-offs do n’t stop there. You can besides deduct a assign of your telephone expenses, since you use it to run the dasher app. ( For more ideas, check out our guide on delivery driver tax write-off ! ) At the end of the day, taxes for DoorDashers are no jest. If you do n’t keep track of your write-offs, you ‘ll be in for a nasty surprise when you see your tax bill. ( There ‘s nothing worse than having your earnings go square to the IRS, right ? )
That ‘s why it ‘s then important to track your business expenses. To make things easy, you can use Keeper Tax to automatically scan your purchases for deductions. Our app helps spear workers find all of their write-offs and automate their bookkeeping.
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2. Find the best times to dash

Of course, you want to be dashing during the busiest hours — but not if every other driver on the DoorDash platform is besides on the lookout for orders. How do you balance driver add and customer demand ?
Based on our experience and research, here ’ sulfur what we recommend .

🌅 6 AM – 9 AM

If you ‘re an early on bird, get fix for some identical profitable hours. More people order breakfast than you might be thinking, and few DoorDash drivers capitalize on these hours.
You can get a fortune of high paying orders at these hours — without a fortune of competition .

🌤️ 11 AM – 1 PM

For all food delivery apps, lunchtime can get pretty busy.
This is a inadequate fourth dimension time slot, but if you ‘re spare during those hours, you can make quite a few deliveries. If you ‘re dashing fully time, decidedly take this clock slot. You can take your own lunch unwrap afterwards, before your next dash .

🌆 5 PM – 9 PM

hera ‘s when restaurants and food delivery services are the busiest — specially on Saturdays and Sundays. This extended dinner rush will give you a hearty four hours to rack up orders.
Keep in mind, though, this is besides the most for dashing. so if you know in boost that you want to work the dinner rush, book them in advance inside the dasher app. More on that in a bit !

🌒 After 10 PM

delivery workers tend to get more customer tips at late hours. That ‘s why late hours are then profitable, particularly in major markets like San Francisco and New York City — it ‘s less about the bulk of orders and more about how much you ‘re getting per order.
These times tend to work for experience dashers. But of course, your highest-paying meter slots will depend a lot on where you live. You ‘ll have to test it out for yourself ! { write_off_block }

3. Book your dashes in advance

When an area is filled with DoorDash drivers, it gets greyed out on the map, meaning you can ’ t dart there. here ‘s how to prevent this, so you won ’ thymine miss out on well-paying dashes.
All you need to do ? Schedule your dashes in advance. Let me explain. Let ’ s say you dash in an area with well-paying customers, but you notice it ‘s lento getting more competitive. When this happens, open the dasher app and book the area you want to work in.
This antic will let you get into even the most competitive areas. When you have booked your craved area and time slot, it doesn ’ t matter if it gets greyed out : your dash is already locked in.
Using this method, you can pre-book dashes up to six days in promote. It ’ s specially utilitarian for dashing in busy cities. { email_capture }

4. Don’t waste time hovering around a single hotspot

You ‘re not more probably to get an order equitable because you ‘re waiting outdoor of a busy restaurant. Anyone within a two- to three-miles radius can get picked.
alternatively of hovering external one restaurant, it ‘s better to wait where you ‘ll be close to multiple restaurants. That way, when any of them request delivery, you ‘ll be within that radius.
pro tip : Find a parking blemish at a plaza with multiple restaurants. That way, you can reach them all more cursorily .

5. Stop worrying about your acceptance rate

When your acceptance pace is over 70 %, you get a copulate of perks. That sometimes includes precedence on higher-paying orders.
This particular aspect of DoorDash ‘s pay model makes it tempting to just accept every regulate. But it ‘s precisely not worth it. ( Ask any long-time dasher, and they ‘ll tell you the accurate same thing. )
hera ‘s why : the platform starts offering orders for pennies and then raises the base pay until person accepts the order. It ‘s just like an auction. ( DoorDash did n’t disclose this — long-run users figured it out. )
bottom line : When more dashers decline low-paying orders, DoorDash ends up raising their al-qaeda wage.
At the end of the day, it ‘s much more effective to precisely skip the bad deliveries and expect for something better. Remember : There are no consequences for not accepting orders. tied if your acceptance rate drops to 20 %, that ‘s nothing to worry approximately .

