How to Become an Independent Insurance Agent: Step-by-Step Guide

autonomous indemnity agents help customers find the perfect policy fit for their needs while enjoying the flexibility and earning electric potential that comes from being freelance. Does this sound like a career that fits you ? You just need a little determination and repel, and you ’ ll be on your way to a successful career as an independent indemnity agentive role. Before you jump into this excite career field, here are some things you should know — and a few tips to help you get started. ‍

What Is an Independent Insurance Agent?

There are two basic types of indemnity agents : prisoner and freelancer. captive agents only sell policies for one indemnity carrier, but independent agents — besides known as insurance brokers — can shrink with respective carriers and sell policies for all of them.

Because independent agents are n’t bound to one carrier, they can be more competitive in their sales approach. If one particular car policy from one carrier does n’t fit a view ‘s needs, for exemplar, the agent can offer several early options and rates from different carriers. mugwump agents besides benefit from having a distribute of tractability — they can specialize in one type of coverage or offer respective. They can start with merely one coverage pipeline and gradually add more as they expand their network and grow their business. not every policy carrier will work with autonomous agents, but there are quite a few that do. As an freelancer agent, you ‘ll have no dearth of options for policies to sell. ‍

What Does an Independent Insurance Agent Do?

In many ways, an independent agent ‘s problem is similar to a captive agentive role ‘s job. They seek out leads, make sales calls, build relationships with prospects and clients, and sell policies. Because they are n’t selling for only one carrier, though, independent agents spend more time research and compare policy options for their clients and prospects. For example, say you meet with a fresh run who is looking for life policy. After you thoroughly go over their needs with detail questions, you would go bet on to your portfolio of carriers and policies to come up with a few options to offer. You might come back with three policies, each from a different mailman, to present to your view. This allows you more freedom to craft the mighty policy for your customers. As an freelancer agentive role, you ‘ll besides typically work as an autonomous contractor. That means you ‘ll normally need to manage a business rather than simply working for an employer. That includes marketing your commercial enterprise, handling administrative tasks, managing finances, and taking care of your self-employment taxes. This involves more responsibility than working for one insurance company, but it besides affords you more opportunities. ‍

How Much Do Independent Insurance Agents Make?

insurance agentive role compensation can vary widely depending on area and operation. however, independent agents typically earn better commissions than captive agents because the policy company does n’t have to handle the overhead of employing them. broadly speaking, your wage ceiling is better as an independent agent. That said, you will need to factor in the costs of running your own business. You ‘ll pay self-employment taxes for Social Security and Medicare, which are doubly the rate you ‘d pay as an employee. You ‘ll besides have early viewgraph, which may include renting an agency or paying for home function expenses, hiring staff, marketing, and more. ‍

How To Become an Independent Insurance Agent

If running your own business and sell insurance sounds like a thoroughly combination for you, then a career as an mugwump agent might be a good equip. If that describes you, here are nine steps that will get you on your way. ‍

1. Receive the required education

At a minimum, you ‘ll need a high educate diploma or GED to become an freelancer insurance agency. A college education could help you go further, specially if you get a degree in a field like market, finance, or occupation administration. The skills you learn in courses like these will prepare you to run your own occupation as an insurance agentive role. You ‘ll besides need to study for your state-specific license exams, which we ‘ll discuss in the adjacent section. ‍

2. Obtain your insurance license

To sell indemnity, you will need a producer license. A manufacturer is a term referring to anyone who sells insurance products. Obtaining an indemnity license will enable you to discuss indemnity products knowledgeably with clients and help you make the sale. Each express has its own policy license requirements, so specific stipulations will vary based on your localization. In summation, the type of license or licenses you will need will depend on the types of insurance products you decide to sell. The two most common types of insurance licenses are property and casualty ( P & C ) and life, health, and accident. ‍

Property and casualty license

A property and casualty insurance license allows you to sell property and casualty policy consist of car, homeowners, workers ‘ compensation, commercial property, and commercial liability indemnity. You will attend a pre-licensing course either on-line or in a classroom and elapse a license examination. then, you will take a license examination and apply to your country ’ s department of indemnity for a license. ‍ ‍

Life, health, and accident license

Obtaining your life sentence, health, and accident license will allow you to sell policy products related to life events, including life, accident, and health indemnity. As with the property and casualty license, you will have to take a pre-licensing run, pass your examen, and apply to your state ’ sulfur department of insurance for a license. here is a helpful resource for indemnity producer license requirements for all 50 states.

