How Do I Get a License to Buy Cars at Auctions?

Pass any use car franchise and, chances are, the majority of the vehicles parked on the lot came from an auction, where the principal potentially paid relatively little for a car she hopes to resell for a goodly profit. For many of us, bypassing those trader markups and buying a use car at auction ourselves sounds like a better plan. But, before heading off to the nearest auction with a chew of cash in your pocket, it ’ south helpful to understand the unlike types of car auctions, equally well as the rules and requirements associated with each.

How Do I Get a License to Buy Cars at Auctions

Public Car Auctions vs. Dealer Car Auctions

As the name implies, a public car auction is receptive to about anyone with money and a signature. These include fleet sales from local municipalities, larger governmental agencies, individual dealerships, those Mecum and Barrett-Jackson events you might ’ ve seen on television, and most of the vehicles offered on websites like eBay. Dealer ( or secret ) auctions are restricted to accredited car dealers. Unlike the local anesthetic public auction, where you might be able to pick up a decommissioned patrol unit of measurement or a bright orange pickup from the highway department, dealer auctions avail buyers to hundreds or thousands of vehicles. They include automakers ’ rent returns, low-mileage models from major rental companies, and those cars and trucks that other dealers couldn ’ metric ton betray quickly.  

Applying for a Dealer License

If you want an opportunity to bid against the dealers, you ’ ll need a license to buy cars at auction. beginning on your disturbance list should be a visit to your state of matter ’ s Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV ) web site, where you ’ ll find specific rules and regulations. These vary by state but normally require submitting an application answering questions about you and your commercial enterprise, along with an application fee that can range from fifty to several hundred dollars. You may besides need to provide a detail business plan, a clientele license, and tax or employer recognition numbers necessary to process customer-paid sales tax or employee income taxes. unfortunately, the number doesn ’ triiodothyronine stop there, as most states besides require proofread of policy for the business and any stock, a fingermark card to be used for a background bridle, a well as a purchase and sale agreement or signed lease for your clientele ’ second placement. Of course, placement of your franchise must abide by all local zoning laws and, in some instances, converge requirements for square footage, display space, equipped and functional service bays, and signage. A state representative may request an in-person visit to verify you ’ ve met all requirements.

Anyone wishing to secure a trader license will besides need a surety chemical bond. Simply put, this is an indemnity policy that protects consumers if your franchise commits fraud or otherwise fails to live up to its fiscal obligations. The alliance value often depends on the types and issue of vehicles sold, but $ 25,000- $ 50,000 is distinctive. You must in full pay a little percentage of that before a state considers your application complete. Those are equitable some of the common requirements. Depending on your location, you may besides pay for dealer plate ( tag ) fees, licensing fees ( separate from application fees ), or car broker and New Motor Vehicle Board fees ( we ’ ra looking at you, California ). interestingly, Colorado goes sol far as to require a minimum web worth and credit score, and a pass grade from a dealer training course is compulsory in Missouri and Washington D.C.  

Buying Cars at Dealer Auctions

Obtaining a dealer license can be a time-consuming and expensive attempt, but those who do so gain access to a amplitude of vehicles that may serve as the basis of a profitable business. With that said, keep in thinker that cars bought at dealer auction are besides subject to extra auction fees and transportation costs, so that depleted forge price international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine entirely accurate. And, while sellers are required to disclose significant issues ( salvage title, Lemon Law redemption, frame damage ), that apparently pristine late-model SUV promptly rolling across the auction block may be hiding a host of costly gremlins. As with all auction vehicles, it ‘s best to bid with a buyer beware mentality.

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