6. Know which deliveries to avoid 

This goes hand-in-hand with the tip above. To maximize your time, you ‘ve got to be selective. Driving eight miles for $ 3- or $ 4-orders international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine worth your boast money.
rule of thumb : Aim for a base give of at least $ 2 per mile. ( $ 1 per mile might be okay for a truly quick orderliness that you can complete in minutes, but do n’t bother with it otherwise. )
ideally, you should try to go for orders above $ 7. Your best stake for those ? popular restaurants. They ’ re more likely to be interfering and have a higher find of giving you multiple dashes.
Of course, it ’ s besides authoritative to avoid badly orders. One tip for doing this : go ahead and start your dart 10 minutes before you set off. The first few orders you ‘ll get are probably the ones that have been bounced around and declined by multiple dashers.
here ‘s your cheatsheet of deliveries to avoid

❌ Walmart groceries

Walmart runs can be more trouble than they ‘re worth — the volume is truly irregular compared to a restaurant pitch. Always check how many items you ’ ll deliver. There could be 58 items and four cases of urine that you ‘ll have to carry up to the fifth floor of a building complex with no elevators .

❌ Fast food drive thrus

These trips tend to come with a set of waiting. even if you ’ ra running a delivery, you ’ ll have to get in line with every other customer. Unless the base give or tips make up for it, you should skip these.

❌ Orders far away from hotspots

You ’ ra getting paid when you ’ ra delivering — not on the way spinal column to hotspots. only take these orders if the payout compensates for the time it takes to drive back ( or leads you to a unlike hot spot. )

7. Don’t be afraid to cancel accepted orders (sometimes)

It helps to know which orders to reject right out of the gate. But sometimes, you ‘ll need to cancel once you ’ ve already accepted.
Do n’t do this besides much, of course. low completion rates can get you kicked off the platform, so it ‘s in your best interest to keep your completion rate eminent.
here ’ south when you should cancel : if you ‘ve arrived at the restaurant, the decree is n’t quick, and you ‘ll have to wait 15 to 20 minutes before it ‘s done.
Since you ’ ra not getting paid when you wait, you ‘ll be better off doing anything else.
If this happens to you, send the customer a message. Let them know that you ‘re at the restaurant, their order is n’t cook, and you ‘re canceling therefore another dasher can deliver it when it ‘s ready.
From the customer ‘s charge of view, there ’ s no harm done — you ‘re merely keeping them informed .

8. Restart the DoorDash app regularly

When you ‘re driving, you ‘ll sometimes pass areas with bad cell earphone overhaul. That means your GPS will glitch, and the app might crash.
unfortunately, you won ’ t get any orders while you ‘re experiencing technical difficulties. so if you find yourself not receiving dashes — or get dashes for the improper area — barely restart the app.
You ‘ll get this lapp advice from DoorDash support. That ‘s because your daunt is registered on DoorDash ’ sulfur servers, therefore restarting the app wo n’t delete any build up or datum.
even if you do n’t find yourself dealing with regretful reception, it ‘s good to get into the habit of restarting your app. Why ? It ‘s been well-documented that reconnecting to your app can get you new orders.
After every hyphen, restart your app. And keep restarting it every few minutes until you get an order .

9. Follow customer instructions

This one ‘s simple. Most customers tip and give good ratings when you offer outstanding service. And following their instructions is a huge part of that.
During COVID, for example, a draw of customers wanted contactless deliveries. Some of their asks might seem less reasonable than that. But for the sake of your tips, it ‘s still significant to do what they say.
If the customer asks you not to knock, do n’t knock. If they ask you to put the food somewhere specific, put it there.
Most of the time, DoorDash customers leave reasonably straightforward instructions. But if you come across something complicated or confusing, feel free to contact the customer about it .