3. Decide on types of insurance products

You can besides choose to sell personal and commercial indemnity or focus on only one or the other. personal insurance includes your car, family, life sentence, disability, health policy, etc. commercial insurance consists of policy for businesses such as commercial property, general liability, commercial car, occupation break, workers ‘ recompense indemnity, and more. There ‘s no wrong suffice. You will fair need to develop a business plan for your agency and decide on your areas of specialization or if you want to provide comprehensive indemnity services to individuals, families, and businesses. think of the clock, money, and resources you will need to plan and invest in getting your means astir and running and what type of agency ( personal lines, commercial, or both ) makes the most sense for you and the people in the area you ‘ll serve. ‍

4. Secure insurance company appointments

As an freelancer indemnity agent, you will need agency appointments with insurance companies that sell the types of policy products you want to offer to your clients. The date gives you as an agent the authority to act on the indemnity company ’ randomness behalf. If you ‘re a raw insurance agent, the best rehearse is to gain appointments with established carriers who offer multiple lines of coverage and have attractive commissions and opportunities for you to grow as an agentive role. then, as you establish yourself, you can add recess carriers who specialize in your target markets, whether it be clubs and restaurants or churches and civic organizations, just to name a few examples. If you are concerned in becoming an independent agent for a particular carrier wave, you will probably find information on how to become an agent on the carrier ’ south web site. For example, there may be an application to complete or a issue to call for more details. Before appointing you as an agent of the company, insurance carriers will look to see if there is a fit between the products it sells and the target market you are approaching as an agent. The carrier will besides consider several early factors, including your agency ’ s fiscal stability, business plan, level of automation, and history of aircraft carrier appointments. There are besides some things you as an agent necessitate to keep in judgment when searching for agency appointments. For case, is the party appointing new agencies ? Will you be able to meet its premium quota ? Is the insurance company financially sound ? You can besides check out company ratings through organizations such as AM Best ( for fiscal constancy ) and J.D. Power ( for customer military service ratings ). ‍

5. Market yourself

As we ‘ve mentioned, market is a key contribution of your job as an independent agent. If you do n’t put yourself out there, you ‘ll have a hard fourth dimension selling enough policies to create a sustainable business. There are countless ways to market yourself and your services. It all starts with your target commercialize, and you can build from there. For exemplify, if you ‘re selling term life policy, you ‘ll have a well younger clientele than if you ‘re selling Medicare. In the first exemplify, you might focus your market efforts more on social media and other digital channels. In the latter event, you might lean on more traditional methods or viva-voce commercialize. An effective market design should incorporate multiple strategies, from mailers to email and more. This should be a significant budget occupation for your business as an autonomous indemnity agent so you can connect with arsenic many prospects as possible. ‍

6. Continue your education

The insurance diligence is constantly evolving, and freelancer agents need to work hard to keep up. New regulative requirements and legislation can impact your policy offerings. If you ‘re not prepare to answer questions or speak knowledgeably about industry developments, you could miss out on a sale or lose a node. Most states besides have continuing department of education requirements for maintaining your license. The good news is that there are enough of opportunities to stay up to date on what ‘s happening in the insurance industry. Online courses, seminars, and diligence events can help you meet your continuing department of education requirements and stay informed. ‍

7. Help protect your investment

When you establish an policy agency, you need to make certain it ‘s properly protected. You sell indemnity for a living, but you besides need to buy policy to help protect your investment. Some types of commercial policy you may need to purchase include general liability indemnity, commercial place policy, errors and omissions indemnity ( normally referred to as E & O coverage, which protects you against errors that you or a penis of your staff may make ), and workers ‘ recompense insurance. ‍

8. Maintain agency compliance

insurance and other fiscal services agents are governed by regulative agencies such as submit departments of policy and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Inc. ( FINRA ). FINRA has particular legal power over investing professionals and firms that sell variable life and variable universal life policy. As an policy agent, it ‘s your province to maintain all your house physician and non-resident state licenses and appointments with your policy carriers. If you forget to renew any of your licenses on time, you may have to pay a tip to reinstate them. ‍

9. Find and maintain clients

once you get your feet firm on the ground as an insurance agent, you will need policy leads to generate new occupation. Sure, you can contact kin and friends and offer them indemnity, but ultimately, you ‘ll need a way to find new clients.

assurance offers you personalized training and pre-qualified leads who are eager to talk to you about finding the right insurance coverage for them. Find out more about joining Assurance nowadays. once you are ready to get started with your own policy business, Nectar connects you with clients who have a control matter to in purchasing your indemnity products through real-time leads or live call transfers. ‍

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