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AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These consort partnerships do not influence our editorial message. Apple Authorized Resellers are retail outlets that can sell Apple products via their physical store or on-line store with official permission from Apple. These retailers often have dedicated sections to Apple products called “ Apple Shops ” which act as miniature Apple Stores with an employee specifically trained on Apple products.

Apple Authorized Resellers

The following retailers sell Apple products in some capacity on Apple ‘s behalf. Their specific accompaniment and return policies vary based on the storehouse ‘s policy. Sales and deals on Apple products are frequently specific to certain resellers, and those stores can not discount Apple products without permission.

Apple Authorized Reseller Abt Electronics Abt AdoramaAdorama Amazon sells Apple computers Amazon ATT AT&T Best Buy logo Best Buy
BH Photo and Video B&H Photo Data Vision Apple Products DataVision Expercom Apple Premier Partner Expercom Mac Connection Connection Macys sells Apple Watches, AirPods Macy’s
Net 10 Wireless Net 10 Wireless Apple Store at Newegg Newegg Apple hardware at Office Depot Office Depot Apple iPad and iPhone at Sams Club Sams Club Simple Mobile sells Apple iPhones Simple Mobile
Staples logo Staples Straight Talk Wireless Straight Talk Target is an Apple Authorized Reseller Target TigerDirect Apple Store TigerDirect Total Wireless Total WIreless
T-Mobile is an iPhone retailer T-Mobile US Cellular iPhone seller US Cellular Verizon Wireless logo Verizon Apple Brand Shop at Walmart Walmart Xfinity Mobile iPhone Retailer Xfinity

Apple Stores vs Apple Authorized Resellers

Apple has over 1.5 billion active customers around the earth, but merely 510 stores in 22 countries. Steve Jobs started the Apple Store as a set where people could experience Apple products first hand, and have since become some of the most traffic stores in the world. Apple Stores offer a more focused experience vs Apple Authorized Resellers Apple Stores offer a more focused experience volt Apple Authorized Resellers Apple can not serve all of their customers in their specify storefronts, so they have partnered with major retailers to sell their products in an official capacitance called Apple Authorized Resellers. These stores can offer Apple products with personnel trained on the basics to help customers find the right device for them. Some stores like Adorama, B & H and Best Buy could have entire sections dedicated to Apple Products. These areas are referred to as Apple Shops and act as a miniature Apple Store know. Employees who work these sections are much more heavily trained on Apple products, and Apple will sometimes provide employees of their own to aid in sales and services.

Repair services

The Apple Store is the only set you can go for a top-to-bottom Apple focused experience. Apple Stores can provide general services like support for software and hardware, device apparatus, and troubleshooting. They besides have the ability to do on-site repairs or schedule more intensive repairs for broken devices.

AASP and Independent Repair Programs are also important to Apple’s retail strategy AASP and Independent Repair Programs are besides authoritative to Apple ’ s retail strategy Apple Authorized Resellers do not have the lapp capabilities surrounding back and repair. Customers who do not have access to an Apple Store would need to mail their products in or visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Best Buy is one of the biggest partners for authoritative haunt, which means it is one of the few locations with dedicate Apple sales and subscribe services outside of the Apple Store. The third option for repair is Apple ‘s Independent Repair Provider Program. These little repair shops exist across the United States and are expanding to Europe and Canada in 2020. The third-party compensate sites have trained personnel who can perform haunt services when an Apple Store is not available. These locations will only offer repair services and do not sell Apple products immediately.

Expanding Apple Authorized Resellers

It is comfortable to forget that Apple does n’t good let anyone sell their products. As with the company ‘s design and software, Apple likes to control the message by having their brand associated with certain retailers. The public application process is closed, but Apple does add retailers to their broadcast from time-to-time. In July 2020 Apple added Hodinkee to their reseller list for Apple Watch. The company has covered Apple Watch purpose in their interviews with Jony Ive in the past and it seems the company is a good suit for selling the Watch itself. Apple is expanding their retail presence in India by adding 100 retail locations throughout the area. The authorized resellers will allow customers to visit a forcible location and try out the products first hand. It is expected the stores will occupy 500 square-foot outlets and greatly improve relations between Apple and the nation ‘s politics. In November 2018 Apple struck a batch with Amazon to sell their products on the web site. The cope forced little resellers operating on Amazon ‘s web site to shutdown, by design. now only third-parties with direct authority from Apple or buy $ 2.5 million in refurbish stock can sell the products on the web site.

Simply Mac is one of the biggest Apple Authorized Resellers in the United States Simply Mac is one of the biggest Apple Authorized Resellers in the United States In 2019, one reseller called Simply Mac changed hands from GameStop to Cool Holdings after claims of margins being “ slowly strangled ” by Apple ‘s demands. other resellers responded with similar complaints stating that Apple were basically requesting “ spare labor ” and squeezing the profit margins for companies with every new change. Apple Authorized Resellers are important to Apple ‘s retail scheme and represent a big helping of sales of Apple products cosmopolitan .

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