10. Be careful with hot and cold items

here ‘s one means to leave tips on the table : dropping off melted ice cream and halfhearted soup.
If your customer orders hot and cold items, keep them disjoined — ideally in their own insulated bags. ( Remember : You can write these off on your taxes ! )
This besides goes for cold drinks, particularly if they have ice in them .

11. Keep a Sharpie in your car

If you ‘ve got a permanent marker on you at all times, you can make a habit of writing customers ‘ names on their orders. ( Most places will put a acknowledge on the udder with the customers ’ names, but some places wo n’t. )
This childlike flim-flam can save you from massive confusion when you ’ re juggle multiple orders. After all, there ‘s no better undertake of bad ratings than dropping off the wrong person ’ mho food .

12. Send out updates

DoorDash customers are normally pretty excited to get their food. They like getting personal updates about their delivery — even if they can follow you on the map.
Unless they specifically tell you differently, keep them updated at every step. To make this easier, you can write out some messages in boost and save them in your notes. That makes it easy to copy and paste them into your new world chat with the customer when you ‘re ready.
We recommend scripting out an update for these situations .

🚘 When you arrive at the restaurant

Send a message to let the customer know that you ’ re waiting to pick up their order .

🥡 When you receive the order

once you head out, put their address into Google Maps and send them your basque homeland and freedom .

⏳ When there’s a delay

Hit some traffic ? Let them know right off so they aren ’ triiodothyronine taken by surprise when their food shows up way past your original ETA .

🛣️ When you’re 3-5 minutes away

Let them when you ‘re approaching the delivery address so they ‘ll know to keep an eye out. This is specially important if you reach a complex or an area without clear house numbers — it ‘ll get them prepared for you to contact them .

📍When you get there

If you ‘re doing a contactless delivery, send the customer a final update letting them know there food is here.
For in-person drop-offs, it ‘s crucial to make a good final impression. Unless the customer specifically told you not to knock, you should knock on the door and back aside nine feet. If they pick up in front of you, smile and tell them to have a good morning, day, or evening .

13. Look professional on the job

You do n’t have to wear one of those red DoorDash t-shirts all the time. But looking presentable can have an impact on how a lot you ‘re tipped.
Do n’t wear baggy pants, for example, or T-shirts with slogans that are n’t to everyone ‘s taste. ( If you want to be truly careful, stay away from political T-shirts. )
bottom line : If you have any clothes that your customers might find unprofessional, leave them in the closet when you ‘re dashing .

14. Contact support if you hit a roadblock

You can never predict what your day will be like when you ‘re dashing. You might get lucky and get a $ 100 tip — or you can end up driving eight miles to the improper address, thanks to a misprint that the customer made.
There might even be times when you ca n’t reach the manner of speaking address — and can ’ thymine get control of the customer.
If something like that happens, contact support right away. That room, you wo n’t be at defect if you have to cancel the order .

15. Get on more than one delivery app

batch of dashers besides use other platforms. Uber Eats, Postmates, Grubhub, Instacart — all these gig economy apps leave you with no deficit of opportunities, even if DoorDash is decelerate.
You can besides use these apps to make your DoorDash deliveries more profitable. once you ‘ve accepted a dash, check the other apps for deliveries at the like restaurant or storehouse.
If you happen to find one and take it, it ‘ll basically double your earnings — you ‘re immediately getting paid by two platforms alternatively of just one.
Keep in mind : This trick entirely works if you ’ re an experience delivery driver. otherwise, you ‘ll end up with delayed orders — and that ‘s a recipe for low ratings.

16. Take advantage of Fast Pay

Getting paid immediately can be a lifeguard. It ‘s nice to have the option to withdraw your earnings right away, if you need to pay for flatulence or something else that just ca n’t wait.
commodity newsworthiness : DoorDash has a service called Fast Pay that lets you transfer your earnings instantaneously to your account.
There ‘s a $ 2 fee for every transmit. But your earnings typically get deposited into your score in a topic of minutes, so you don ’ t have to wait for the adjacent hebdomadally payment.

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